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Volume 49, 1916
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Art. XXXIV—Kermadec Island Fleas.

[Received by Editors, 30th December, 1916; issued separately, 30th November, 1917.]

In 1908 Mr. W. R. B. Oliver brought back from the Kermadec Islands two species of fleas, and the fact that these have never been recorded has been overlooked. One of the fleas was found on a sandy beach, and the other on Mus exulans, the Maori rat. The identifications were kindly made by Lord Rothschild.

Pysgiopsylla hilli is an Australian flea which has been found on the mainland of Australia on several hosts. It has not been recorded from beyond the Australian region.

Xenopsylla cheopis is of wide distribution, being the common tropical flea on rats. It is instrumental in spreading plague, and is found in practically all warm countries. There is apparently no record of this or any other flea having been taken from Mus exulans in New Zealand.