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Volume 50, 1918
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Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

During the year 1917 nine meetings were held (including the annual general meeting, 5th December), and the following addresses and papers were presented:—(2nd May) “Some Questions of Efficiency,” presidential address, by Mr. L. Birks (discussed, 6th June): (1st August) “The Fly Nuisance and its Control,” by Professor H. B. Kirk: (5th September) “Notes on the Susceptibility of New Zealand Timbers to the Attacks of the Borer,” by Mr. R. Speight; “On the Conformity of the Amuri and Weka Pass Limestones,” by Messrs. R. Speight and L. J. Wild; “A Fossil Isopod belonging to the Fresh-water Genus Phreatoicus,” by Dr. Charles Chilton; “A Collection of Insects from Cass,” by Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf: (3rd October) “Science and Economics,” by Dr. J. Hight: (7th November) “Note on a Record of an Earthquake obtained from an Artesian Well,” by Mr. L. P. Symes; “The Course of Land-values in Canterbury,” by Mr. F. R. Callaghan: (21st November) “Some Poison Gases,” by Dr. W. P. Evans; (5th December) “Some Glacial and Structural Features of the Hurunui Valley,” by Mr. R. Speight; “Revision of the New Zealand Cirripedia,” by the late Captain L. S. Jennings; “Studies in the New Zealand Species of the Genus Lycopodium: Part III, the Structure of the Prothallus and the Embryo,” by the Rev. Dr. J. E. Holloway; “Testing High-tension Insulators,” by Mr. L. Birks; “On the Distribution of Senecio saxifragoides Hook. f. and its Relation to Senecio lagopus Raoul,” by Professor A. Wall (communicated by Mr. R. Speight); “Further Observations on Soil-adsorption,” by Mr. L. J. Wild.

At the annual meeting the following officers were elected for 1918: President—Mr. W. H. Skinner. Vice-Presidents—Mr. L. Birks and Dr. C. C. Farr. Secretary—Mr. L. P. Symes. Treasurer—Dr. Charles Chilton. Librarian—Mr. S. Page. Council—Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Dr. W. H. Symes, Mr. L. J. Wild, Mr. A. D. Dobson, Mr. W. G. Aldridge, and Mr. W. Martin. Representatives on the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute—Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf and Mr. L. Birks. Auditor—Mr. G. E. Way.

Abstract of Annual Report.

Members on Active Service.—The Council desires to record that the following members are now serving in the Empire's Forces: Drs. H. Acland and F. J. Borne, Messrs. G. E. Archey, J. W. Bird, F. M. Corkill, E. Kidson, C. E. Foweraker, A. Fairbairn, H. T. Ferrar, A. Taylor, G. T. Weston, F. S. Wilding, A. M. Wright, H. Rands, E. F. Stead.

Obituary.—With great regret the Council records the death of Mr. H. P. Murray-Aynsley, a member for very many years; and that Mr. P. S. Nelson, M.Sc., and Mr. G. MacIndoe, B.E., were killed in action.

– 350 –

Co-ordination of Science and Industry.—This matter has received the constan attention of the Council.

In April, by request of the local Commissioner of the National Efficiency Board, members of the Council waited on him and discussed various matters relative to national efficiency. A number of suggestions were made to the Commissioner, and several matters were referred to members of the Institute for report

Another matter which has engaged the attention of your Council is the proposal made by the Scientific and Industrial Research Committee of the New Zealand Institute, to recommend the establishment of a national Board of Science and Industry. The Council has criticized some features of the scheme and made suggestions with a view to its improvement. Your Council earnestly trusts that this proposal will materialize and that an institution of great national value will result

Government Research Grant.—The sum of £110 allotted by the New Zealand Institute to members of this Institute was received in March, and part has been paid over to grantees.

Considerable progress has been made in the investigation of the phosphate rocks of Canterbury by Messrs. R. Speight and L. J. Wild. A paper on some of the results of their observations has been read before the Institute.

Certain preliminary work has been done on the other investigations—viz., the deterioration of apples in cold storage, and the electrical prevention of frosting in orchards.

Proposed Reform of the New Zealand Institute.—The Council has given very serious attention to certain proposals which have been received for the remodelling of the New Zealand Institute. The Council, while anxious that the position of the New Zealand Institute, both financial and otherwise, should be strengthened, has deprecated any action which it considers would injure the local societies or destroy the present representative nature of the governing body.