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Volume 51, 1919

Notice To Members.

The publications of the New Zealand Institute consist of—

1. Transactions, a yearly volume of scientific papers read before the local Institutes. This volume is of royal-octavo size.

2. Proceedings, containing reports of the meetings of the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute and of the local Institutes, abstracts of papers read before them and of papers dealing with New Zealand scientific matters and published elsewhere, list of members, &c. The Proceedings are of the same size as the Transactions, and are bound up with the yearly volume of Transactions supplied to members.

3. Bulletins. Under this title papers are issued from time to time which for some reason it is not possible to include in the yearly volume of the Transactions. The bulletins are of the same size and style as the Transactions, but appear at irregular intervals, and each bulletin is complete in itself and separately paged. The bulletins are not issued free to members, but may be obtained by them at a reduction on the published price.

Library Privileges of Members.—Upon application by any member to the Librarian of the New Zealand Institute or of any of the affiliated Societies such works as he desires to consult which are in those libraries will be forwarded to him, subject to the rules under which they are issued by the Institute or the Societies. The borrower will be required to pay for the carriage of the books. For a list of the serial publications received by the Library of the New Zealand Institute during 1918 see p. 536.