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Volume 51, 1919
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Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

During the year 1918 nine meetings were held (including the annual meeting, 18th December), and the following addresses and papers were read:—(1st May) “The Decorated Cave Shelters of Canterbury,” presidential address by Mr. W. H. Skinner: (5th June) “Testing High-tension Insulators,” by Mr. L. Birks: (7th August) “Some Remarks on Soil Organisms,” by Mr. L. J. Wild; Discussion of Daylight-saving Proposals: (21st August) “Yeast, and its Influence in the Manufacture of Bread,” by Mr. S. R. Cowley: (4th September) “A Preliminary Investigation of the Age and Manner of Growth of Brown Trout in Canterbury, as shown by Examination of their Scales,” by Mr. M. H. Godby: (18th September) “Description of a New Species of the Family Cerithiidae,” by the late Mr. H. Suter, communicated by Mr. R. Speight; “Further Notes on the Castle Hill or Trelissick Basin,” by Mr. R. Speight; “The Teachin of the Classical Languages,” by Mr. H. D. Broadhead: (2nd October) “The Tuatara and its Kindred,” by Professor W. B. Benham: (6th November) “The New Zealand Amphipoda belonging to the Genera Hyale and Allorchestis,” by Dr. Charles Chilton; “The Sand-hoppers of New Zealand belonging to the Genus Orchestia,” by Dr. Charles Chilton; “The Passing of the Forest, with some Notes on Afforestation,” by Mr. W. H. Skinner: (18th December) “The Late Tertiary Gravels of Canterbury,” by Mr. R. Speight; “Notes from the Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station—No. 7, Catalogue of the Pteridophytes and Spermaphytes of the Upper Waimakariri River Basin,” by Dr. L. Cockayne and Miss E. M. Herriott; “Studies in the New Zealand Species of the Genus Lycopodium—Part 3, the Plasticity of the Species,” by the Rev. Dr. Holloway; “Ceina, an Aberrant Genus of the Amphipod Family Talitridae,” by Dr. Charles Chilton.

At the annual meeting the election of officers and Council for 1919 resulted as follows: President—Dr. C. Coleridge Farr. Vice-Presidents—Mr. W. H. Skinner and Mr. L. P. Symes. Secretary—Mr. W. Martin. Treasurer.—Dr. C. Chilton. Librarian—Mr. W. G. Aldridge. Council—Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Mr. L. Birks, Mr. L. J. Wild, Mr. A. V. Mountford, Mr. M. H. Godby, Mr. J. Drummond. Auditor—Mr. G. E. Way

Abstract of Annual Report.

Membership.—The number of members on the roll is now 177. During the year nine new members were elected and thirteen memberships lapsed.

Members on Active Service.—The Council wishes to place on record the names of the following members on war service: Drs. H. Acland, F. J. Borrie, and J. Guthrie; Messrs. G. E. Archey, J. W. Bird, F. M. Corkill, E. Kidson, C. E. Foweraker, A. Fair-bairn, H. T. Ferrar, A. Taylor, G. T. Weston, F. S. Wilding, A. M. Wright, and H. Rands.

Obituary.—With great regret the Council has to record the death of Dr. Walter Thomas, a life member since 1892, who held the office of President in 1897; of Mr. H. Suter, a member since 1897, who by his numerous and valuable papers on New Zealand Mollusca established his position as the leading authority on this group of animals; also of the following members: Messrs. M. Dixon, T. S. Foster, G. C. Robinson, and M. G. Wallich.

– 504 –

Government Research Grants.—Early in the year the Government voted the sum of £500 to the New Zealand Institute for research work. Five applications for allotments were made through this Institute, and the Council is pleased to report that the following grants were made to members: £200 to Dr. W. P. Evans, for investigation of New Zealand brown coals; £50 to Dr. Charles Chilton, for investigation of New Zealand flax (phormium); and £30 to Mr. L. J. Wild, for a soil survey of the Canterbury Plains district.

Co-ordination of Science and Industry.—The action of the Institute in this direction during the past year led to the establishment by the Board of Governors of Canterbry College of a Technological Section in the Public Library. The need of modern technical literature has been very much felt during the past four years by those engaged in the many attempts to establish industries of a chemical or more or less scientific nature.

Riccarton Bush.—The Institute's representative on the Board of Trustees of the Riccarton Bush reports that the bush has been open to the public during the year at the usual times, and has been visited by large numbers. Owing to grants received from several local bodies, the funds of the Board have been sufficient to allow of an increase in the salary of the ranger and to cover other necessary expenditure, but are still too limited to allow of such further improvements being made as the Trustees would desire. The bush continues to be of great use to the botanical students in the neighbourhood of Christchurch and to members of the Institute.

Library.—The war period, including the current year, has interfered somewhat seriously with the library routine. Many parts of journals have failed to arrive—forty-two parts of seventeen volumes are missing—interfering seriously with the possibility of keeping the binding of journals up to date. The inability to proceed with the binding, and the delay in securing publisher's accounts, are responsible for the small sum shown as expended on the library.

Finance.—The balance-sheet shows that the total receipts, including the balances on the Ordinary Account, the Tunnel Investigation Account, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition Account, and the research grants were £473 4s. 8d. This sum includes a deposit received during the year of £100 for the Australasian Antarctic Expedition Account. Owing to war conditions a considerable number of subscriptions for the year are still outstanding. The expenditure mcludes the payment of two levies to the New Zealand Institute—namely, £21 17s. 6d. in connection with volume 49 of the Transactions. and £23 2s. 6d. for volume 50, both the volumes having been published during the financial year. The expenditure on the library was £24 10s. 10d., including a special contribution of £10 10s. to the Technological library. Owing to shortage of hands in the office of the London agent, Messrs William Wesley and Son, no account for scientific journals or periodicals supplied was received during the year. The balance for the Tunnel Investigation Account still stands at £147 7s. 3d., and that of the unexpended research grants at £60. The balance of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition's Account is £9 14s. 7d., and the balance of the Ordinary Account £18 17s. 10d. The Life Members' Subscription Account shows a balance of £152 17s. 3d., deposited with the Permanent Investment and Loan Association of Canterbury.