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Volume 51, 1919
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Wanganui Philosophical Society.

During the session of 1918 three meetings were held, at which the following papers were read: “The New Star,” by W. J. T. Ward, “New Stars,” by Mr. A. C. Gifford; “New Stars reviewed,” by Mr. Thomas Allison; “The Geology of Wanganui,” by Dr. P. Marshall, F.G.S.; “To what Extent is Earth-rotation the Cause of the Ocean Currents?” by Mr. A. W. Burrell, of Stratford (communicated by Mr. J. T. Ward) The following papers were taken as read: “Occurrence of Moa-bones in the Lower Part of the Wanganui Beds,” by Dr. P. Marshall; “Fossils and Age of the Hampden Beds,” by Dr. P. Marshall; and “Some New Species of Fossil Mollusca,” by Dr. P. Marshall and Mr. R. Murdoch.

The annual meeting was held on the 10th December, 1918, when the report and balance-sheet were adopted. The roll shows a falling-off in the membership, and now stands at thirty-three ordinary and two life members.

The following officers were elected for the year 1919: President—Dr. P. Marshall. Vice-Presidents—Messrs. J. T. Ward and J. A. Neame, B.A. Council—Messrs. T. Allison; C. Palmer Brown, M.A., LL.B.; R. Murdoch; T. W. Downes; H. E. Sturge, M.A.; Dr. H. R. Hatherly; and (ex officio) H. Drew, Hon. Curator, Museum. Hon. Secretary—Mr. C. Reginald Ford, F.R.G.S.