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Volume 51, 1919
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Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.

The following papers and addresses were read during the year 1918: (17th May) President's inaugural address, “Scientific Development, Past, Present, and Future”; (19th June) “A Visit to a Montessori Infant School,” by the Hon. Sir R. Stout, K C M G.; (16th July) “The Marvels of the Spectroscope,” by J. W. Poynton; (15th August) “Some Remarks and Experiments on Combustion,” by J. H. Edmundson; (13th September) Lantern address on “Rhodesia, Mashonaland, &c.,” by Thomas Probert.

At the annual meeting the following officers for the year 1919 were elected: President—W. A. Armour, M.A, M.Sc. Vice-President—E. G. Loten. Council—W. D [ unclear: ] inwiddie; A Anderson; H. Hill, D A. Strachan, M.A.; G. Stubbs; T. C. Moore, M.D Hon Secretary and Treasurer—C F H. Pollock. Hon. Auditor—J S. Large. Hon. Lanternist—H Cottrell. Representative to New Zealand Institute—H. Hill, B.A., F.G S.

Abstract of Annual Report.

Meetings.—Five general meetings were held, at which three papers were read. Two further meetings were arranged for in November and December, at which addresses were to be given by Mr. D. A. Strachan, M.A, on “Some Recent Developments in Economics,” and Mr. J. W. Poynton, S.M., on “Radium and its Wonders.” In view of the disastrous influenza epidemic, however, these had to be abandoned.

Membership.—Ten new members have been elected during the year, and eight have resigned. The total membership is now eighty.

Members on Active Service—The Council desires to place on record the names of the following members on war service: Surgeon-Colonel H. F. Bernau, Surgeon-Colonel J. P. D. Leahy, and Messrs. E F. Northcroft, E G. Wheeler, and P. Loftus Poole.

Obituary.—With great regret the Council records the death of the following members during the year: Mr. H. W. Antill, a past Vice-President; Dr. E. H. W. Henley, a former President; Mr. T. Tanner, a past President, and one of the original founders; and Mr. Peter Dinwiddie, a member for thirty-four years.

Hawke's Bay Educational Conference.—The President and Hon. Secretary were appointed delegates to represent the Institute at this conference, held at the Athenaeum on the 7th and 8th October.

Finance.—The balance-sheet shows the satisfactory credit balance of £50 16s. 3d.