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Volume 49, 1916
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– 533 –

Fourteenth Annual Meeting.
Wellington, 30Th January, 1917.

The annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute was held in the Dominion Museum Library, Wellington, on Tuesday, the 30th January, 1917, at 10 a.m.

Present: Professor Benham, President (in the chair); Professors Chilton, Easterfield, Kirk, Marshall, Segar; Drs. Cockayne, Hatherly, Hilgendorf, Allan Thomson; Messrs. C. A. Ewen, H. Hill, D. Petrie, J. W. Poynton, G. M. Thomson, and B. C. Aston.

The Secretary announced that the appointments of Government representatives in December had made no change in the representation, Dr Chilton* and Mr. C. A. Ewen having been re-elected. Dr. Hilgendorf apologized for the absence of Mr. A. M. Wright, absent on active service in the war-zone.

Presidential Address.—The President then read his presidential address (see p. 543). On the motion of Mr. Hill, a hearty vote of thanks was carried to the President for his address, which was ordered to be printed in the Proceedings.

Standing Committee's Report.—The Standing Committee's report, which had been circulated, was considered clause by clause and adopted.

[Footnote] * See Standing Committee's Report.

– 534 –

Report Of The Standing Committee.

Ten meetings of the Standing Committee have been held during the past year, the attendance being as follows: Mr. Petrie, 1; Mr. G. M. Thomson, 2; Professor Kirk, 7, Professor Easterfield, 6; Dr. Cockayne, 10; Professor Marshall, 1; Professor Segar, 2; Dr. Allan Thomson, 9; Mr. C. A. Ewen, 6; Mr. B. C. Aston, 10; Professor Benham, 1; Professor Chilton, 1.

Hector Memorial Fund Award to Sir E. Rutherford.—A medal has been suitably inscribed and sent to the High Commissioner in London, through the Department of Internal Affairs, for presentation to Sir E. Rutherford, but details of the presentation have not yet been received.

Hutton Memorial Fund.—Grants for research work were made at the last annual meeting of the Board to the Portobello Fish-hatchery (£25), which was duly paid, and to Major Broun (£50), towards the cost of publishing his scientific papers by the Institute. (Reports on the progress of the investigations supported by these grants have been received, and a further report on a grant to Mr. W. R. B. Oliver made in 1915 has been also received.)

Hutton Award Committee for 1917.—Professor David, of Sydney, having enlisted, this Committee has appointed Mr. W. H. Twelvetrees, Government Geologist, Launceston, Tasmania, to the vacancy.

Publications—The first six copies of volume 48 of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, of which 1,750 were ordered by the Committee, were received from the Government Printer on the 6th November, the delivery of the issue being completed on the 28th November. As Parliament was not sitting when the volume was published, the presentation to Parliament has been delayed until next session. Owing to the necessity of keeping the expenses of the Institute within the income, it was decided that the Government Printer should this year distribute the volumes in bulk to the secretaries of the incorporated societies, on whom will devolve the duty of distributing them. As the date of publication of volume 48 (16th October, 1916) conflicts with a decision of the Institute, some action must be taken to put the matter in order. (Minute-book, 1910 annual meeting, p. 186. “That 1st June of each year be the date of publication of Transactions of New Zealand Institute.—Dr Cockayne and Professor Easterfield.”).

It has been decided by the Committee that wherever possible the small pamphlets of the Institute should be sold by booksellers, and that applications from the public be referred to booksellers.

Stock of Transactions.—In response to this Committee's circular to public and secondary school libraries in New Zealand, 135 replied accepting the Institute's offer. The Government Printer, acting on the instructions of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon. Mr. Russell, accordingly despatched, free of charge to the Institute or to the libraries, a partial set of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, consisting of volumes 19 to 36, to each of the libraries mentioned below:—

  • Akaroa Coronation Library.

  • Anderson's Bay Public Library.

  • Ashley Public Library.

  • Apiti Circulating Library.

  • Ashburton High School.

  • Brightwater Public Library.

  • Bombay Public Library.

  • Bunnythorpe Public Library.

  • Barr Hill (Rakaia) Public Library.

  • Brydone Athenæum Public Library.

  • Clyde Athenæum Public Library.

  • Collingwood Public Library.

  • Cromwell Public Library.

  • Cave Public Library.

  • Clinton Public Library.

  • Cust Public Library.

  • Canterbury Public Library (Christchurch).

  • Clifton Terrace Public Library.

  • Christchurch Boys' High School.

  • Dannevirke Borough Public Library.

  • Dunrobin Public Library.

  • Ealing Public Library.

  • East Takaka Public Library.

  • Eskdale Public Library.

  • Fairlie Public Library.

  • Geraldine Public Library.

  • Gordon Settlement Public Library.

  • Gore High School.

  • Greytown Public Library.

  • Hawera Technical School.

  • Hawera Public Library.

  • Hawke's Bay Education Board.

  • Hamilton High School.

  • Hamilton Public Library.

  • Herbertville Public Library.

  • Hanmer Springs Sanatorium.

  • Helensville Public Library.

  • Heddon Bush Public Library.

  • Hector Observatory.

  • Inglewood Public Library.

  • Invercargill Athenæum.

  • Kawakawa Public Library.

  • Kaiapoi Public Library.

  • Knapville (Gore) Public Library.

  • Lincoln Public Library.

  • Loburn Public Library.

  • Levin Public Library.

  • Linwood Public Library.

  • Lyttelton Public Library.

  • Makino Public Library.

  • Marlborough High School.

  • Makara Public Library.

– 535 –
  • Mangapai Public Library.

  • Matamata Public Library.

  • Mataura Public Library.

  • Merton Public Library.

  • Millerton Public Library.

  • Mossburn Public Library.

  • Marton Public Library.

  • Maungakaramea Public Library.

  • Morven Athenæum.

  • Napier Municipal Library.

  • Napier Borough Council.

  • New Plymouth Technical School.

  • Norsewood Jubilee Library.

  • Ngaruawahia Public Library.

  • Nightcaps Public Library.

  • Oamaru Mechanics' Institute.

  • Ocean Beach Public Library.

  • Okuru Library and Institute.

  • Okain's Bay Public Library.

  • Onehunga Carnegie Public Library.

  • Otahuhu Public Library.

  • Opouriro North Library (Bay of Plenty).

  • Owaka Public Library.

  • Otorohanga Public Library.

  • Otaio Public Library.

  • Omaha (Leigh) Public Library.

  • Pahiatua Public Library.

  • Pahi Public Library.

  • Palmerston North Technical School.

  • Paparoa Public Library.

  • Picton Literary Institute.

  • Pongakawa Public Library.

  • Pokeno Public Library.

  • Portobello Public Library.

  • Pukekawa Public Library.

  • Quinton Public Library.

  • Rangiora Library Institute.

  • Redcliffs Public Library.

  • Ross Borough Council.

  • Seddon Public Library.

  • Southland Boys' High School.

  • Southland Girls' High School.

  • Southland Technical College.

  • Shannon Public Library.

  • Sumner Public Library.

  • Stewart Island Athenæum.

  • St. Albans Public Library (Christchurch).

  • Stanley Brook Public Library (Nelson).

  • Sydenham Public Library.

  • Tai Tapu Public Library.

  • Taupo Public Library.

  • Tauranga Public Library.

  • Taupiri Public Library.

  • Tapanui Public Library.

  • Te Puke Public Library.

  • Temuka Public Library.

  • Timaru Boys' High School.

  • Timaru Borough Council.

  • Tuapeka Athenæum and Mining Institute.

  • View Hill Public Library.

  • Wanganui Technical College.

  • Waihi Public Library.

  • Waitaki Boys' High School.

  • Waerenga Public Library.

  • Warkworth Town Library.

  • Waikoikoi Public Library.

  • Waimahaka Public Library.

  • Wakefield Public Library.

  • Waimate Public Library.

  • Waimana Public Library.

  • Ward Public Library.

  • Waipawa Citizens' Public Library.

  • Wairoa Mechanics' Institute.

  • Waitara Public Library.

  • Waipu Public Library.

  • Warterton (Ashburton) Public Library.

  • Weber Public Library.

  • Wellington Technical School Board.

  • Wellington Girls' College.

  • Wellington College.

  • Woolston Public Library.

  • Woodville Public Library.

  • Whakatane Public Library.

A large number of appreciative replies have been received from the libraries, thanking the Institute for the valuable gift. This Committee has passed a special vote of thanks to the Hon. the Minister for his kind action in the matter. There still remains a large number of Transactions in stock, and this Committee has decided that those volumes of which more than two hundred are in stock may be sold to non-members at 5s. per copy, the price to members having already been fixed by the Board at 2s. per copy. This Committee has further decided that the price of a complete set of the Transactions shall be £20. By reducing the price of the numbers of which there is a large excess it is hoped to bring the stock within manageable compass. The volumes remaining are still stored in the General Assembly vaults by the courtesy of the Chief Librarian (Mr. Charles Wilson), to whom the thanks of the Institute are due.

Resignation.—Mr. A. H. Turnbull, a Government nominee, resigned his seat on the Board of Governors in March. The appointment of a successor to Mr. Turnbull was referred by the Hon. the Minister (Mr. Russell) to the President, who recommended Dr Chilton, and the latter was appointed to the vacancy in April, 1916.

International Catalogue of Scientific Literature.—The compilation of the index cards for 1915 was referred by this Committee to the Library Committee.

Panama Exhibit—The exhibit of the Institute prepared for the Panama Pacific Exposition was safely returned, but unfortunately, owing to some oversight, had not been exhibited.

Hamilton's “Maori Art.”—Permission was given by this Committee to the Herbert Spencer Trustees to use portions of Maori Art in a work on ethnology to be issued by them.

– 536 –

Vote of £250 for Research.—A vote for the encouragement of research was placed on the estimates for 1916–17 by the Hon. the Minister of Internal Affairs, in fulfilment of his promise at the last annual meeting of the Board. (See Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. 48, p. 530). The use of the vote was discussed by a deputation which waited on the Hon Mr. Russell in Dunedin, consisting of the President (Professor Benham), Professor Marshall, and Mr. G. M. Thomson. The Minister inquired—(1) Under what conditions could this money be most profitably spent in the interests of the Dominion? (2) What conditions is it suggested should be attached to the spending of the vote? (3) Would it be desirable to divide the money into, say, five prizes of £50 each or more? (4) What subject should be selected for research? and asked that the matter be considered by the Institute. The subject was duly referred by the President to the Standing Committee, with instructions to formulate proposals of a more or less definite character to govern the expenditure of the vote. The Standing Committee drew up a scheme, and waited in deputation on the Minister on the 20th October, Professors Easterfield and Kirk, Drs. Cockayne and Allan Thomson, and Mr. B. C. Aston being present. The deputation explained the scheme which had been agreed upon, and the Minister gave his general approval. As a result of the meeting it was understood that—


The Institute would be entrusted with the expenditure of the vote of £250


Any surplus unexpended on the 31st March, 1917, need not lapse, but should be carried forward to the succeeding year, the Minister hoping to be able to increase the amount of the total vote for that year.


Portions of the vote will be paid as occasion arises on the recommendation of the Institute, comparatively large items to receive the Minister's sanction first.


The Minister is prepared to supply from a separate vote such scientific literature as may be required by research workers.


The two methods of distributing grants to research workers suggested by the Standing Committee are approved, as follows. Preference to be given in the first instance to investigations which appear to have an economic bearing, purely scientific investigations to be by no means excluded. When the research is one that leads to a direct economic advance the Government shall reserve to itself the right of patenting the discovery and of rewarding the discoverer; but it is to be understood that grants from this vote of £250 are not in the nature of a reward or prize, but for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the research worker. Plant, books, apparatus, chemicals, &c., purchased for applicants are to remain the property of the Institute, and eventually to form a loan collection of apparatus in the manner practised by the Royal Society of London. First method. Applications shall be invited for grants in aid of research to be specfied by applicants Second method: The Governors of the Institute to suggest from time to time subjects the investigation of which is desirable, and to ask capable investigators to undertake such researches, the Institute to pay for apparatus, material, and working-expenses, including assistance.


The Minister was prepared to give some relief in the matter of the Government Printer's bill against the Institute, and to inquire into the method adopted by the Government Printer in making his charges. The Minister was prepared further to reissue certain papers individually or bound together in booklet form.

On the 9th November, 1916, taking advantage of the presence in Wellington of several Governors of the Institute, a meeting of the Standing Committee, attended by the President, Professors Chilton, Easterfield, Kirk, and Segar, Drs Cockayne and Allan Thomson, and Mr B. C. Aston, was held. Three applications from the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury received for portions of the above vote were granted Grants have also been made to applicants through the Otago Institute, the Wellington Philosophical Society, Hawke s Bay Philosophical Institute, and to Mr. D. Petrie. The total vote of £250 has now been all apportioned. The scheme as outlined above has been circulated among the incorporated societies, with the result that several applications have been received.

The matter has been put in order by receipt of a letter dated the 14th December, 1916, from the Under-Secretary, Internal Affairs, confirming the Minister's approval of the above scheme, and stating that the question of granting some relief in the Government Printer's account is receiving attention, and advising that the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury's applications have been approved and the money banked to the New Zealand Institute account. Dr. Cockayne, Professor Easterfield, and Dr. J. Allan Thomson have been deputed to draw up conditions under which portions of the vote shall be paid over to the grantees, to report to the annual meeting.

Destruction of Fur Seals.—The Standing Committee has drawn the attention of the Right Hon. the Minister of Lands to the case recently reported in the daily Press

– 537 –

of the destruction of fur seals at the Sounds National Park, and urged the prosecution of the offenders.

Annual Reports and Balance-sheets of the following incorporated societies have been received, and are now laid on the table:—

Auckland Institute, for year ending 22nd February, 1916.

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, for year ending 1st December, 1916.

Manawatu Philosophical Society, for year ending 30th October, 1916.

Wellington Philosophical Society, for year ending 30th September, 1916.

Nelson Institute, for year ending 22nd December, 1916.

Canterbury Philosophical Institute, for year ending 31st October, 1916.

Otago Institute, for year ending 30th November, 1916.

Wanganui Philosophical Society, for year 1916.

On the motion of Dr. Cockayne, the action of the Standing Committee in appointing Mr. W. H. Twelvetrees to the Hutton Award Committee was confirmed.

On the motion of Dr. Hilgendorf, seconded by Dr. Chilton, it was resolved, That the Standing Committee make arrangements with the Government Printer for the distribution of the copies of the Transactions.

On the motion of Dr. Chilton, seconded by Professor Marshall, it was resolved, That the resolution of the year 1910 respecting the date of publication of the Transactions be rescinded.

The regulations regarding the expenditure of grants under the research-grants scheme, which were formulated by the sub-committee consisting of Professor Easterfield, Drs. Cockayne and Allan Thomson, appointed by the Standing Committee, were read and approved.

Destruction of Fur Seals—A report from Drs. Cockayne and Thomson was submitted. On the motion of Mr. J. W. Poynton, seconded by Dr. Chilton, the report was amended and adopted in the following form:—

That this Institute learns with regret that the declaration of an area as a national park does not prohibit sealing therein, and urges that a special Act be passed defining the limits of an area for a national park including the southern fiord lands and waters, with protection, under severe penalties, of seals and other animals therein, and that a copy of this motion be sent to the Minister of Lands.

That this Institute learns with regret that the declaration of an area as a sanctuary under the Animals Protection Act does not prevent sealing therein—e.g., in the Sounds National Park—and urges that the amendment of the law necessary to secure such protection for seals be taken in hand by the Government, and that a copy of this motion be sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

That it is desirable in the interests of the preservation of the seal that sealing should be permanently prohibited in the Sounds National Park and at Cascade Point, Westland, and that the Minister of Marine be requested to take such steps as will ensure this.

Research Grants.—An account of the apportionment by the Standing Committee of the sums of money to research workers was given by the Honorary Secretary and approved. It was resolved to incorporate the details in the Proceedings of the Institute.

Incorporated Societies' Reports.—The annual reports of the Auckland Institute, the Wellington Philosophical Society, the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, the Otago Institute, the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, the Manawatu Philosophical Society, the Nelson Institute, and the Wanganui Philosophical Society, for the last year, were received.

Honorary Treasurer's Reports.—The financial statements of the Honorary Treasurer, Mr. C. A. Ewen, comprising those of (a) receipts and expenditure; (b) assets and liabilities; (c) the Carter Bequest, the Hutton Memorial Fund, and the Hector Memorial Fund, all of which were duly audited and certified to by the Auditor-General, were adopted. A minute dated the 17th January, 1917, from the Hon. the Minister, regarding the Carter Bequest, was referred to the Standing Committee.

– 538 –

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year Ending 31St
December, 1916.
Receipts. £ s. d. Expenditure. £ s. d.
Balance per last statement 492 7 2 Government Printer 625 0 6
Government grant 500 0 0 Government stationery 1 16 0
Government grant (special) 110 0 0 Governors' travelling expenses 23 10 2
Sales of Maori Art 4 4 6 West, Newman 1 1 0
Sales of Transactions 10 15 9 McKay (custodian) 5 0 0
Sales of Bulletins, Index, reprints 1 18 5 Fire-insurance premium 5 0 0
Post Office Savings-bank interest 18 8 6 Hon. Editor, petty cash 3 0 0
Canterbury Institute levy 22 7 6 Bank charge 0 10 0
Otago Institute levy 21 7 6 Hon. Secretary, postages 10 6 11
Wellington Institute levy 15 15 0 Hon. Secretary, cash in hand 4 13 1
Manawatu Institute levy 6 15 6 Stamp duty, Bank of New Zealand 0 0 4
Auckland Institute levy 37 10 0 Balance in— £ s. d.
Bank of N.Z. 243 3 4
P.O. Savings-bank 318 8 6 561 11 10
£1,241 9 10 £1,241 9 10

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 31St December, 1916.
Liabilities. Assets
£ s. d. £ s. d.
By Balance in Bank of New Zealand 243 3 4
Balance in Post Office Savings-bank 318 8 6
Hawke's Bay Institute levy 6 0 6
Nelson Institute levy 3 10 0
Wanganui Philosophical Society levy 6 17 6
Petty cash in hands of Secretary 4 13 1
Authors' copies and Transactions sold 30 6 8
To Special Government grant 110 0 0
Government Printer's account for printing and stationery 599 4 6
Typewriting and clerical assistance 5 0 0
Custodian's account 3 0 0
Rent, Town Hall 2 2 0
By Balance 106 6 11
£719 6 6 £719 6 6
To balance £106 6 11

In addition to the above assets the Institute has a large stock of Transactions for sale, and possesses a very valuable library.

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Hector Memorial Fund.— Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the
Year Ending 31 st December, 1916.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d
By Balance brought forward 1,086 10 0
Public Trust Office—
Interest, 31st December, 1915, to 31st £ s. d.
December, 1916, at 4½ per cent 47 14 7
Bonus for year ended 31st March, 1916 4 14 11
52 9 6
To New Zealand Institute's Account: Professor P. Marshall, Hector Prize for 1915 45 0 0
Public Trust Office Postages 0 1 6
Balance 1,093 18 0
£1,138 19 6 £1,138 19 6
By Balance brought down £1,093 18 0
– 539 –

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Hutton Memorial Fund.—Statement Of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year Ending 31St December, 1916.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d
By Balance brought forward 739 13 6
Public Trust Office—
Interest, 31st December, 1915, to 31st £ s. d.
December, 1916, at 4½ per cent. 32 13 10
Bonus for year ended 31st March, 1916 3 4 7
35 18 5
To New Zealand Institute's Account: Grant to Portobello Fish-hatchery 25 0 0
Public Trust Office: Postages 0 1 6
Balance 750 10 5
£775 11 11 £775 11 11
By Balance £750 10 5

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Carter Bequest.— Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the
Year Ending 31st December, 1916.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
By Balance brought forward 3,744 0 5
Debenture stock—
A. T. Bate, proceeds of sale of New
Zealand Loan and Mercantile stock
Less brokerage £ s. d.
15 10 0
0 5 0
15 5 0
Dividend, New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Company, 30th June, 1914, to 30th June, 1915 0 1 4
Public Trust Office—
Interest, 31st December, 1915, to 31st £ s. d.
December, 1916, at 4½ per cent. 168 19 11
Bonus for year ended 31st March, 1916 16 5 11
185 5 10
To Public Trust Office—
Commission, 2½ per cent. on £15 6s. 4d. 0 7 8
Postages 0 1 6
0 9 2
Balance 3,944 3 5
£3,944 12 7 £3,944 12 7
By Balance brought down £3,944 3 5

Hutton Fund Grants for Research.—Reports on the progress of the investigations undertaken by Major T. Broun (by the Honorary Editor), by Mr. W. R. B. Oliver, and by the Portobello Fish-hatchery (from Mr. G. M. Thomson) were read and approved. No further applications for grants were received.

Financial Position.—On the motion of Dr. Cockayne, seconded by Dr. Thomson, it was resolved, That for every copy of volumne 49 of the Transactions received by the incorporated societies a contribution of 2s. 6d. towards the cost of printing shall be made during the current year by such society.

Hector Award Committee's Report.—The report of the Committee (Professor Haswell and Sir Baldwin Spencer) was opened by the President, and the recommendation awarding the medal and prize to Professor Charles Chilton was adopted.

– 540 –

Hutton Award Committee's Report.—The report of the Committee (Mr. W. H. Twelvetrees, Professor Benham, and Dr. Cockayne) was then opened, and the recommendation that the Hutton Medal be awarded to Professor P. Marshall was adopted. It was resolved that the presentation of these two medals should be made at some public meeting.

Publication Committee's Report.—The report of the Publication Committee was discussed by Dr. Cockayne, Honorary Editor, who spoke highly of the assistance rendered by Dr. C. A. Cotton, Joint Honorary Editor, now absent in Europe. The report was adopted on the motion of Dr. Cockayne, seconded by Mr. G. M. Thomson.

Report of the Publication Committee.

At the end of 1915 the Honorary Editor, Professor C. Chilton, resigned his position, and on the 28th January, 1916, Dr. L. Cockayne was appointed Honorary Editor and Dr. C. A. Cotton, Joint Honorary Editor.

Sixty-nine papers were offered for publication, and of these fifty-six were accepted for the Transactions by your Committee, two were recommended to be published as bulletins, and the remainder were withdrawn, held over for the time being, or declined.

Volume 48 of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute was issued on the 16th October, 1916. It contains 598 pages (of which no less than 75 are devoted to the Proceedings), 29 plates, and a great many text-figures.

The late appearance of the above volume was due to the following causes.

(1) Urgent work at the Government Printing Office connected with war matters, especially the production of the National Register, taking precedence of all else;

(2) Parliament meeting a month earlier than usual; (3) no Editor being appointed after Professor Chilton's resignation until the end of January, 1916.

Besides the annual volume of Transactions, the publication of four bulletins was considered by your Committee. One, by Major T. Broun, on “Coleoptera,” was ordered to be proceeded with at once, since a grant of £50 from the Hutton Fund had been voted by the Board of Governors for this purpose. Unfortunately, special printing in connection with the war hindered the work being proceeded with, but it is expected to be taken in hand early in 1917. The three other bulletins were held over for the time being on account of lack of sufficient funds for their production, since they would have cost over £150.

Cost of Printing the Proceedings—A proposal that the affiliated societies should be required to pay the cost of printing their respective Proceedings, proposed by Dr. Allan Thomson, seconded by Dr. Hatherly, was lost.

Notice of Motion—Professor Kirk gave notice that he would move that the regulation—5 (a), 1—referring to the publication of Proceedings be rescinded, and that the following regulation be agreed to:—

“(a.) The publications of the Institute shall consist of. (1.) Such current abstract of the Proceedings of the societies for the time being incorporated with the Institute as the Board of Governors deems desirable.”

Date of Publications.—On the motion of Dr. Hilgendorf, seconded by Professor Marshall, it was resolved, That the Publication Committee be authorized to arrange for the publication of authors' copies in advance of the publication of the volumes of Transactions, and for the printing on the title-page of each paper of the date of receipt by the Editor and the date of issue by the Printer.

Bulletins.—On the motion of Mr. D. Petrie, seconded by Dr. Cockayne, it was resolved, That a set of the bulletins published each year be forwarded to all societies on our exchange list.

Report of the Library Committee.—The adoption of the report of the Library Committee was moved by Dr. Thomson, Honorary Librarian, and carried.

– 541 –

Report Of Library Committee.

The usual large number of additions to the library by exchange or donation have been received, registered, and arranged. In spite of the additional shelf-space gained by placing in store old and little-used books during the last two years, the growth of the library is so rapid that accommodation is again being taxed. The question of providing a suitable building for the library is one that demands the serious consideration of the Board of Governors.

The matter of enlarging the exchange list was referred by the Standing Committee to the Library Committee, and a number of institutions with whom an exchange is desirable have been selected, but owing to the pressure of other duties on the members of the committee the necessary correspondence has not yet been carried out.

Your committee has ascertained that copies of the bulletins of the Institute have not been supplied to exchanging institutions, and is of the opinion that this procedure greatly detracts from the value of the bulletins as a means of publication.

J. Allan Thomson,
Hon. Librarian.

Housing the Library.—On the motion of Mr. H. Hill, seconded by Mr. D. Petrie, it was resolved, That this Institute, representing the various Philosophical Societies of the Dominion, urge upon the Government the need of a suitable building in which to house the valuable library and records of the Institute, the destruction of which would be an irreparable loss to the country.

Correspondence.—Letters from the Wellington Philosophical Society (dated 9th December, 1916, and 16th December, 1916) were read conveying resolutions advocating the formation of a technical library, and an alteration of New Zealand mean time.

Library.—On the motion of Professor Kirk, seconded by Mr. Petrie, it was resolved, That this Institute believes that one of the first and most important steps in the direction of encouraging the application of science to industry is the formation of a scientific and technological library in the Dominion, and urges the Government to take immediate steps to provide such a library.

New Zealand Mean Time.—It was proposed by Dr. Thomson, and seconded by Professor Easterfield, That the New Zealand Institute endorse the resolution of the Wellington Philosophical Society regarding the alteration of New Zealand mean time. An amendment proposed by Dr. Chilton, That the Institute should proceed to the next business, was carried.

Co-ordination of Science with Industry.—Reports from the Auckland Institute (20th November, 1916), Otago Institute (22nd November, 1916), Wellington Philosophical Society (9th December, 1916), and the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury (20th December, 1916) were received, copies having already been circulated amongst members.

On the motion of Professor Chilton, seconded by Dr. Cockayne, it was resolved, That the New Zealand Institute, as the body which for fifty years has persistently encouraged the carrying-out of scientific researches, offer to the Government its services in the interests of national efficiency; and that a deputation be appointed to wait upon the Acting-Premier to present to him a report as to the relations of science and industry, and to urge the necessity of definite action.

It was resolved that a committee, consisting of the President, Professor Easterfield, Dr. Cockayne, Mr. G. M. Thomson, Mr. Petrie, and Sir James G. Wilson, be set up to arrange for the deputation to the Acting-Premier and to draw up a report on the co-ordination of science with industry.

– 542 –

Reform of the New Zealand Institute.—Dr. Thomson spoke on the subject of his notice of motion, copies of which had already been circulated. On the motion of Professor Kirk, seconded by Professor Marshall, it was resolved, That this meeting refers the question of reform as outlined by Dr. Thomson to the several incorporated societies for consideration and report.

Dominion Museum, Wellington.—On the motion of Professor H. B. Kirk, seconded by Dr. Cockayne, it was resolved, That the attention of the Government be again called to the fact that the Dominion Museum collection, including many valuable records and objects that could by no possibility be replaced, are still housed in an old and highly combustible wooden building.

New Zealand Fishes.—On the motion of Mr. G. M. Thomson, seconded by Professor Kirk, it was resolved, That the preparation and publication of a catalogue of New Zealand fishes is a matter of national importance, and that the Government be asked to undertake this work at as early a period as possible.

New Zealand Science Worthies.—On the motion of Mr. G. M. Thomson, seconded by Professor Chilton, it was resolved, That this Institute places on record its appreciation of the valuable services to science of Alexander McKay, Henry Suter, and Thomas Broun; and that a letter be sent to each of them expressing the hope that they may long be spared to enjoy the fruits of their labours in science.

Proposed Department of Scientific Affairs.—Mr. G. M. Thomson gave notice of his intention to move at the next meeting of the Institute, That this Institute recommends to the Government that the time has come for the establishment of a Department of Scientific Affairs, in which all the purely scientific departments of the Government be placed, and that an Advisory Council be set up to assist the Minister in charge.

Hamilton Memorial.—Professor Easterfield, in reply to a question from Mr. H. Hill, read the report of the Wellington Philosophical Society's Hamilton Memorial Committee.

Election of Officers and Committees.—The following officers and committees were elected: President—Professor W. B. Benham; Hon. Editors—Dr. L. Cockayne and Dr. C. A. Cotton; Hon. Treasurer—Mr. C. A. Ewen; Hon. Secretary—Mr. B. C. Aston; Hon. Librarian—Dr. J. Allan Thomson. Publication Committee—Professor Kirk, Drs. Cockayne, Cotton, and Allan Thomson, and Mr. B. C. Aston; Library Committee—Drs. Cotton, Cockayne, and the Hononary Librarian; Hector Award Committee for 1918—Professors Chilton, Easterfield, and Marshall, and Dr. Cockayne; Hutton Award Committee for 1920—Dr. Cockayne, Professors Benham and Marshall. Research Grant Committee—Professor Easterfield, Dr. Thomson and Mr. Aston were appointed a committee to administer regulations in connection with the Government research grants.

Date and Place of next Annual Meeting—It was resolved, That the next annual meeting be held at Wellington on Tuesday, the 29th January, 1918, at 10 a.m.

Travelling-expenses—It was resolved, That the travelling-expenses of the Governors attending this meeting be reimbursed by the Institute.

– 543 –

Votes of Thanks.—Votes of thanks to the honorary officers for their services during the past year were passed, Dr. J. Allan Thomson specially acknowledging the assistance he had received from Mr. Macdonald in the library.

31st January, 1917.

D. Petrie, Chairman.