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Volume 48, 1915
– 553 –

Wanganui Philosophical Society.

Six ordinary meetings and two special meetings were held during the year 1915–16, at which the following lectures were delivered and papers read: (19th March, 1915) Lecture—“War Explosives,” by Professor T. H Easterfield, M.A., Ph.D.: (12th April, 1915) Lecture—“New Zealand Volcanoes,” by Professor P. Marshall, D.Sc., F.G.S.: (17th May, 1915) Papers—1, “Easter Trip to Tongariro Group,” by Mr. T W Downes, 2,” At the Observatory,” by Mr. J. T. Ward; 3, “The Star Test for Telescopic Mirrors,” by Mr. Thomas Allison: (21st June, 1915) Paper—“The Classic Architecture of Greece and Rome,” by Mr. C Reginald Ford, F R.G.S.: (26th July, 1915) Paper—“Some Features of the Flora of the Swiss Alps,” by Mr. J. A. Neame, B.A.: (29th September, 1915) Lecture—“The Architectural Monuments of Belgium,” by Mr. S. Hurst Seager, F.R I B.A: (1st November, 1915) Papers—1, “The German Spirit,” by Mr. H. E. Sturge, B.A.; 2, “Description of a New Species of Melanchra,” by Mr. Morris N. Watt, F.E.S.; 3, “Contributions to the Study of New Zealand Entomology, No. 8,” by Mr. Morris N Watt, F.E.S. (26th January, 1916) Papers—1, “Impressions of England in War-time,” by Dr. Hatherly; 2, “New Light on the Period of the Extinction of the Moa (according to Maori Record),” by Mr T. W. Downes.

At the annual meeting, 14th February, 1916, the annual report and balance-sheet were adopted.

Abstract of Annual Report

The two special meetings held were arranged to enable the society to help directly in the work of collecting for the patriotic funds, while simultaneously serving its own special aims. Both meetings were held in the Opera House, the public invited to attend, and a charge made for admission. In each case a considerable sum was handed over to the local Patriotic Committee. The lectures were—(1) “War Explosives,” by Professor T. H. Easterfield, M.A. Ph.D., and (2) “The Architectural Monuments of Belgium,” by Mr. S Hurst Seager, F R I.B.A.

The roll of the society includes at date fifty-nine ordinary and thirty-six associate members. There is a slight falling-off in numbers, due to resignations, some of them unavoidable owing to members leaving the district.

The financial position is satisfactory, showing a balance on hand of £53 7s 5d. after paying a subsidy to the Museum of £21 14s. 6d.

It was resolved to suggest to the Board of Governors the desirability of making a collection of interesting lantern-slides in connection with the library of the Institute, with the object of loaning them to the affiliated societies.

Dr. Hatherly was elected a life member.

Election of Officers for 1916.—President—Mr. H. R. Hatherly, M R C S; Vice-Presidents—Messrs. J. T. Ward, R. Murdoch; Council—Messrs T Allison, J. A Neame, B.A., Morris N. Watt, F.E.S., C. P. Brown, M A., LL.B., T W Downes, H. E. Sturge, B.A, Harry Drew; Hon. Treasurer—Mr. E. P. Talboys; Hon. Secretary—Mr. J. P. Williamson; Representative on Board of Governors, New Zealand Institute—Mr. H R Hatherly, M R C.S.