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Volume 49, 1916
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Wanganui Philosophical Society.

Seven meetings were held during the year 1916, at which the following lectures were delivered and papers read: (24th July) “Daylight-saving,” by Mr. J. T. Ward; (16th August) “Post-war Problems,” papers by Mr. C. Palmer Brown, M.A., LL.B., Mr. H. M. Payne, Mr. C. Park, M.A., Mr. C. Reginald Ford, F.R.G.S., (2nd October) “Problems engendered by the Contact of Races,” by Mr. C. Reginald Ford, F.R.G.S.; (16th October) “Contemporary English Painting,” by Mr. C. Hay Campbell, R.D.S.; (30th October) “Dust,” by Mr. C. M. Bevan-Brown, M.A.; (27th November) “American Observatories,” by Mr. C. E. Adams, D.Sc.; (4th December) “Insect Assassins,” by Mr. W. J. Rainbow, F.E.S.

At the annual meeting, 26th March, 1917, the annual report and balance-sheet were adopted.


Attendance at meetings showed a falling-off, doubtless due to the public mind being concentrated on national affairs in this grave crisis. The small meetings, however, were marked by vigorous and interesting discussions.

The roll at the end of the session shows forty-seven active and thirty associate members.

The financial position is satisfactory, there being a credit balance on hand of £50 12s. 6d. after payment of Museum subsidy of £13. 7s. 6d.

Dr. J. Allan Thomson's proposals for the reform of the New Zealand. Institute, and a report thereon by Dr. Hatherly, Mr. C. Palmer Brown, and Mr. T. W. Downes, were discussed. It was agreed to circulate Dr. Thomson's proposals and the sub-committee's report, and to discuss the matter at a later meeting.

Dr. Hatherly's intimation that he had decided to relinquish the position of President was received with regret, and it was agreed to record the society's appreciation of his services in that office, which he had held since the inception of the society.

Election of Officers for 1917.President—Dr. P. Marshall, F.R.G.S. Vice-Presidents—Mr. J. A. Neame, B.A., and Mr. J. T. Ward. Council (including Mr. H. Drew, ex officio as Hon. Curator of the Museum)—Messrs. T. Allison; C. Palmer Brown, M.A., LL.B., R. Murdoch; T. W. Downes; H. E. Sturge, M.A.; H. R. Hatherly, M.R.C.S. Hon. Treasurer—Mr. F. P. Talboys. Hon. Secretary—Mr. J. P. Williamson.