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Volume 50, 1918

List of Plates.

Alexander McKay Frontispiece.
Holloway, J. E.— Follows Page
Plate I.—Tmesipteris tannensis (lanceolata) 2
Plate II.—Longitudinal section, prothallua of Tmesipteris 22
Plate III.—Longitudinal section, point of attachment of young plant of Tmesipteris to the prothallus 22
Speight, R.—
Plate IV.—Contact of Amuri limestone and Weka Pass stone, showing nodules of phosphatized Amuri limestone, on roadside, Weka Pass 74
Plate V.—Contact of Amuri limestone with Weka Pass stone on escarpment east of viaduct, Weka Pass 74
Plate VI.—
  Fig. 1. Contact of Amuri limestone with greensand layer containing phosphatic nodules, Port Robinson 82
  Fig. 2. Nodular-layer in Amuri limestone, south side of Amuri Bluff 82
Plate VII.—
  Fig. 1. Nodular layer in Amuri limestone, Maori village, Kaikoura Peninsula 82
  Fig. 2. Nodular layer in Amuri limestone, Atiu Point, Kaikoura Peninsula 82
Park, J.—
Plate VIII.—Bob's Cove, Lake Wakatipu, showing warping of the Tertiary beds 160
Cockayne, L.—
Plate IX.—Leptospermum scoparium Leonard Wilson 178
Plate X.—Flowering branch of Leptospermum scoparium Leonard Wilson 178
Wall, A.—
Plate XI.—Relief map of Banks Peninsula 198
Plate XII.—Young Plant of Senecio saxifragnoides 202
Plate XIII.—Plants of Senecio lagopus 202
Cotton, C. A.—
Plate XIV.—General view of southern end of coastal lowland 218
Plate XV.—
  Fig. 1. Fan with cliffed seaward margin, north of Packakariki 218
  Fig. 2. Dissected bench of Otaki sandstone near Shannon 218
Gudex, M. C.—
Plate XVI.—
  Fig. 1. View of the fluted limestone at Otaio Gorge 250
  Fig. 2. Solution-pits in the limestone of Holme Station 250
Plate XVII.—
  Fig. 1. Road-cutting on Squire's Farm. The columnar structure of the loese is seen 250
  Fig. 2. The upper part of Little River Valley, viewed from Squire's Farm 250
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Marshall, P.— Follows Page
Plate XVIII.—Fossils from Pakaurangi Point 264
Plate XIX.—Fossils from Pakaurangi. Point 264
Plate XX.—Fossils from Pakaurangi Point 270
Plate XXI.—Fossils from Pakaurangi Point 270
Plate XXII.—Fossils from Pakaurangi Point 272
Downes, T. W.—
Plate XXIII.—Small pa-tuna at Ngutuwera, Moumahaki River 310
Plate XXIV.—Making a poha, Waitotara 310
Plate XXV.—
  Fig. 1. Pa-tuna, or eel-weir, at Kauwae-roa, Whanganui River, looking down-stream 310
  Fig. 2. Pa-tuna at Kanwae-roa, Whanganui River, looking up-stream 310
Plate XXVI.—Pa-tuna on Te Aute-mutu Rapid, Whanganui River 310
Plate XXVII.—
  Fig. 1. Utu, or lamprey-weir, at Parikino, Whanganui River, looking down strea 312
Fig. 2. Utu, or lamprey-weir, at Parikino, Whanganui River, looking up-stream 312
Plate XXVIII.—
  Figs. 1, 2, Hinaki herehere of different patterns 312
  Fig. 3. Korotete 312
Plate XXIX.—Hinaki pattern (ripeka) 312
Plate XXX.—Hinaki pattern, showing arrangement of ribs 312
Plate XXXI.—Hinaki pattern (elongated ripeka) 314
Plate XXXII.—Hinaki pattern (pakipaki or aurora) 314
Plate XXXIII.—Hinaki pattern (pliable) 314
Plate XXXIV.—Hinaki kareao 314