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Volume 49, 1916
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Authors Of Papers.

Andersen, J. C.—New Zealand Bird-song: Further Notes 519
Anderson, J. G.—A Study of the Electrical Deposition of Nickel in the Presence of Nitrate 501
Anderson, J. G., and Wild, L. J.—On the Absorption of Lime by Soils: An Investigation of the Hutchinson-MacLennan Method of determining the Lime Requirements of Soils 466
Archey, G.—
    The Lithobiomorpha of New Zealand 303
    The Occurrence in New Zealand of Craterostigmus tasmanianus Pocock (Chilopoda) 319
Bartrum, J. A.—
    Additional Facts concerning the Distribution of Igneous Rocks in New Zealand 418
    Concentrations in the Recent Sediments of the Auckland Harbour, New Zealand 425
Beccari, O.—On a New South Polynesian Palm, with Notes on the Genus Rhopalo-stylis Wendl. et Drude 47
Carse, H.—Notes on Parsonsia capsularis R. Br. 45
Chilton, C.—The New Zealand Sand-hoppers belonging to the Genus Talorchestia 292
Cockayne, L.—
    Notes on New Zealand Floristic Botany, including Descriptions of New Species, &c. (No. 2) 56
    A Consideration of the Terms “Species” and “Variety” as used in Botany 66
Cotton, C. A.—The Fossil Plains of North Otago 429
Foweraker, C. E.—Notes from the Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station, Cass: No. 5—The Mat-plants, Cushion-plants, and Allied Forms of the Cass River Bed (Eastern Botanical District, New Zealand) 1
Herriott, Miss E. M.—On the Occurrence and Habits of the Fresh-water Crustacean Lepidurus viridis Baird 284
Hilgendorf, F. W.—
    Kermadec Island Fleas 423
    Fluctuations in the Water-level of some Artesian Wells in the Christchurch Area 491
Hogben, G.—Night Marching by the Stars 513
Holmes, R. W.—Notes on an Artesian Trial Bore, Westshore, Napier 509
Howes, W. G.—New Lepidoptera 274
Marshall, P.—
    Geology of the Central Kaipara 433
    The Wangaloa Beds 450
    Additional Fossils from Target Gully, near Oamaru 461
    Fossils and Age of the Hampden (Onekakara) Beds 463
Meyrick, E.—
    Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera 245
    Revision of the New Zealand Notodontina 248
Miller, D.—
    Contributions to the Diptera Fauna of New Zealand: Part I 172
    The Blepharoceridae (Diptera) of New Zealand (in Part a Translation of the Work of Preofessor Mario Bezzi) 530
Oliver, W. R. B.—The Vegetation and Flora of Lord Howe Island 94
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Park, J.—
    The Relationship of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Cainozoic Formations of New Zealand 392
    The Rate of Erosion of Hooker and Mueller Glaciers, New Zealand. 395
    On a New Species of Coral from the Lower Oamaruian Tuffs near Deborah, Oamaru 396
Petrie, D.—Descriptions of New Native Flowering-plants, with some Notes on Known Species 51
Philpott, A.—
    A List of the Lepidoptera of Otago 195
    Descriptions of New Species of Lepidoptera 239
Poppelwell, D. L.—
    Botanical Results of an Excursion to the Upper Makarora Valley and the Haast Pass, supported by a List of the Species observed 161
    Notes of a Botanical Excursion to Long Island, near Stewart Island, including a List of Species 167
Sott, R. J.—
    Apparatus for the Determination of the Magnitude of Small Forces, especially useful in connection with Hydraulic Experiments 496
    An Arrangement for quieting the Flow of a Stream of Disturbed Water 498
Speight, R.—
    The Stratigraphy of the Tertiary Beds of the Trelissick or Castle Hill Basin 321
    An Unrecorded Tertiary Outlier in the Basin of the Rakaia 356
    An Ancient Buried Forest near Riccarton: its Bearing on the Mode of Formation of the Canterbury Plains 31
    The Geology of Banks Peninsula 365
Suter, H.—On the Origin of a New Species by Isolation 279
Symes, L. P.—Note on the Fluctuation of Water-level in a Christchurch Artesian Well 493
Thomson, J. A.
    Diastrophic and other Considerations in Classification and Correlation, and the Existence of Minor Diastrophic Districts in the Notocene 397
    The Hawera Series, or the So-called” Drift Formation” of Hawera 414
Traill, W.—Effects of the Snowstorm of the 6th September, 1916, on the Vegetation of Stewart Island 518
Vaughan, T. W.—Some Corals from Kermadec Islands 275
Wild, L. J.—On the Proposal for a Soil Survey of New Zealand 476
Wild, L. J., and Anderson, J. G.—On the Absorption of Lime by Soils: An Investigation of the Hutchinson-MacLennan Method of determining the Lime Requirements of Soils 466