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Volume 50, 1918
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Wanganui Philosophical Society.

Eight meetings were held during the session 1917, and various papers and exhibits submitted. The following were the principal papers contributed: “The Tropical Islands of the Eastern Pacific,” by Dr. P. Marshall; “Nebulae and Star Clusters,” by Mr. J. T. Ward; “History as a Factor in Education,” by Mr. H. E. Sturge, M.A.; “The Discovery of America,” by Mr. Thomas Allison; “New Zealand Provincialisms in the Use of English,” Mr. J. A. Neame, M.A.; “Records of Observations of Mr. A. W. Burrell, of Stratford, suggesting Comparatively Recent Volcanic Activity of Mount Egmont,” contributed through Mr. J. T. Ward; “Mendelism,” by Dr.

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F. W. Hilgendorf; “Tuna and Pa-tuna—Eels and Eel-weirs,” by Mr. T. W. Downes. The last mentioned, and two technical geological papers by Dr. Marshall, were taken as read.

An interesting event of the session was the presentation to Dr. P. Marshall, the President of the Society, of the Hutton Memorial Medal for the year 1917. The medal was awarded for researches in New Zealand geology. The presentation was made by His Excellency the Governor-General, at a public meeting on the 20th September, 1917, on the occasion of his visit to Wanganui to lay the foundation-stone of the Sargeant Art Gallery.

Officers of the Society.—President—Dr. P. Marshall, F.R.G.S. Vice-Presidents—Mr. J. A. Neame, M.A., and Mr. J. T. Ward. Council (including Mr. H. Drew, ex officio as Hon. Curator of the Museum)—Messrs. T. Allison; C. Palmer Brown, M.A., LL.B.; R. Murdoch; T. W. Downes; H. E. Sturge, M.A.; H. R. Hatherly, M.R.C.S. Hon. Treasurer—Mr. F. P. Talboys. Hon. Secretary—Mr. J. P. Williamson. Representative—Dr. Marshall.