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Volume 51, 1919


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New Zealand Institute Act, 1908.

For the New Zealand Institute Act, 1908, and Regulations thereunder see vol. 49, 1917, pp. 570–74.

The Hutton Memorial Medal and Research Fund.

Declaration of Trust.

This deed, made the fifteenth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and nine (1909), between the New Zealand Institute of the one part, and the Public Trustee of the other part: Whereas the New Zealand Institute is possessed of a fund consisting now of the sum of five hundred and fifty-five pounds one shilling (£555 1s.), held for the purposes of the Hutton Memorial Medal and Research Fund on the terms of the rules and regulations made by the Governors of the said Institute, a copy whereof is hereto annexed: And whereas the said money has been transferred to the Public Trustee for the purposes of investment, and the Public Trustee now holds the same for such purposes, and it is expedient to declare the trusts upon which the same is held by the Public Trustee:

Now this deed witnesseth that the Public Trustee shall hold the said moneys and all other moneys which shall be handed to him by the said Governors for the same purposes upon trust from time to time to invest the same upon such securities as are lawful for the Public Trustee to invest on, and to hold the principal and income thereof for the purposes set out in the said rules hereto attached.

And it is hereby declared that it shall be lawful for the Public Trustee to pay all or any of the said moneys, both principal and interest, to the Treasurer of the said New Zealand Institute upon being directed so to do by a resolution of the Governors of the said Institute, and a letter signed by the Secretary of the said Institute enclosing a copy of such resolution certified by him and by the President as correct shall be sufficient evidence to the Public Trustee of the due passing of such resolution: And upon receipt of such letter and copy the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Institute shall be a sufficient discharge to the Public Trustee: And in no case shall the Public Trustee be concerned to inquire into the administration of the said moneys by the Governors of the said Institute.

As witness the seals of the said parties hereto, the day and year hereinbefore written.

Resolutions of Board of Governors.

Resolved by the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute that—

  • 1. The funds placed in the hands of the Board by the committee of subscribers to the Hutton Memorial Fund be called “The Hutton Memorial Research Fund,” in memory of the late Captain Frederick

– 512 –
  • Wollaston Hutton, F.R.S. Such fund shall consist of the moneys subscribed and granted for the purpose of the Hutton Memorial, and all other funds which may be given or granted for the same purpose.

  • 2. The funds shall be vested in the Institute The Board of Governors of the Institute shall have the control of the said moneys, and may invest the same upon any securities proper for trust-moneys.

  • 3. A sum not exceeding £100 shall be expended in procuring a bronze medal to be known as “The Hutton Memorial Medal.”

  • 4. The fund, or such part thereof as shall not be used as aforesaid, shall be invested in such securities as aforesaid as may be approved of by the Board of Governors, and the interest arising from such investment shall be used for the furtherance of the objects of the fund.

  • 5. The Hutton Memorial Medal shall be awarded from time to time by the Board of Governors, in accordance with these regulations, to persons who have made some noticeable contribution in connection with the zoology, botany, or geology of New Zealand.

  • 6. The Board shall make regulations setting out the manner in which the funds shall be administered. Such regulations shall conform to the terms of the trust.

  • 7. The Board of Governors may, in the manner prescribed in the regulations, make grants from time to time from the accrued interest to persons or committees who require assistance in prosecuting researches in the zoology, botany, or geology of New Zealand.

  • 8. There shall be published annually in the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute” the regulations adopted by the Board as aforesaid, a list of the recipients of the Hutton Memorial Medal, a list of the persons to whom grants have been made during the previous year, and also, where possible, an abstract of researches made by them.

Regulations under which the hutton memorial medal shall be awarded and the research fund administered.

  • 1. Unless in exceptional circumstances, the Hutton Memorial Medal shall be awarded not oftener than once in every three years; and in no case shall any medal be awarded unless, in the opinion of the Board, some contribution really deserving of the honour has been made.

  • 2 The medal shall not be awarded for any research published previous to the 31st December, 1906.

  • 3. The research for which the medal is awarded must have a distinct bearing on New Zealand zoology, botany, or geology.

  • 4. The medal shall be awarded only to those who have received the greater part of their education in New Zealand or who have resided in New Zealand for not less than ten years

  • 5. Whenever possible, the medal shall be presented in some public manner.

  • 6. The Board of Governors may, at an annual meeting, make grants from the accrued interest of the fund to any person, society, or committee for the encouragement of research in New Zealand zoology, botany, or geology.

  • 7. Applications for such grants shall be made to the Board before the 30th September.

  • 8. In making such grants the Board of Governors shall give preference to such persons as are defined in regulation 4.

– 513 –
  • 9. The recipients of such grants shall report to the Board before the 31st December in the year following, showing in a general way how the grant has been expended and what progress has been made with the research.

  • 10. The results of researches aided by grants from the fund shall, where possible, be published in New Zealand

  • 11. The Board of Governors may from time to time amend or alter the regulations, such amendments or alterations being in all cases in conformity with resolutions 1 to 4.

Award of the Hutton Memorial Medal.

1911. Professor W. B. Benham, D.Sc., F.R.S, University of Otago—For researches in New Zealand zoology.

1914. Dr. L. Cockayne, F.L S., F R.S.—For researches on the ecology of New Zealand plants.

1917. Professor P. Marshall, M.A., D.Sc.—For researches in New Zealand geology.

Grant from the Hutton Memorial Research Fund

1919. Miss M K. Mestayer—£10, for work on the New Zealand Mollusca.

Hector Memorial Research Fund.

Declaration of Trust.

This deed, made the thirty-first day of July, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, between the New Zealand Institute, a body corporate duly incorporated by the New Zealand Institute Act, 1908, of the one part, and the Public Trustee of the other part: Whereas by a declaration of trust dated the twenty-seventh day of January, one thousand nine hundred and twelve, after reciting that the New Zealand Institute was possessed of a fund consisting of the sum of £1,045 10s. 2d., held for the purposes of the Hector Memorial Research Fund on the terms of the rules and regulations therein mentioned, which said moneys had been handed to the Public Trustee for investment, it was declared (inter alia) that the Public Trustee should hold the said moneys and all other moneys which should be handed to him by the said Governors of the Institute for the same purpose upon trust from time to time, to invest the same in the common fund of the Public Trust Office, and to hold the principal and income thereof for the purposes set out in the said rules and regulations in the said deed set forth: And whereas the said rules and regulations have been amended by the Governors of the New Zealand Institute, and as amended are hereinafter set forth: And whereas it is expedient to declare that the said moneys are held by the Public Trustee upon the trusts declared by the said deed of trust and for the purposes set forth in the said rules and regulations as amended as aforesaid:

Now this deed witnesseth and it is hereby declared that the Public Trustee shall hold the said moneys and all other moneys which shall be

– 514 –

handed to him by the said Governors for the same purpose upon trust from time to time to invest the same in the common fund of the Public Trust Office, and to hold the principal and income thereof for the purposes set out in the said rules and regulations hereinafter set forth:

And it is hereby declared that it shall be lawful for the Public Trustee to pay, and he shall pay, all or any of the said moneys, both principal and interest, to the Treasurer of the said New Zealand Institute upon being directed to do so by a resolution of the Governors of the said Institute, and a letter signed by the Secretary of the said Institute enclosing a copy of such resolution certified by him and by the President as correct shall be sufficient evidence to the Public Trustee of the due passing of such resolution: And upon receipt of such letter and copy the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Institute shall be a sufficient discharge to the Public Trustee: And in no case shall the Public Trustee be concerned to inquire into the administration of the said moneys by the Governors of the said Institute.

As witness the seals of the said parties hereto, the day and year first hereinbefore written.

Rules and Regulations made by the Governors of the New Zealand Institute in relation to the Hector Memorial Research Fund.

  • 1. The funds placed in the hands of the Board by the Wellington Hector Memorial Committee be called “The Hector Memorial Research Fund,” in memory of the late Sir James Hector, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. The object of such fund shall be the encouragement of scientific research in New Zealand, and such fund shall consist of the moneys subscribed and granted for the purpose of the memorial and all other funds which may be given or granted for the same purpose.

  • 2. The funds shall be vested in the Institute. The Board of Governors of the Institute shall have the control of the said moneys, and may invest the same upon any securities proper for trust-moneys.

  • 3. A sum not exceeding one hundred pounds (£100) shall be expended in procuring a bronze medal, to be known as the Hector Memorial Medal.

  • 4. The fund, or such part thereof as shall not be used as aforesaid, shall be invested in such securities as may be approved by the Board of Governors, and the interest arising from such investment shall be used for the furtherance of the objects of the fund by providing thereout a prize for the encouragement of such scientific research in New Zealand of such amount as the Board of Governors shall from time to time determine.

  • 5. The Hector Memorial Medal and Prize shall be awarded annually by the Board of Governors.

  • 6. The prize and medal shall be awarded by rotation for the following subjects, namely—(1) Botany, (2) chemistry, (3) ethnology, (4) geology, (5) physics (including mathematics and astronomy), (6) zoology (including animal physiology).

  • In each year the medal and prize shall be awarded to that investigator who, working within the Dominion of New Zealand, shall in the opinion of the Board of Governors have done most towards the advancement of that branch of science to which the medal and prize are in such year allotted.

  • 7. Whenever possible the medal shall be presented in some public manner.

– 515 –

Award of the Hector Memorial Research Fund.

1912. L. Cockayne, Ph.D., F.L.S., F.R.S.—For researches in New Zealand botany.

1913. T. H. Easterfield, M.A., Ph.D.—For researches in chemistry.

1914. Elsdon Best—For researches in New Zealand ethnology.

1915. P. Marshall, M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S.—For researches in New Zealand geology.

1916. Sir Ernest Rutherford, F.R.S.—For researches in physics.

1917. Charles Chilton, M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S., C.M.Z.S.—For researches in zoology.

1918. T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., F.Z.S.—For researches in New Zealand systematic botany.

1919. P. W. Robertson—For researches in chemistry.

Regulations for Administering the Government Research Grant.

All, grants shall be subject to the following conditions, and each grantee shall be duly informed of these conditions:—

  • 1. All instruments, specimens, objects, or materials of permanent value, whether purchased or obtained out of or by means of the grant, or supplied from among those at the disposal of the Institute, are to be regarded, unless the Research Grants Committee decide otherwise, as the property of the Institute, and are to be returned by the grantee, for disposal according to the orders of the committee, at the conclusion of his research, or at such other time as the committee may determine.

  • 2. Every one receiving a grant shall furnish to the Research Grants Committee, on or before the 1st January following upon the allotment of the grant, a report (or, if the object of the grant be not attained, an interim report, to be renewed at the same date in each subsequent year until a final report can be furnished or the committee dispense with further reports) containing (a) a brief statement showing the results arrived at or the stage which the inquiry has reached; (b) a general statement of the expenditure incurred, accompanied, as far as is possible, with vouchers; (c) a list of the instruments, specimens, objects, or materials purchased or obtained out of the grant, or supplied by the committee, which are at present in his possession; and (d) references to any transactions, journals, or other publications in which results of the research have been printed. In the event of the grantee failing to send in within three months of the said 1st January a report satisfactory to the committee he may be required, on resolution of the Board of Governors, to return the whole of the sum allotted to him.

  • 3. Where a grant is made to two or more persons acting as a committee for the purpose of carrying out some research, one member of the said committee shall assume the responsibility of furnishing the report and receiving and disbursing the money.

  • 4. Papers in which results are published that have been obtained through aid furnished by the Government grant should contain an acknowledgment of that fact.

– 516 –
  • 5. Every grantee shall, before any of the grant is paid to him, be required to sign an engagement that he is prepared to carry out the general conditions applicable to all grants, as well as any conditions which may be attached to his particular grant.

  • 6. In cases where specimens or preparations of permanent value are obtained through a grant the committee shall, as far as possible, direct that such specimens shall be deposited in a museum or University college within the province where the specimens or material were obtained, or in which the grantee has worked. The acknowledgment of the receipt of the specimens by such institution shall fully satisfy the claims of the Institute.

  • 7. In cases where, after completion of a research, the committee directs that any instrument or apparatus obtained by means of the grant shall be deposited in an institution of higher learning, such deposit shall be subject to an annual report from the institution in question as to the condition of the instrument or apparatus, and as to the use that has been made of it.

Research Grants from Vote (£2,000) To 31St March, 1919.

Through the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury:—

Mr. L J. Wild, £30 for investigations for a soil survey; granted 31st December, 1918.

Through the Otago Institute:—

Professor Jack, £25 for investigating the electric charge on rain; granted in 1917; paid 29th January, 1919.

Through the Wellington Philosophical Society:—

Dr. C. E. Adams, £55 for optical apparatus; granted March, 1919.

Through the New Zealand Institute:—

New Zealand Institute Library, £250 for binding volumes of technological library; granted March, 1919.

The Carter Bequest.

For extracts from the will of Charles Rooking Carter see vol. 48, 1916 pp. 565–66.

– 517 –

New Zealand Institute

Established under an act of the general, assembly of new zealand intituled the new zealand institute act, 1867; reconstituted by an act of the general assembly of new zealand under the new zealand institute act, 1903, and continued by the new zealand institute act, 1908.

Board Of Governors.
Ex Officio.
His Excellency the Governor-General.
The Hon. the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Nominated by the Government.

Mr. Charles A. Ewen (reappointed December, 1918); Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S. (reappointed December, 1917); Mr. B. C. Aston, F.I.C., F.C.S. (reappointed December, 1917); Dr. Charles Chilton, F.L.S., C.M.Z.S. (reappointed December, 1918).

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Elected by Affiliated Societies (December, 1918).
Wellington Philosophical Society Professor H. B. Kirk, M.A.
Professor T. H. Easterfield.
Auckland Institute Professor H. W. Segar, M.A.
Professor A. P. W. Thomas, M.A.
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, M.A.
Mr. L. Birks, B.Sc.
Otago Institute Hon. G. M. Thomson, F.C.S., F.L.S., M.L.C.
Mr. E. J. Parr, M.A., B.Sc.
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute Mr. H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S.
Nelson Institute Dr. L. Cockayne, F.L S., F.R.S.
Manawatu Philosophical Society Mr. M. A. Eliott.
Wanganui Philosophical Society Dr. P. Marshall, F.G.S.
Officers for the Year 1919.
President: Dr. L. Cockayne, F.R.S.
Hon. Treasurer: Mr C. A. Ewen.
Hon. Editor: Dr. C. A. Cotton, F.G.S.
Hon. Librarian: Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S.
Hon. Secretary: Mr. B. C. Aston, F.I.C., F.C.S.
(Box 40, Post-office, Wellington).
Affiliated Societies.
Name of Society. Secretary's Name and Address Date of Affiliation.
Wellington Philosophical Society C. G. G. Berry, Railway Buildings, Wellington 10th June, 1868.
Auckland Institute T. F. Cheeseman, Museum, Auckland 10th June, 1868.
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury William Martin, 51 Matai Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 22nd October, 1868.
Otago Institute Professor John Malcolm, University, Dunedin 18th October, 1869.
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute C. F. H. Pollock, P.O. Box 166, Napier 31st March, 1875.
Nelson Institute E. L. Morley, Waimea Street, Nelson 20th December, 1883
Manawatu Philosophical Society K. Wilson, 92 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North 6th January, 1905.
Wanganui Philosophical Society C. R. Ford, College Street, Wanganui 2nd December, 1911.
Poverty Bay Institute John Mouat, Adams Chambers, Gladstone Road, Gisborne 1st February, 1919.
– 518 –

Former Honorary Members.


  • Agassiz, Professor Louis.

  • Drury, Captain Byron, R.N.

  • Finsch, Professor Otto, Ph.D.

  • Flower, Professor W. H., F.R S.

  • Hochstetter, Dr. Ferdinand von.

  • Hooker, Sir J. D., G C.S.I., C.B., M.D, F.R.S., O.M.

  • Mueller, Ferdinand von, M.D., F.R.S., C.M.G.

  • Owen, Professor Richard, F.R.S.

  • Richards, Rear-Admiral G. H.


  • Darwin, Charles, M.A., F.R.S.

  • Gray, J. E., Ph.D., F.R.S.

  • Lindsay, W. Lauder, M.D., F.R.S.E.


  • Grey, Sir George, K.C.B.

  • Huxley, Thomas H., LL.D., F.R.S.

  • Stokes, Vice-Admiral J. L.


  • Bowen, Sir George Ferguson, G.C.M.G.

  • Gunther, A., M.D., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.

  • Lyell, Sir Charles, Bart., D.C.L., F.R S.

  • Pickard-Cambridge, Rev. O., M.A., F.R.S, C.M.Z.S.


  • McLachlan, Robert, F.L.S.

  • Newton, Alfred, F.R.S.

  • Thomson, Professor Wyville, F.R.S.


  • Filhol, Dr. H.

  • Rolleston, Professor G., M.D., F.R.S.

  • Sclater, P. L., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.


  • Berggren, Dr. S.

  • Clarke, Rev. W. B., M.A., F.R.S.

  • Etheridge, Professor R., F.R.S.


  • Baird, Professor Spencer F.

  • Weld, Frederick A., C.M.G.


  • Garrod, Professor A. H., F.R.S.

  • Müller, Professor Max, F.R.S.

  • Tenison-Woods, Rev. J. E., F.L.S.


  • The Most Noble the Marquis of Normanby, G.C.M.G.


  • Carpenter, Dr. W. B., C.B., F.R.S.

  • Ellery, Robert L. J., F.R S.

  • Thomson, Sir William, F.R.S.


  • Gray, Professor Asa.

  • Sharp, Richard Bowdler, M.A., F.R.S.

  • Wallace, A. R., F.R.S., O.M.


  • Beneden, Professor J. P. van.

  • Ettingshausen, Baron von.

  • McCoy, Professor F., D.Sc., C.M.G., F.R S.

– 519 –


  • Riley, Professor C. V.


  • Davis, J. W., F.G.S., F.L.S.


  • Mitten, William, F.R.S.


  • Langley, S. P.

  • Lydekker, Richard, F.R.S.


  • Agardh, Dr. J. G.

  • Avebury, Lord, P.C., F.R.S.

  • Massee, George, F.L.S., F R.M.S.


  • Eve, H. W., M.A.

  • Howes, G. B., LL.D., F.R.S.


  • Milne, J., F.R.S.


  • Darwin, Sir George, F.R.S.


  • Arber, E. A. Newell, M.A., Sc.D., F G S., F.L.S.

Former Manager and Editor.
[Under the New Zealand Institute Act, 1867.]


  • Hector, Sir James, M.D., K.C.M.G., F.R.S.

Past Presidents.


  • Hutton, Captain Frederick Wollaston, F.R.S.


  • Hector, Sir James, M.D., K.C.M.G., F.R.S.


  • Thomson, George Malcolm, F.L.S., F.C.S.


  • Hamilton, A.


  • Cheeseman, T. F., F.L.S., F.Z.S.


  • Chilton, C., M.A., D.Sc., LL.D., F.L S., C.M.Z.S


  • Petrie, D., M.A., Ph.D.


  • Benham, W. B., M.A., D.Sc., F.Z.S., F.R.S.

– 520 –

Honorary Members.

  • Sharp, Dr. D., University Museum, Cambridge.

  • Liversidge, Professor A., M.A., F.R.S., Fieldhead, Coombe Warren, Kingston Hill, England.

  • Nordstedt, Professor Otto, Ph.D., University of Lund, Sweden.

  • Goodale, Professor G L., M.D., LL.D, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S A.

  • Codrington, Rev. R. H., D.D., Wadhurst Rectory, Sussex, England.

  • Thiselton - Dyer, Sir W. T., K.C.M.G., C.I E, LL D., M.A., F.R S., Witcombe, Gloucester, England.

  • Goebel, Professor Dr. Carl von, University of Munich.

  • Sars, Professor G. O., University of Christiania, Norway.

  • Klotz, Professor Otto J., 437 Albert Street, Ottawa, Canada.

  • Rutherford, Professor Sir E., D.Sc, F.R.S., Nobel Laureate, Cambridge, England.

  • David, Professor T. Edgeworth, F.R S., C.M.G., Sydney University, N.S.W.

  • Beddard, F. E., D.Sc., F R.S., Zoological Society, London.

  • Brady, G. S., D.Sc., F.R.S., University of Durham, England

  • Dendy, Dr. A, F.R.S., King's College, University of London, England.

  • Diels, Professor L., Ph.D., University of Marburg.

  • Meyrick, E., B.A, F.R.S., Marlborough College, England.

  • Stebbing, Rev. T. R. R., F.R.S., Tunbridge Wells, England.

  • Bruce, Dr. W. S., Edinburgh.

  • Davis, Professor W. Morris, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S A.

  • Hemsley, Dr. W. Botting, F.R.S., Kew Lodge, St. Peter's Road, Broadstairs, Kent, England.

  • Balfour, Professor I. Bayley, F.R.S., Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

  • Haswell, Professor W. A., F.R.S, University, Sydney.

  • Bateson, Professor W., F.R.S, Merton, Surrey, England.

  • Massart, Professor Jean, University of Brussels, Belgium

– 521 –

Ordinary Members.

Wellington Philosophical Society.

  • Ackland, E. W., P.O. Box 928, Wellington.

  • Adams, C. E., D.Sc., A.I.A. (London), F.R.A.S., Hector Observatory, Wellington.

  • Adkin, G. L., Queen Street, Levin.

  • Andersen, Johannes C., Turnbull Library. Wellington.

  • Anderson, W. J., M.A., LL.D., Education Department, Wellington.

  • Andrew, R. L., Dominion Laboratory, Wellington.

  • Anson, Miss J. C., Lower Hutt.

  • Aston, B. C., F.I.C., F.C.S., P.O. Box 40, Wellington.

  • Atkinson, E. H, Agricultural Department, Wellington.

  • Bagley, G., care of Young's Chemical Company, 14 Egmont Street, Wellington.

  • Baillie, H., Public Library, Wellington.

  • Bakewell, F. H., M.A., Education Board, Mercer Street, Wellington.

  • Baldwin, E. S., 215 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

  • Bell, E. D., Panama Street, Wellington.

  • Bell, Hon. Sir Francis H. D., K.C., M.L.C., Panama Street, Wellington.

  • Berry, C. G. G., 35 Bolton Street, Wellington.

  • Best, Elsdon, Dominion Museum, Wellington.

  • Blair, David K., M.I.Mech.E., 9 Grey Street, Wellington.

  • Brandon, A. de B., B.A., Featherston Street, Wellington.

  • Bretherton, A. C., Public Trust Office, Wellington.

  • Bridges, G. G., 2 Wesley Road, Wellington.

  • Brodrick, T. N., Under-Secretary, Lands and Survey Department, Wellington.

  • Brown, J., Experimental Farm, Weraroa.

  • Browne, M. H., Education Department, Wellington.

  • Burbidge, P. W., M.Sc., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Burnett, J., M.Inst C.E., care of M. Burnett, of Richardson, McCabe, and Co., 11 Grey Street, Wellington.

  • Burton, Richard F., Longner Hall, Salop, Shrewsbury, England.*

  • Cameron, Dr. R. A., 148 Willis Street, Wellington.

  • Campbell., J., F.R.I.B.A., Government Architect, Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Carter, W. H., care of Dr. Henry, The Terrace, Wellington.

  • Chamberlin, T. Chamberlin, Crescent Road, Khandallah.

  • Chapman, Martin, K.C., Brandon Street, Wellington.

  • Chudleigh, E. R., Orongomairoa, Waihon.

  • Clark, Professor H., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Clarke, J. T., care of Messrs. Searle, Joy, and Co., 61 Victoria Street, Wellington.

  • Cockayne, L., Ph.D., F.L.S., F.R.S., Ngaio, Wellington.

  • Comrie, L. J., M.A., Wapiti Avenue, Epsom, Auckland.

  • Cotton, C. A., D.Sc., F.G.S., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Cowan, J., Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington.

  • Crawford, A. D., Box 126, G.P.O., Wellington.

  • Cull, J. E. L., B.Sc. in Eng. (Mech.), Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Curtis, H. F., 19 May Street, Wellington.

  • Darling, J., Kelburn.

  • Davies, V. C., Devon Street, New Plymouth.

  • Donovan, W., M.Sc., Dominion Laboratory, Wellington.

  • Doré, A. B., Bacteriological Laboratory, Wellington.

  • Dougall, Archibald, 9 Claremont Grove, Wellington.

  • Dymock, E. R., F.I.A.N.Z., A.I.A.V., Woodward Street, Wellington.

  • Earnshaw, W., 4 Watson Street, Wellington.

  • Easterfield, Professor T. H., M.A., Ph.D., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Edwards, F. E., 307 Willis Street, Wellington.

  • Ewen, Charles A., Heretaunga, Upper Hutt.

  • Farquhar, A. S., Scots College, Wellington.

  • Ferguson, William, M.A., M. Inst. C. E., M.I.Mech.E., [ unclear: ] 131 Coromandel Street, Wellington.

  • Field, W. H., M.P., 160 Featherston Street, Wellington.

  • Findlay, Sir John G., K.C., LL.D., 197 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

  • FitzGerald, Gerald, A.M.Inst.C.E., P.O. Box 461, Wellington.

  • Fletcher, Rev. H. J., The Manse, Taupo.

  • Fortune, Alfred, Huia Road, Hataitai.

  • Fox, Thomas O., Borough Engineer, Miramar, Wellington.

  • Freeman, C. J., 95 Webb Street, Wellington.*

  • Freyberg, C., Macdonald Crescent, Wellington.

  • Fulton,. J., 14 North Terrace, Kelburn.

  • Furkert, F. W., A.M.Inst.C.E., Public Works Department, Wellington.

[Footnote] † On active service.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 522 –
  • Garrow, Professor J. M. E., B.A., LL.B., Victoria University College, Wellington.*

  • Gavin, W. H., Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Gibbs, Dr. H. E., 240 Willis Street, Wellington.

  • Gifford, A. C., M.A., F.R.A.S., 6 Shannon Street, Wellington.*

  • Gilbert, Rev. Father A. T., St. Patrick's College, Wellington.

  • Goudie, H. A., Whakarewarewa.

  • Gray, W., Mauriceville.

  • Hamilton, H., A.O.S.M., 58 Bowen Street, Wellington.

  • Hanify, H. P., 18 Panama Street, Wellington.

  • Hansford, George D., Parliamentary Buildings, Wellington.

  • Hastie, Miss J. A., care of Street and Co., 30 Cornhill, London E.C.*

  • Hector, C. Monro, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.A.S., Lower Hutt.

  • Heenan, J. W., Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington.

  • Helyer, Miss E., 13 Tonks Grove, Wellington.

  • Henderson, J., M.A., D.Sc., B.Sc. in Eng. (Metall.), Geological Survey Department, Wellington.

  • Hetherington, Miss J., Training College, Wellington.

  • Hicks, P. L., Bacteriological Department, Wellington.

  • Hislop, J., Internal Affairs Department, Wellington.

  • Hodson, W. H., 40 Pirie Street, Wellington.

  • Hogben, E. Noel, 32 Crescent Road, Khandallah.

  • Hogben, G., C.M.G., M.A., F.G.S., 32 Crescent Road, Khandallah.

  • Holmes, R. L, F. R. Met. Soc., “Kia Ora,” Fern Street, Randwick, Sydney.*

  • Holmes, R. W., M.Inst.C.E., Engineer-in-Chief, Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Hooper, Captain G. S., Grant Road, North Wellington.

  • Hooper, R. H., 6 St. John's Street, Wellington.

  • Hudson, G. V., F.E.S., Karori.

  • Jack, J. W., 170 Featherston Street, Wellington.

  • James, L. G., P.O. Box 94 (Hunter Street), Wellington

  • Jenkinson, S. H., Railway Department, Wellington.

  • Jobson, Miss Nancy, M.A., St. Margaret's College, Wellington.

  • Johnston, Hon. G. Randall, care of Martin Chapman, K.C., Wellington*

  • Jones, E. G., B.A., 33 Ellice Avenue, Wellington.

  • Joseph, Joseph, P.O. Box 443, Wellington.

  • Kempthorne, Mrs. H E., Bellevue Road, Lower Hutt.

  • Kennedy, Rev. Dr. D., F.R.A.S., St. Patrick's College, Wellington.

  • King, G. W., B.E., care of A. H. King, P.O Box 116, Christchurch.

  • Kirk, Professor H. B., M.A., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Kissell, F. T. M., Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Knight, C. Prendergast, 126 Bolton Street, Wellington.

  • La Trobe, W. S, M.A., Technical College, Wellington.

  • Lawrence, C. A., 53 Aurora Terrace, Wellington.

  • Levi, P., M A., care of Wilford and Levi, 15 Stout Street, Wellington.

  • Lomas, E. K., M.A, M.Sc., F.R.G.S., Training College, Wellington.

  • Lomax, Major H. A., Araruhe, Aramoho, Wanganui.

  • Longhurst, T W., Scots College, Wellington.

  • Luke, John P, C M.G., M.P., Hiropi Street, Wellington.

  • McArthur, Captain Charles, Khandallah.

  • McCabe, Ultan F., care of Richardson and McCabe, 11 Grey Street, Wellington.

  • McDonald, J., Dominion Museum, Wellington.

  • Mackay, J. W., Panama Street, Wellington.

  • McKenzie, Donald, care of Mrs. E izabeth McKenzie, Marton.

  • Maclaurin, J. S., D.Sc., F.C.S, Dominion Laboratory, Wellington.

  • MacLean, F. W., M.Inst. C.E., Chief Engineer, Head Office, Railway Department, Wellington

  • Marchbanks, J., M.Inst.C.E., Harbour Board, Wellington.

  • Marsden, Professor E., D.Sc., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Mason, J. Malcolm, M.D., F.C.S., D.P.H., Lower Hutt.

  • Maxwell, E., Marumarunui, Opunake.

  • Maxwell, J. P, M.Inst.C.E, 145 Dixon Street, Wellington.

  • Mestayer, R. L, M.Inst.C.E., 139 Sydney Street, Wellington.

  • Millar, H. M., Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Mills, Leonard, New Parliamentary Buildings, Wellington

  • Moore, G., Eparaima, via Masterton.

  • Moore, W. Lancelot, care of H. D. Cook, Bank Chambers, Lambton Quay, Wellington.

  • Moorhouse, W. H. Sefton, 134 Dixon Street, Wellington.

  • Morgan, P. G., M A., F.G.S., Director of Geological Survey, Wellington.

  • Morice, Dr. C. G., 21 Portland Crescent, Wellington.

  • Morice, J. M., B.Sc., Town Hall, Wellington.

  • Morison, C. B, Stout Street, Wellington.

  • Morrison, J. C., P.O. Box 8, Eltham.

  • Morton, W. H., M.Inst.C.E., City Engineer, Wellington.

  • Murphy, B. E, M.A., B.Com., LL.B., Victoria College, Wellington.

– 523 –
  • Myers, Miss P., B.A., 26 Fitzherbert Terrace, Wellington.

  • Neill, W. T., Lands and Survey Department, Government Buildings, Wellington.

  • Newman, A. K., M.B., M.R.C.P., M.P., 56 Hobson Street, Wellington.

  • Nicol, John, 57 Cuba Street, Wellington.

  • Norris, E. T., M.A., Registrar, University of New Zealand, Wellington.

  • Ongley, M., M.A., Geological Survey Department, Wellington.

  • Orchiston, J., M.I.E.E., 16 Rimu Road, Kelburn.

  • Orr, Robert, Heke Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington.

  • Owen, A. C., Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Parr, E. J., Education Department, Wellington.

  • Parry, Evan, B.Sc., M.I.E.E., A.M.Inst.C.E., Electrical Engineer, Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Paterson, A. J., City Engineer's Office, Town Hall, Wellington.

  • Patterson, Hugh, Assistant Engineer, Public Works Office, Ngatapa.

  • Pearce, Arthur E., care of Levin and Co. (Limited), Wellington.

  • Phillipps, W. J, Dominion Museum, Wellington.

  • Phillips, Coleman, Carterton.*

  • Phipson, P. B., F.C.S., care of J. Staples and Co. (Limited), Wellington.

  • Pierard, A. C., Bacteriological Laboratory, Wellington.

  • Pigott, Miss Ellen, M.A., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Pomare, Hon. Dr. M., M.P., Wellington.

  • Porteous, J. S., 9 Brandon Street, Wellington.

  • Porter, Colonel T. W., 12 Austin Street, Wellington.

  • Powles, C. P., 219 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

  • Purnell, G. P., Public Trust Office, Wellington.

  • Reakes, C. J, D.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S, Agricultural Department, Wellington.

  • Reid, W. S., 189 The Terrace, Wellington.

  • Richardson, C. E., P.O. Box 863 (11 Grey Street), Wellington.

  • Roy, R. B, Taita, Wellington.*

  • Salmond, J. W, K.C., M.A., LL.B., Crown Law Office, Wellington.

  • Short, W. S., Under-Secretary, Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Shrimpton, E. A., Telegraph Department, Wellington.

  • Sladden, H., Lower Hutt, Wellington.

  • Smith, M. Crompton, Lands and Survey Department, Wellington.

  • Sommerville, Professor D. M. Y., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.E., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Spencer, W. E., M.A, M.Sc., Education Department, Wellington.

  • Stout, T. Duncan M., M.B., M.S., F.R.C.S., 164 Willis Street, Wellington

  • Sunley, R. M., View Road, Karori.

  • Tennant, J. S., M.A., B.Sc., Training College, Wellington.

  • Thomas, J., South Wellington School.

  • Thompson, R. D., M.A., Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • Thomson, J. Allan, M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S., Dominion Museum, Wellington.

  • Thomson, John, B.E., M.Inst.C.E., 17 Dorking Road, Brooklyn, Wellington.

  • Thomson, R. G., 11 Austin Street, Wellington.

  • Thomson, R. W., P.O. Box 366, Wellington.

  • Thomson, W. M., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Hawera.

  • Tily, H. S., B.Sc., H.M. Customs, Wellington.

  • Tolley, H. R., 34 Wright Street, Wellington.

  • Tombs, H. H., Burnell Avenue, Wellington.

  • Toogood, H. F., 11 Grey Street, Wellington.

  • Treadwell, C. H., 4 Panama Street, Wellington.

  • Turner, E. Phillips, F.R.G.S., Lands and Survey Department, Wellington.

  • Uttley, G., M.A., M.Sc., F.G.S., Scots College, Wellington.

  • Vickerman, H., M.Sc., A.M.Inst.C.E., Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Vosseller, F. W., Baker's Buildings, Wellington.

  • Waterworth, A., 286 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

  • Westland, C. J., F.R.A.S., Hector Observatory, Wellington.

  • Widdop, F. C., District Railway Engineer, Thorndon Office, Wellington.

  • Wilmot, E H., Surveyor-General, Wellington.

  • Wilson, Charles. Parliamentary Library, Wellington.

  • Wilson, F. P., M.A., Victoria College, Wellington

  • Wilson, Sir James G., Bull's.

  • Woodward, Mathew F., M.A., Scots College, Wellington.

  • Wyles, G. W., Assistant Signal Engineer, Railways, Wellington.

  • Wynne, H. J., Railway Department, Wellington.

  • Young, J. S., Railways, Wellington.

Auckland Institute.

  • Abbott, R. H., City Chambers, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Abel, R. S., care of Abel, Dykes, and Co., Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Adams, L., 23 Brown Street, Ponsonby.

  • Adlington, Miss, Aratonga Avenue, Epsom.

  • Aickin, G., Carlton Gore Road, Auckland.

  • Alexander, J., Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Alexander, L. W., “Beauvoir,” Hurstmere Road, Takapuna.

  • Algie, R. M., M.A., University College, Auckland.

– 524 –
  • Alison, A., Devonport Ferry Company, Auckland

  • Alison, Hon. E. W., M.L.C., Devonport Ferry Company, Auckland.

  • Alison, E. W., jun., Bank of New Zealand Chambers, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Alison. Ernest, Bank of New Zealand Chambers, Swanson Street. Auckland.

  • Allen, John, Cheltenham Avenue, Devonport.

  • Allum, John, National Electrical and Engineering Company, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Ambury, S. J, Greenwood's Corner, O [ unclear: ] ehunga.

  • Anderson, E, Remuera Road. Remuera.

  • Andrews, F. N., care of Andrews and Clark, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Ardern, P. S., M.A., Remuera

  • Arey, W. E., Victoria Arcade, Auckland.

  • Armitage, F. L., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Arnold, C., Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Arnoldson, L., Quay Street, Auckland

  • Arthur, T. B., Elliott Street, Auckland.

  • Atkinson, H., Grafton Road, Auckland.

  • Bagnall, H. N, Mason's Avenue, Ponsomby.

  • Baker, G. H., Commerce Street. Auckland

  • Ball, W. T., Sylvan Avenue, Mount Eden.

  • Bamford, H. D., LL.D., New Zealand Insurance Buildings. Auckland

  • Bankart, A. S., Strand Arcade, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Bankart, F. J., Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Barr, J., Public Library, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Barr, J M, Auckland Savings-bank, Auckland.

  • Barry, S., Queen Street. Auckland.

  • Bartlett, W. H., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Bartrum, J. A., M.Sc, University College. Auckland.

  • Bates, T. L, “Brookfield,” Alfred Street, Waratah, Newcastle, New South Wales*

  • Batger, J., Mount Eden Road, Auckland.

  • Beattie, Dr. R. M., Mental Hospital, Avondale.

  • Bell, T., Union Soap and Candle Company. Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Bickworth, J H., P.O. Box 1018, Auckland.

  • Binney, E. H., G. W. Binney and Sons, Fort Street, Auckland.

  • Birch, F. W., Highwic Avenue, Epsom.

  • Biss, N. L. H., Shortland Street, Auckland

  • Blair, J. M., Market Road. Epsom.

  • Blomfield, E. C., Parr and Blomfield, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Bloomfield, G. R., “The Pines,” Epsom.*

  • Bloomfield, H. R. St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.*

  • Bloomfield, J. L. N. R., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Bodle, F., N.Z. Loan and Mercantile Company, Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Bowyer, S. B., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Bradley, Samuel, Onehunga.

  • Bradney, H., Queen Street Wharf, Auckland.

  • Brett, H., Star Office, Shortland Street, Auckland

  • Brifl [ unclear: ] iault, R., M.D., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Broun, Major T., F.E.S., Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, Mount Albert.

  • Brown, E. A., Cleave's Buildings, High Street, Auckland.

  • Bruce, W. W., Williamson's Chambers, Shortland Street.

  • Buchanan, A., Vulcan Lane, Auckland.*

  • Buckleton, H., Bank of New Zealand, Auckland.

  • Buddle, C., Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Burns, R., Customs Street, Auckland

  • Burt, A., A T. Burt and Co, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Bush, W E, City Engineer, Auckland.

  • Butler, J, Kauri Timber Company, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Butler, Miss, Girls' Grammar School, Auckland.

  • Buttle, B., Kaiapoi Woollen Company, Elliott Street, Auckland.

  • Buttle, G. A., Hobson Buildings, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Buttle, J., New Zealand Insurance Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Cadman, F. P, Hoiland, Gillett, and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Caldwell, D. R., Cambridge.

  • Campbell, J P. Russell, Campbell, and MeVeagh, High Street, Auckland.

  • Carlaw, J., 226 Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Carpenter, J. M., Newmarket.

  • Carr, E. J., care of Carr and Haslam, Gladstone Chambers, Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Carse, H., Kaiaka, Mangonui.

  • Carter, M., Smeeton's Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Casey, W., Hamilton Road, Ponsonby.

  • Caughey, A. C., Smith and Caughey (Limited), Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Caughey, J. Marsden, Smith and Caughey (Limited), Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Chambers, S. G. 106 Victoria Arcade, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Chatfield, Dr. H. A, Victoria Street East, Auckland.

  • Cheal, P. E., Cameron Road, Remuera

  • Cheeseman, T. F., F.L.S., F.Z S., Museum, Auckland.

  • Choyce, H. C., Remuera Road, Remuera.

  • Clark, A, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Clark, H. C., Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Clark, M., Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Clark, R. G., Robertson Bros., Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Clarke, S. I., Wynyard Street. Auckland.

  • Clay, T. B., S. Vaile and Sons, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Clayton, C. Z., Ellerslie.

  • Clayton, D L, Kauri Timber Company, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Cleave, A., High Street, Auckland.

  • Clinch, J. A., M.A., Training College, Auckland.

  • Coates, T., Orakei.

  • Coe, James, Mount Eden Road, Auckland.

[Footnote] * Honorary and life members.

– 525 –
  • Colbeck, W. B., New Zealand Insurance Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Cole, Rev. R. H., Walford, Gladstone Road, Parnell.

  • Cole, W., Mount Eden Road, Auckland.

  • Coleman, J. W., Lower Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Colwill, J. H, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Coombes, F. H., Victoria Avenue, Remuera.

  • Cooper, Mr Justice, Supreme Court, Auckland.

  • Copeland, M., 97 College Hill, Auckland.

  • Cory-Wright, S., B.Sc., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Court, G., Karangahape Road, Auckland.

  • Court, J., Hamilton Road, Auckland.

  • Court, J. W., J. Court (Limited), Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Cousins, H. G, Normal School, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Craig, E A., J. J. Craig (Limited), Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Crompton, W. J., 3 Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Eden.

  • Crook, John, 10 Prospect Terrace, Mount Eden.

  • Cuff, J. C., Emerald Hill, Epsom.

  • Culling, T. S., Ferry Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Culpan, W., Hesketh and Richmond, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Davis, Elliot R., Hancock and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Davis, Ernest, Hancock and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Dearsly, H., P.O. Box 466, Auckland.

  • De Guerner, F. E., Auckland Tramway Company, Auckland.

  • Dempsey, J., Newmarket.

  • Dennin, John, care of Hon. E. Mitchelson, Waimauku.

  • Dettmann, Professor H. S., University College, Auckland.

  • Devereux, H. B., care of D. Makgill, Waiuku.

  • Donald, A. W., care of A. B. Donald, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Donald, J. B, care of A. B. Donald, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Downard, F. N. R., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Duder, R. W, Devonport.

  • Duncan, A., Railway Offices, Auckland.

  • Dunning, James, Lucerne Road, Remuera.

  • Duthie, D. W., National Bank of New Zealand, Wellington.

  • Eady, A., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Earl, F., K.C., Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Edgerley, Miss K., Girls' Grammar School, Auckland.

  • Edmiston, H. J., Champtaloup and Edmiston, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Edson, J., Waimarama, Tudor Street, Devonport.

  • Egerton, Professor C. W., M.A., University College, Auckland.

  • Ellingham, W. R, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Elliot, G., Bank of New Zealand Buildings, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Elliot, W., Bank of New Zealand Buildings, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Ellis, A. F., Argyle Street, Ponsonby.

  • Ellison, T., Ellison's Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Endean, J., jun., Waitemata Hotel, Auckland.

  • Entrican, A. J., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Entrican, J. C., Customs Street, Auckland

  • Evans, E. W., care of Brown, Barrett, and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Ewen, J. F. A., Sargood, Son, and Ewen (Limited), Victoria Street West, Auckland.

  • Ewington, F. G., Durham Street, Auckland.

  • Fairclough, Dr. W. A., Imperial Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Fallon, W., Union Buildings, Customs Street, Auckland

  • Farrell, R., Anglesea Street, Auckland.

  • Fenwick, Dr. G., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Fenwick, R., T. and S. Morrin, Auckland.

  • Ferguson, A. M., John Burns and Co. (Limited), Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Fleming, G. A., Remuera Road, Remuera.

  • Fleming, J., 142 Grafton Road, Auckland.

  • Florence, R. S., Stipendiary Magistrate, Gisborne.

  • Fowlds, Hon G., Queen Street, Auckland.*

  • Fowlds, G., jun., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Frater, J. W., Stock Exchange, Auckland.

  • Frater, Captain W., Manukau Road, Parnell.

  • Furness, C. H., Customs Street East, Auckland.

  • Garlick, G. C., Tonson Garlick (Limited), Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Garrard, C. W., M.A., Education Offices, Auckland.

  • George, G., Technical College, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • George, Hon. S. T, St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Gerard, E., Union Buildings, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Gibson, Noel, Dilworth Institute, Remuera.

  • Gilfillan, H., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Gillett, J., Hoiland and Gillett, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Gillies, A. W., Glenalvon, Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland.

  • Girdler, Dr., Khyber Pass Road, Auckland.

  • Gleeson, J. C., High Street, Auckland.

  • Goldie, A., Wallace Street, Ponsonby.

  • Goldie, D., Breakwater Road, Auckland.

  • Goldie, H., Breakwater Road, Auckland.

  • Gordon, Dr. F. W., Hillsborough.

  • Gorrie, H. T., A. Buckland and Sons, Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Graham, A. G., Briscoe and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Graham, G., P.O. Box 166, Auckland.

  • Grant, Miss J., M.A., Devonport.

  • Gray, A., Smeeton's Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.*

  • Gray, S., Mount Eden Borough Council Offices, Mount Eden.

  • Gribbin, G., Nicholson and Gribbin, Imperial Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

– 526 –
  • Griffin, L. T., Museum, Auckland.

  • Grossmann, Professor J. P., M.A., University College, Auckland.

  • Gulliver, T. V., care of District Engineer, Railway Offices, Auckland.

  • Gunson, J. H., Mayor of Auckland, Church Road, Epsom.

  • Gunson, R. W., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Haddow, J. G., Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Haines, H., F.R.C.S., Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Hall, Edwin, Seacliff Road, Onehunga.

  • Halstead, E. D., Jervois Road, Ponsonby.

  • Hamer, W. H., C.E., Harbour Board Offices, Auckland.

  • Hansard, G. H., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Harbutt, S. J., Selwyn Road, Epsom.

  • Hardie, J. C., Hardie Bros, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Harding, E., Dargaville.

  • Hardley, J. W., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Harris, Louis, Huntly.

  • Harvey, A., Lower Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Hay, D. A., Montpellier Nursery, Remuera.

  • Hay, Douglas, Stock Exchange, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Hayr, H. H., Union Bank Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Hazard, W. H., Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Heather, H. D., Fort Street, Auckland.

  • Hemmingway, W. H., Union Buildings, Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Henning, G., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Herries, Hon. W. H., M.P., Wellington.

  • Hesketh, H. R., Hesketh and Richmond, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Hesketh S., Hesketh and Richmond, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Hill, J., care of Hill and Plummer, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Holderness, D., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Horton, E., Herald Office, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Horton, H., Herald Office, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Hosking, J. F., Smeeton's Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Houghton, C. V., New Zealand Shipping Company, Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Howey-Walker, A., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Hudson, C., Mount Eden Road, Auckland.

  • Hunter, Ashley, C.E., Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Hutchinson, F. R., St. Heliers.

  • Ick-Hewins, Dr. T J., Marton.

  • Inglis, Dr. R. T., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Isaacs, R. C., St. George's Bay Road, Parnell.

  • Jackson, J. H., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Jackson, Thornton, Jackson and Russell, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Johnson, H. Dunbar, 151 Newton Road.

  • Johnson, Professor J. C., M.Sc., Litt.D., University College, Auckland.*

  • Johnston, Hallyburton, Ngatea, Hauraki Plains.

  • Johnston, J. B., Stewart and Johnston, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Kenderdine, J., Sale Street, Auckland.

  • Kent, B., Lower Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Kent, G. S., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Kissling, H. P., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Knight, G., Asquith Avenue, Mount Albert.

  • Laidlaw, R. A., Hobson Street, Auckland.

  • Lamb, J. A., Arney Road, Remuera.

  • Lamb, S. E., B.Sc., University College, Auckland.

  • Lancaster, T. L., B.Sc., University College, Auckland.

  • Lang, Sir F. W., M.P., Hillsborough, One-hunga.

  • Larner, V. J., Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Laurie, B. A., W. S. Laurie and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Lawson, H. W., National Bank of New Zealand, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Leighton, F. W., High Street, Auckland.

  • Le Roy, E., 18 Waterview Road, Devonport.

  • Lewisham, W. C., care of Robertson Bros., Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Leyland, S. H., care of Leyland and O'Brien, Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Leyland, W. B., Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Leys, Cecil, Star Office, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Leys, T. W., Star Office, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Lintott, G. S., Customs Street East, Auckland.

  • Logan, R., Government Insurance Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Long, D., Farmers' Freezing Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Long, W. H., Woodford Road, Mount Eden.

  • Longuet, A. A., Palmerston Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Lowe, Dr. De Clive, Lower Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Lunn, A. G., Collins Bros., Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • McCullough, Hon. W., Thames.

  • Macfarlane, J. B., Fort Street Auckland.

  • McFarlane, T., C.E., Coromandel.

  • McGregor, W. R., University College, Auckland.

  • McIlraith, Dr. J. W., Training College, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • McIntosh, D. T., Railway Offices, Auckland.

  • Mackay, G. J., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Mackay, J. G. H., Ellison Chambers, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Mackay, P. M., Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Mackellar, Dr. E. D., Mamukau Road, Parnell.

  • McKenzie, Captain G., Devonport.

  • Mackenzie, Dr. Kenneth, Princes Street, Auckland.

– 527 –
  • McLaughlin, T. M., Hobson Buildings, Short-land Street, Auckland.

  • Macklow, W. C., P.O. Box 720, Auckland.

  • Macky, T. H., care of Macky, Logan, and Co., Elliott Street, Auckland.

  • Macmillian, C. C., Remuera Road. Remuera.*

  • McVeagh, R., care of Russell, Campbell, and McVeagh, High Street, Auckland.

  • Mahoney, T., Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Mains, T., Tram Terminus, Remuera.

  • Mains, W., Tram Terminus, Remuera.

  • Mair, Captain G., Whakatane.

  • Mair, S. A. R., Hunterville, Wellington.

  • Major, C. T., King's College, Remuera.

  • Makgill, Dr. R. H., Health Department, Wellington.

  • Mander, F., M.P., Ranfurly Road, Epsom.

  • Marriner, H. A., New Zealand Insurance Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Marsack, Dr., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Marshall, J., Te Atahua, Remuera Road.

  • Mason, Mrs. F., care of Bank of Australasia, Manaia.

  • Massey, Right Hon. W. F., M.P., Wellington.

  • Matthews, H. B., Clonbern Road, Remuera.

  • Maxwell, L. G., Lower Hobson Street, Auckland.

  • Mennie, J. M., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Miller, E. V., Chelsea, Auckland.

  • Miller, E. W., Albert Street, Thames.

  • Milne, J., John Chambers and Son, Fort Street, Auckland.

  • Milne, Miss M. J., Remuera.

  • Milne, Stewart, Milne and Choyce, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Milroy, S., Kauri Timber Company, Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Milsom, Dr. E. H. B., 18 Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland.

  • Mitchelson, Hon. E., Waitaramoa, Remucra.

  • Mitchelson, E. P., Motutara, Waimauku

  • Mitchelson, R., Dargaville.

  • Morrison, A. R., Palmerston Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Morrison, W. B., Brunswick Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Morton, E., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Morton, H. B., One Tree Hill, Epsom.

  • Mulgan, A. E., Star Office, Auckland

  • Mulgan, E. K., M.A., Education Offices, Auckland.

  • Mullins, P., Shaddock Street, Mount Eden.

  • Murray, G. T., C.E., Public Works Office, Auckland.

  • Murray, G. W., Omahu Road, Remuera.

  • Myers, Hon. A., M., M.P., Campbell and Ehrenfried Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Myers, B., Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Napier, W. J., A.M.P. Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Nathan, C. J., care of A. H. Nathan and Co., Customs Street, Auckland.

  • Nathan, D. L., L. D. Nathan and Co., Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Nathan, N. A., L. D. Nathan and Co., Shortland Street, Auckland.*

  • Neve, B., M.A., B.Sc., LL.B., Technical College, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Niccol, G., Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Nicholson, O., Imperial Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Nolan, H. O., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Oliphant, P., 24 Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Oliver, W. R. B., F.L.S., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.* Osmond, G. B., Royal Insurance Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Ostler, H. H., Jackson and Russell, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Owen, Professor G., D.Sc., University College, Auckland.

  • Pacey, H. E., Hamilton Road, Ponsonby.

  • Parr, C. J., C.M.G., M.P., Shortland Street, Auckland

  • Partridge, H. E., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Patterson, D. B., Ellison Chambers, Queen Street, Auckalnd.

  • Peacock, T., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Perkins, A. W., care of Dalgety and Co., Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • Petrie, D., M.A., “Rosemead,” Ranfurly Road, Epsom.

  • Philcox, T., 11 Fairview Road, Mount Eden.

  • Philson, W. W., Colonial Sugar Company. Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Pond, J. A., F.C.S., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Poole, G. S., Harbour Board Offices, Auckland.

  • Porter, A., E Porter and Co., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Potter, E. H., P.O. Box 230, Auckland.

  • Pountney, W. H., Fort Street, Auckland.

  • Powell, F. E., C.E., Ferry Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Price, E. A., Cambria Park, Papatoetoe.

  • Price, T. G., 109 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Pryor, S. H., 26 Pencarrow Avenue, Mount Eden.

  • Pulling, Miss, Diocesan School, Epsom.

  • Purchas, Dr. A. C., Carlton Gore Road, Auckland.

  • Pycroft, A. T., Railway Offices, Auckland.

  • Ralph, E. V., Arthur Street, Ponsonby.

  • Ralph, W. J., Princes Street, Auckland.

  • Rangihiroa, Dr., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Rawnsley, S., Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Rayner, Dr. F. J., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Reed, J. R., K.C., “Cargen,” Eden Crescent, Auckland.

  • Reid, J., Alten Road, Auckland.

  • Renshaw, F., Sharland and Co., Lorne Street, Auckland.

  • Rhodes, C., “Ronaki,” Remuera.

  • Richmond, H. P., Arney Road, Remuera.

  • Ridings, J. P., Collector of Customs, Auckland.

  • Robb, J., Victoria Avenue, Mount Eden.

  • Roberton, A. B., Heather, Roberton, and Co., Fort Street, Auckland.

– 528 –
  • Roberton, Dr. E., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Robertson, Dr. Carrick, Alfred Street, Auckland.

  • Robertson, James, Market Road, Remuera.

  • Roche, H., Horahora, near Cambridge, Waikato.

  • Rolfe, W., Sharland and Co., Lorne Street, Auckland.

  • Rollett, F. C., Herald Office, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Rowe, J., Onehunga.

  • Russell, E. N. A., Russell, Campbell, and McVeagh. High Street. Auckland.

  • Saunders, W. R., Commercial Union Insurance Company, Commerce Street, Auckland.

  • Saxton, A. C., Pyrmont. Sydney.

  • Scott, D. D., care of Kempthorne, Prosser, and Co., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Scott, Rev. D., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Seegner, C., St. Stephen's Avenue, Parnell.

  • Segar, Professor H. W., M.A., Manukau Road, Parnell.

  • Shakespear, Mrs. R. H., Whangaparaoa

  • Shaw, F., Vermont Street, Ponsonby.

  • Shaw, H., Epsom.

  • Simmonds, Rev. J. H., Wesley Training College, Epsom.

  • Simson, T., Mount St. John Avenue, Epsom.

  • Sinclair, A., Kuranui, Symonds Street, Auckland.

  • Sinclair, G., care of Pilkington and Co., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Skeet, H. M., Pencarrow Avenue, Mount Eden.

  • Smeeton, H. M., Remuera.

  • Smith, Captain James, Franklin Road, Ponsonby.

  • Smith, Mrs. W. H., Princes Street, Auckland.

  • Smith, S. Percy, F.R.G.S., New Plymouth.*

  • Smith, T. E., New Brighton, Miranda.*

  • Smith, W. Todd, Brooklands, Alfred Street, Auckland.

  • Somerville, Dr. J., Alfred Street, Auckland.

  • Somerville, J. M., Chelsea, Auckland.

  • Spedding, J. C., Market Road, Remuera.

  • Speight, W. J., Diocesan Office, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Stanton, J., Fort Street, Auckland.

  • Stewart, D. F., care of R. S. Lamb and Co., 32 Jamieson Street, Sydney.

  • Stewart, J. W., Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Stewart, John A., Kainga-tonu, Ranfurly Road, Epsom.

  • Stewart, R. Leslie, Brown and Stewart, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Streeter, S. C., Enfield Street, Mount Eden.

  • Strevens, J. L., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Suter, A., Loutis, Clonbern Road, Remuera.

  • Swan, H. C., Henderson.

  • Swanson, W., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Talbot, Dr. A. G., A.M.P. Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Thomas, Professor A. P. W., M.A., F.L.S., Mountain Road, Epsom.

  • Thornes, J., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Tibbs, J. W., M.A., Grammar School, Auckland.

  • Tinne, H., Union Club, Trafalgar Square, London.*

  • Tole, Hon. J. A., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Trounson, J., Northcote.

  • Tudehope, R., Wellesley Street, Auckland.

  • Tunks, C. J., Jackson and Russell, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Turner, E. C., care of Turner and Sons, Market Square, Auckland.

  • Upton, J. H., Bank of New Zealand Buildings, Swanson Street, Auckland.

  • Upton, P., South British Insurance Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Upton, P. T., P.O. Box 878, Auckland.

  • Upton, Selwyn, Star Office, Auckland.

  • Vaile, E. E., Broadlands, Waiotapu.

  • Vaile, H. E., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Vernon, W. S., M.A., University College, Auckland.

  • Virtue, P., Roller Mills, Quay Street, Auckland.

  • Wade, Lieut. H. L., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Wake, F. W., Cleave's Buildings, High Street, Auckland.

  • Walker, Professor Maxwell, University College, Auckland.

  • Walklate, J. J., Electric Tramway Company, Auckland.

  • Wallace, T. F., Waihi Gold-mining Company, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Ware, W., Portland Road, Remuera.

  • Warnock, J. A., 2 King Street, Grey Lynn.

  • Wells, T. U., Westbourne Road, Remuera.

  • White, P. C., care of S. White and Sons, Customs Street West, Auckland.

  • White, R. W., Wellington Street, Auckland.

  • Whitley, W. S., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Whitney, C. A., Colonial Ammunition Company, Auckland.

  • Whittome, F., New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

  • Williams, N. T., National Insurance Company, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Williamson, C., Commercial Bank Buildings, Auckland.

  • Williamson, J. C., Chief Postmaster, Auckland.

  • Williamson, J. D., Rukuhia, Hamilton.*

  • Wilson, Andrew, District Surveyor, Hangatiki.

  • Wilson, C. A., P.O. Box 1081, Auckland.

  • Wilson, F. W., Herald Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Wilson, G. A., Wilson and Canham, Ferry Buildings, Auckland.

  • Wilson, H. M., Town Hall, Auckland

  • Wilson, J. A., care of A. Eady and Sons, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Wilson, J. M., Portland Road, Remuera.

  • Wilson, John, New Zealand Insurance Buildings, Queen Street, Auckland.

– 529 –
  • Wilson, Liston, Upland Road, Remuera.

  • Wilson, Martyn, Roselle, Lower Remuera.

  • Wilson, Mrs. R. M., Russell Road, Remuera.

  • Wilson, W. R., Herald Office, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Wing, S., Hellabys Limited, Shortland Street, Auckland.

  • Winkelmann, H., Victoria Arcade, Auckland.

  • Winstone, F. M., Claude Road, Epsom.*

  • Winstone, G., Customs Street East, Auckland.

  • Wiseman, F., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Wiseman, J. W., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Withy, E., care of Auckland Institute, Auckland.*

  • Woledge, E. H., New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Company, Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Wood, Right Rev. C. J., D.D., Bishop of Melanesia, Norfolk Island.*

  • Woodward, W. E., Union Bank of Australia, Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Woollams, W. H., Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Worley, Professor F. P., D.Sc., University, College, Auckland.

  • Wright, R., A. B. Wright and Sons, Commerce Street, Auckland.

  • Wyllie, A., C.E., Electrical Power Office, Breakwater, Auckland.

  • Yates, E., Albert Street, Auckland.

  • Young, J. L., Henderson and Macfarlane, Fort Street, Auckland.

Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

  • Acland, Dr. H. T. D., care of Hon. Secretary, Christchurch.

  • Acland, H. D., 42 Park Terrace, Christchurch.

  • Adams, T. W., Greendale.

  • Aldridge, W. G., M.A., Technical College, Invercargill.

  • Alexander, R. E., Canterbury Agricultural College, Lincoln.

  • Allan, H. H., M.A., High Street, Ashburton.

  • Allison, H., care of Harman and Stevens, Christchurch.

  • Anderson, Gilbert, care of Bank of New Zealand, 1 Queen Victoria Street, London.*

  • Anderson, J. G., Boys' High School, Invercargill.

  • Archey, G. E., M.A., Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.

  • Baughan, Miss B. E;, Sumner.

  • Beaven, A. W., care of Andrews and Beaven, Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch.

  • Berry, R. E., 165 Manchester Street, Christchurch.

  • Bevan-Brown, C. E., M.A., Boys' High School, Christchurch.

  • Bird, J. W., M.A., Nelson College, Nelson.

  • Birks, L., B.Sc., care of Public Works Department, Wellington.

  • Bishop, R. C. B., 10 Cranmer Square, Christchurch.

  • Bishop, R. C., Gas Office, 77 Worcester Street, Christchurch.

  • Bissett, J. W., Kaiapoi Woollen Company, Christchurch.

  • Blanch, G. E., M.A., Christ's College, Christchurch.

  • Booth, G. T., Cashmere Hills.

  • Borrie, Dr. F. J., 236 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Bradley, Orton, Charteris Bay.

  • Brent, H. C., “Aberdare House,” Christchurch.

  • Brittin, Guy, Umukuri, Motueka, Nelson.

  • Broadhead, H. D., 20 Eversleigh Street, St. Albans, Christchurch.

  • Brock, W., M.A., Education Office, Christchurch.

  • Brown, Professor Macmillan, M.A., LL.D.,

  • “Holmbank,” Cashmere Hills.*

  • Burnett, T. D., Mount Cook, Fairlie.

  • Callaghan, F. R., Education Office, Auckland.

  • Campbell, J. W., Chancery Lane, Christchurch.

  • Chilton, Professor C., D.Sc., M.A., LL.D.,

  • M.B., F.L.S., Canterbury College.*

  • Christensen, C. E., Hanmer Springs.

  • Clark, W. H., 100 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch.

  • Cooks, Rev. P. J., B.A., St. John's Vicarage, Christchurch.

  • Cocks, Miss, Colombo Road South, Christchurch.

  • Colee, W. C., M.A., Schoolhouse, Opawa.

  • Coles, W. R., 256 Wilson's Road, Christchurch.

  • Corkill, F. M., B.Sc., Canterbury College.

  • Dash, Charles, 233 Norwood Street, Beckenham, Christchurch.

  • Deans, J., Kirkstyle, Coalgate.

  • Deans, William, Sandown, Waddington.

  • Denniston, Sir John, Cashmere Hills, Christchurch.

  • Dobson, A. Dudley, M.Inst.C.E., City Council Office, Christchurch.

  • Dorrien-Smith, Major A. A., D.S.O., Tresco

  • Abbey, Scilly, England.

  • Drummond, James, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Lyttelton Times, Christchurch.

  • English, R., F.C.S., M.I.M.E., Gas Office,

  • 77 Worcester Street, Christchurch.

  • Evans, Professor W. P., M.A., Ph.D., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Fairbairn, A., 53 Fendalton Road, Christchurch.

  • Farr, Professor C. Coleridge, D.Sc., F.P.S.L., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 530 –
  • Féré, Dr. Maud, 296 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Ferrar, Miss, 450 Armagh Street, Christchurch.

  • Ferrar, H. T., M.A., F.G.S., care of Andrew Anderson, St. Martin's, Christchurch.

  • Finlayson, Miss M. A., West Christchurch School, Lincoln Road, Christchurch.

  • Flower, A. E., M.A., M.Sc., Christ's College, Christchurch.

  • Foster, Dr. A., 135 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Foweraker, C. E., M.A., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Gabbatt, Professor J. P., M.A., M.Sc., Canterbury College.

  • Garton,” John W, 61 Richardson Street,

  • Woolston, Christchurch

  • Garton, W. W, M.A., Elmwood School, Christchurch.

  • Gibson, Dr. F. Goulbum, 121 Papanm Road.

  • Gilling, W. O. R., BA., 206 Westminster Street, St. Albans.

  • Godby, M. H., M.A., B.Sc., Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Goss, W., Peterborough Street, Christchurch.

  • Gray, G., F.C.S., Lincoln.

  • Grigg, J. C. N., Longbeach.

  • Gudex, M. C., M.A., M.Sc., Boys' High School, Christchurch.

  • Hall, Miss, Gloucester Street West, Christchurch.

  • Hamilton, W. M., 365 Papanui Road, St. Albans.

  • Haynes, E. J., Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.

  • Henry, G., care of P. Kennedy, 178 St. Asaph Street, Christchurch.

  • Herring, E., 46 Paparoa Street, Papanui.

  • Hight, Professor J., M.A., Litt.D., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Hilgendorf, F. W., M.A., D.Sc., Canterbury Agricultural College, Lincoln.*

  • Hill, Mrs. Carey, 84 Papanui Road, Christchurch.

  • Hitchings, F., 69, Durham Street, Sydenham.

  • Hodgson, T. V., F.L.S., Science and Art Museum, Plymouth, England.

  • Hogg, E. G., M.A., F.R.A.S., Christ's College, Christchurch.

  • Hogg, H. R., M.A., F.Z.S., 13 St. Helen's Place, London E.C.

  • Holford, George, care of New Zealand Farmers' Co-operative Association, P.O. Box 921, Christchurch.

  • Holland, H., 108 St. Asaph Street, Chistchurch.

  • Holloway, Rev. J. E., D.Sc., Hokitika.

  • Humphreys, G., Fendalton Road, Fendalton.

  • Ingram, John, 39 Mansfield Avenue, St. Albans, Christchurch.

  • Irving, Dr. W., 56 Armagh Street, Christchurch

  • Jameson, J. O., Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Jennings, Mrs. L. S., M.A., care of Captain Cross, 49 Crescent Road, Wellmgton.

  • Kaye, A., 429 Durham Street, Christchurch.

  • Keir, James, care of P. and D. Duncan, Christchurch.

  • Kidson, E. R., M.Sc., care of H. T. Kidson, Van Dieman Street, Nelson.*

  • Kirkpatrick, W. D., Redcliffs, Summer.

  • Kitchingman, Miss, Hackthorne Road, Cashmere.

  • Knight, H. A., Racecourse Hill.

  • Laing, R. M., M.A., B.Sc., Boys' High School, Christchurch.

  • Laurenson, J. B., Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Lester, Dr. G., 2 Cranmer Square, Christchurch.

  • Louisson, Hon. C., M.L.C., 71 Gloucester Street, Christchurch.

  • Macbeth, N. L., Canterbury Frozen Meat Company, Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • McBride, T. J., 15 St. Albans Street, Christchurch.

  • MacGibbon, Dr. T. A., Royal Exchange Buildings, Christchurch.

  • Macleod, D. B., M.A., B.Sc., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Marriner, H. J., Sumner.

  • Marsh, H. E., Cashmere.

  • Marshall, Mrs., New Brighton.

  • Martin, William, B Sc, Education Office, Christchurch.

  • Meares, H. O. D, Fendalton.

  • Morrison, W. G., Hanmer.

  • Mountford, A. V., Woolston Tanneries, Woolston, Christchurch.

  • Murray, W., “Balgowme,” Opawa, Christchurch.

  • Nairn, R., Lincoln Road, Spreydon.

  • Newburgh, W. S., care of Newburgh, Best, and Co., Cathedral Square, Christchurch.

  • Newton, A. Wells, 58 Brittan Street, Linwood.

  • Oliver, F. S., care of A. E., Craddock, Manchester Street, Christchurch.

  • Olliver, Miss F. M., M.A., M.Sc., Waimate.

  • Owen, H., care of Cook and Ross, Colombo Street, Christchurch.

  • Page, S., B.Sc., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Pairman, Dr. J. C., Dommion Buildings, Christchurch.

  • Pairman, Dr. T. W., Governor's Bay.

  • Pannett, J. A., Cashmere Hills.

  • Paterson, A. D, 140A Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Penlington, G., care of Education Office, Christchurch.

  • Powell, P. H., M.Sc., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Purchas, Rev. A. C., M.A., Christ's College, Christchurch.

  • Purnell, C. W., Ashburton.

  • Rands, Henry, M.A., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Raymond, S. G., K.C., Heaton Street, St. Albans.

  • Reece, W., Dyer's Pass Road, Cashmere, Christchurch.

  • Relph, E. W., “Chilcom be,” Fendalton Road, Christchurch.

– 531 –
  • Rhodes, A. E. G., B.A., Fendalton.

  • Rhodes, Hon. R. Heaton, M.P., Tai Tapu.

  • Robinson, W. F., F.R.G.S., Canterbury College.

  • Ross, R. G. (address unknown).

  • Rowe, H V, M.A., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Ryder, A. R., Boys' High School, New Plymouth.

  • Schneider, P., 164 Durham Street, Christchurch.

  • Scott, G., Manchester Street, Christchurch.

  • Scott, Professor R. J., M.Inst.C.E., F.A.I.E.E., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Seager, S. Hurst, F.R.I.B.A., Cathedral Square, Christchurch.

  • Sheard, Miss F., M.A., B Sc., Girls' High School, Christchurch

  • Simpson, Dr. W., Latimer Square, Christchurch.*

  • Sims, A., M.A., care of Sims, Cooper, and Co., Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Skey, H. F., B.Sc., Magnetic Observatory, Christchurch.

  • Skinner, W. H, New Plymouth.

  • Slater, Dr. F., Sumner.

  • Snow, Colonel, Holmwood Road, Christchurch.

  • Speight, R., M.A., M.Sc., F.G.S., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Stark, E. E., B.Sc., P.O. Box 526, Christchurch.

  • Stead, E. F., Ilam, Riccarton.

  • Stevens, J. E., Deaf-mute Institute, Sumner.

  • Stevenson, Dr. J., Fendalton.

  • Stevenson, James, Flaxton.

  • St. John, Charles E., 745 Colombo Street, Christchurch.

  • Stone, T., Lyttelton Times office, Christchurch.

  • Suter, Henry, 559 Hereford Street, Linwood.

  • Symes, Dr. W. H., 63 Worcester Street, Christchurch.*

  • Symes, Langford P., 44 James Avenue, Papanui.

  • Tabart, Miss Rose, 97 Papanui Road, Christchurch.

  • Taylor, A., M.A., M.R.C.V.S., Canterbury Agricultural College, Lmcoln.

  • Taylor, G. J., 440 Madras Street, St. Albans.

  • Templin, J. R., 10 Wroxton Terrace, Fendalton.

  • Thacker, Dr. H. T. J., M.P., 25 Latimer Square, Christchurch.

  • Thomas, Dr. W., 252 Papanui Road, St. Albans, Christchurch.*

  • Thompson, Rev. A. T., M.A., B.D., St. Andrew's Manse, Christchurch.

  • Tosswill, R. T., 143 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Tripp, C. H., M.A., Timaru.*

  • Waddell, John. 220 Armagh Street, Christchurch.

  • Wall, Professor A., M.A., Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • Waller, F. D., B.A., West Christchurch District High School.

  • Waymouth, Mrs., care of Mrs. R. M. Hughes, St. Buryan, S.O., Cornwall, England.

  • Weston, G. T., B.A., LL.B., 152 Manchester Street, Christchurch.

  • Whetter, Dr. J. P., 211 Gloucester Street, Christchurch.

  • Whitaker, C. Godfrey, care of Booth, Macdonald. and Co., Carlyle Street, Christchurch.

  • Whitehead, L. G., B.A., Boys' High School, Christchurch.

  • Wigram, Hon. H. F., M.L.C., 1 Armagh Street, Christchurch.

  • Wild, L. J., M.A., B.Sc., F.G.S., Canterbury Agricultural College, Lincoln.

  • Wilding, Frank S., Hereford Street, Christchurch.

  • Wilkins, T. J. C., B.A., Somerfield School, Spreydon.

  • Williams, C. J., M.Inst.C.E., 21 Knowles Street, St. Albans.

  • Wright, A. M., F.C.S., 482 Lincoln Road, Christchurch.

Otago Institute.

  • Allan, Dr. W., Mosgiel.

  • Allen, Hon. Sir James, M.P., Clyde Street.

  • Allen, Dr. S. C., 220 High Street.

  • Anscombe, E., 171 Princes Street,

  • Balk, O., Driver Street, Maori Hill.

  • Barnett, Dr. L. E., Stafford Street.

  • Barr, Peter, 3 Montpeher Street.

  • Bathgate, Alex., Neidpath Road, Mornington.*

  • Beal, L. O., Stock Exchange Buildings.

  • Begg, J. C., Fifield Street, Roslyn.

  • Bell, A. Dillon, Shag Valley.*

  • Benham, Professor W. B., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S, Museum.

  • Benson, Professor W. N., B.A., D.Sc., F.G.S., University.

  • Betts, Miss M. W., M.Sc., Museum.

  • Black, Alexander, 82 Clyde Street.*

  • Black, James, care of Cossens and Black.

  • Bowie, Dr. J. T., 1 Elder Street.

  • Boys-Smith, Professor, University.

  • Brasch, H., 55 London Street.

  • Brent, D., M.A., 19 New Street, Musselburgh.*

  • Brown, W., 99 Clyde Street.

  • Browne, Robert, Technical School, Hawera.

  • Buchanan, N. L., 44 Bronte Street, Nelson.*

  • Buddle, Dr. Roger, care of Buddle and Button, Wyndham Street, Auckland.

  • Butchers, A. G., M.A., McGlashan College. Cameron, Dr. P. D., 145 Leith Street.

  • Chamberlain, C. W., 6 Regent Road.

  • Chapman, C. R., 135 Town Belt, Roslyn.,

  • Church, Dr. R., High Street.

  • Clarke, C. E., 51 King Edward Road.

  • Clarke, E. S., Woodhaugh.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 532 –
  • Colquhoun, Dr. D., High Street.

  • Coombs, L. D., A.R.I.B.A., Stuart Street and Octagon.

  • Crawford, W. J., 179 Walker Street.

  • Dalrymple, Rev. A. M., M.A., 65 District Road, Mornington.

  • Davidson, R. E., Hawthorne Road, Mornington.

  • Davies, O. V., 109 Princes Street.

  • Davis, A., Test-room, Cumberland Street.

  • De Beer, I. S., London Street.

  • Duncan, P., “Tolcarne,” Maori Hill.

  • Dunlop, Professor F. W., M.A., Ph.D., University.

  • Dutton, Rev. D., F.G.S., F.R.A.S., Caversham.

  • Edgar, G. C., Market Street.

  • Edgar, James, 144 York Place.

  • Farnie, Miss W., M.A., Museum.

  • Fels, W., 84 London Street.*

  • Fenwick, Cuthbert, Stock Exchange.

  • Fenwick, G., Otago Daily Times.

  • Ferguson, Dr. H. L., 434 High Street.

  • Fisher, T. R., Alexandra Street, St. Clair.

  • Fitchett, Dr. F. W. B., Pitt Street.

  • Frye, Charles, Gasworks, Caversham.

  • Fulton, H. V., Agricultural and Pastoral Society, Crawford Street.

  • Fulton, Dr. R. V., Pitt Street.

  • Garrow, Professor J. M. E., LL.B., Victoria College, Welhngton.*

  • Gibbs, A., Telegraph Department, Auckland.

  • Gibson, G. W., Silverton, Anderson's Bay.

  • Gilkison, R., 14 Main Road, North - east Valley.*

  • Gowland, Professor W. P., M.D., University.

  • Goyen, P., F.L.S., 136 Highgate, Roslyn.

  • Gray, J. A., 762 Cumberland Street.

  • Green, E. S., Education Office.

  • Gully, G. S., Heriot Row.

  • Guthrie, H. J., 426 Moray Place East.

  • Hall, Dr. A. J., 36 Stuart Street.

  • Hamilton, T. B., M.A., B.Sc., University.

  • Hanlon, A. C., Pitt Street.

  • Hart, H. E., Royal Terrace.

  • Henderson, M. C., Electrical Engineer's Office, Market Street.

  • Henton, J. W., 140 York Place.

  • Hercus, G. R., 20 Albert Street.

  • Hooper, B. B., A.R.I.B.A., A.M.P. Buildings.

  • Howes, Miss Edith, School, Gore.*

  • Howes, W. G., F.E.S., 432 George Street.

  • Hungerford, J. T., Gasworks.

  • Inglis, Professor J. K. H., M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., University.

  • Jack, Professor R., D.Sc., University.

  • Jeffery, J., Anderson's Bay.

  • Joachim, G., Randall Street, Mornington.*

  • Johnson, J. T., 46 Lattlebourne Road, Roslyn.

  • Johnstone, J. A., Driver Street, Maori Hill.

  • Jones, F. J., Railway Engineer's Office.

  • King, Dr. F. Truby, Seacliff.

  • Laing, John, 86 Queen Street.

  • Lee, Robert, P.O. Box 363.

  • Loudon, John, 43 Crawford Street.

  • Lowry, J, M., Public Works Department.

  • Lusk, T. H., Black's Road, Opoho.

  • McCurdie, W. D. R., Town Hall.*

  • Macdougall, W. P., jun., 642 George Street.

  • McEnnis, J. E., Public Works Office, Christchurch.

  • McGeorge, J. C., Eglinton Road, Mornington.

  • McKellar, Dr. T. G., Pitt Street.

  • McKenzie, C. J., Public Works Office.

  • McKerrow, James, F.R.A.S., 142 Ghuznee Street, Wellington.

  • Mackie, A., Test-room, Cumberland Street.

  • McLintock, R. A., 90 Princes Street.

  • McNair, J., Railway Engineer's Office.

  • McRae, H., 120 London Street.

  • Malcolm, Professor J., M.D., University.

  • Mandeno, H., New Zealand Express Company's Buildings.

  • Marshall, Angus, B.A., Technical School.

  • Mason, J. B., National Bank Buildings.

  • Melland, E., Arthog Road, Hale, Cheshire, England.*

  • Milnes, J. W., 39 Lees Street.*

  • Morrell, W. J., M.A., Boys' High School.

  • Nevill, Right Rev. S. T., D.D., Bishopsgrove.

  • Newlands, Dr. W., 12 London Street.

  • O'Neill, Dr. E. J., 219 High Street.

  • Overton, T. R., Test-room, Cumberland Street.

  • Park, Professor J., F.G.S., University.

  • Parr, E. J., M.A., B.Sc., Boys' High School.

  • Payne, F. W., 90 Princes Street.

  • Petrie, D., M.A., F.L.S., Education Office, Auckland.*

  • Philpott, A, Queen Street, Invercargill.

  • Pickerill, Professor H. P., M.D., B.D.S., University.

  • Poppelwell, D. L., Gore.

  • Price, W. H., 55 Stuart Street.*

  • Procter, T. R., care of Turnbull and Jones.

  • Reid, Donald, jun., Dowling Street.

  • Riley, Dr. F. R., Pitt Street.

  • Ritchie, Dr. Russell, 400 George Street.

  • Roberts, E. F., 128 Highgate, Roslyn.

  • Roberts, John, C.M.G., Littlebourne.

  • Ross, H. I. M., Willis Street.

  • Ross, T. C., care of Ross and Glendining (Limited).

  • Rutherford, R. W., Playfair Street, Caversham.

  • Salmond, J. L., National Bank Buildings.

  • Sandle, Major S. G., R.N.Z.A. Barracks, Wellington.

  • Sargood, Percy, “Marinoto,” Newington.

  • Scott, J. H., Converter Station, Cumberland Street.

  • Shacklock, J. B., Bayfield, Anderson's Bay.

  • Shennan, Watson, 367 High Street.

  • Shepherd, F. R., P.O. Box 361.

  • Shortt, F. M., care of John Chambers and Sons.

  • Sim, Mr. Justice, Musselburgh.

  • Simpson, F. A., care of John Chambers and Sons.

  • Simpson, George, 98 Russell Street.

  • Simpson, George, jun., 9 Gamma Street, Roslyn.

  • Smith, C. S., Star Office.

  • Smith, J. C., 196 Tay Street, Invercargill.

– 533 –
  • Solomon, S., K. C., 114 Princes Street.

  • Somerville, W. G., 18 Leven Street, Roslyn.

  • Stark, James, care of Kempthorne, Prosser, and Co.

  • Stewart, R. T., 21 Gamma Street, Roslyn.

  • Stewart, W. D., M.P., LL.B., 11 Heriot Row.

  • Stout, Sir Robert, K.C.M.G., Wellington.

  • Tannock, D., Botanical Gardens.

  • Theomin, D., 42 Royal Terrace.

  • Thomson, Hon. G. M., F.L.S., M.L.C., 209 Cargill Street.*

  • Thompson, Professor G. E., M.A., University.

  • Thomson, W. A., A.M.P. Buildings.

  • Vanes, R. N., A.R.I.B.A., National Bank Chambers.

  • Walden, E. W., 12 Dowling Street.

  • Wales, P. Y., 2 Crawford Street.

  • Walker, A., Lloyd's Surveyor, Wellington.

  • Waters, Professor D. B., A.O.S.M., University,

  • Whitcombe, H., care of Whitcombe and Tombs.

  • White, Professor D. R., M.A., 83 St. David Street.

  • Whitson, T. W., 584 George Street.

  • Williams, J., B.Sc., F.C.S., Technical College.

  • Wilson, W. S., 290 Princes Street.

  • Wingfield, J. E., 663 Castle Street.

  • Young, Dr. James. Don Street, Invercargill.

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.

  • Anderson, Andrew, Napier.

  • Armour, W. A., M.A., M.Sc., Boys' High School, Napier

  • Armstrong, C. E., Gisborne.

  • Ashcroft, Mrs., Napier.

  • Ashcroft, P., Napier.

  • Asher, Rev. J. A., Napier.

  • Beattie, A. L., Napier.

  • Bennett, H. M., Napier.

  • Bernau, Dr. H. F., Napier.

  • Bissell, E., Port Ahuriri.

  • Black, G. J., Gisborne.

  • Blake, V. I., Gisborne.

  • Bull, Harry, Gisborne.

  • Burnett, H., Woodville.

  • Chadwick, R. M., Napier.

  • Chambers, Bernard, Te Mata.

  • Chambers, J., Mokopeka, Hastings.

  • Clark, T. P., Eskdale.

  • Cornford, Cecil, Napier.

  • Cottrell, H., Napier.

  • Daly, J. T., Westshore.

  • Dinwiddie, W., Napier.

  • Duncan, Russell, Napier.

  • Edgar, Dr. J. J., Napier.

  • Edmundson, J. H., Napier.

  • Grant, M. R., Napier.

  • Guthrie-Smith, H., Tutira.

  • Harding, J. W., Mount Vernon, Waipukurau.

  • Henderson, E. H., Te Araroa.

  • Herrick, E. J., Hastings.

  • Hill, H., B.A., F.G.S., Napier.

  • Hislop, J., Napier.*

  • Holdsworth, J., Havelock North.

  • Humphrey, E. J., Pakipaki.

  • Hutchinson, F., jun., Rissington.

  • Hyde, Thomas, Napier.

  • Jacobsen, N. R., Boys' High School, Napier.

  • Kennedy, C. D., Napier.

  • Kerr, W., M.A., Napier Boys' High School.

  • Large, J. S., Napier.*

  • Large, Miss L., Napier.

  • Leahy, Dr. J. P., Napier.

  • Loten, E. G., Napier.

  • Lowry, T. H., Okawa.

  • Maltby, C. B. R., Napier.

  • McLean, R. D. D., Napier.

  • Metcalfe, W. F., Kiritahi, Port Awanui.

  • Moore, Dr. T. C., Napier.

  • Morris, W., Hastings.

  • Murray, Martin, Napier.

  • Newton, I. E., Napier.

  • Northcroft. E. F., Napier.

  • Oates, William, J.P., Tokomaru Bay.

  • Ormond, G., Mahia.

  • O'Ryan, W., Waipiro Bay.

  • Pallot, A. G., Napier.

  • Piper, G. M., Pakowhai.

  • Pollock, C. F. H., Napier.

  • Poole, P. Loftus, Tuparoa Bay, East Coast.

  • Ringland, T. H., Napier.

  • Russell, H. J., Napier.

  • Sagar, Mrs., Napier.

  • Smart, D. L., Napier.

  • Smith, J. H., Olug.*

  • Smith, W., B.A., Waipawa.

  • Stevenson, A., Woodville.

  • Strachan, D. A., M.A., Napier.

  • Stubbs, G., Napier.

  • Thomson, J. P., Napier.

  • Tiffen, G. W., Gisborne.

  • Townley, J., Gisborne.

  • Wheeler, E. G., Havelock North.

  • Whetter, R. G., Napier.

  • Whyte, D., Hastings.

  • Williams, E. A., Napier.

  • Williams, F. W., Napier.

  • Williams, ven. Archdeacon H. W., Gisborne.

  • Williamson, J. P., Napier.

  • Wills, W. H., B.A., Port Ahuriri.

  • Wilton, T. J., Port Ahuriri.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 534 –

Nelson Institute.

  • Bett, Dr. F. A., Trafalgar Square.

  • Borlase, W., 96 Nile Street

  • Meld, T. A. H., M.P., Ngatitama Street.

  • Gibbs, F. G., M.A., Collingwood Street.

  • Graham. Mrs. C., Bridge Street.

  • Knapp, F. V., Alfred Street.

  • Lancaster, G. J., M.A., Nelson College.

  • Morley, E. L., Waimea Street.

  • Mules, Bishop, Trafalgar Square.

  • Redgrave, A. J., Hardy Street.

  • Straohan, J., care of Land Transfer Office, Government Buildings.

  • Whitwell, F., Drumduan, Wakapuaka.

  • Worley, W. F., Trafalgar Street South.

Manawatu Philosophical Society

  • Akeis, H., Duke Street.

  • Barnicoat, J. L., Union Bank.

  • Barnnett, Dr. E. C., Fitzherbert Street.

  • Batchelar, J. O., Willow Bank.

  • Bayly, Mrs., Patea.

  • Beudall, W. E., Dairy Union.

  • Bennett, G. H., The Square.

  • Bett, D. H. B., M.B., Ch.B, M.R.C S., L.R.C.P., Broad Sfcreet.

  • Blackbourne, Rev. H. G., M.A., Vicarage.

  • Clausen. C. N, Rangitikei Street.

  • Cohen, M., Broad Street.

  • Collins, J. M., care of J. J. Niven and Co.

  • Colquhoun, J. A., M.Sc., High School.

  • Cunningham, G. H., Department of Agriculture.

  • Daly, A. J., George Street.

  • Edwards, R., Duke Street.

  • Eliott, M. A., The Square.

  • Gerrand, J. B., The Square,

  • Graham, A. J., The Square

  • Greer, S., Broad Street

  • Hankin, F. M. S., Ferguson Street.

  • Hannay, A., care of Manson and Barr.

  • Hodder, T. R., Rangitikei Street.

  • Ironside, Miss, M.A., High SohooJ.

  • Johnston, J. Goring, Oakhurst.

  • Lareomb, E., C.E., Roy Street.

  • Manson, T., Fitzherbert Street.

  • Mummery, W. R., F.I.C., oare of J. Nathan and Co.

  • Munro, J., Bank of New South Wales.

  • Murray, J., M.A., High School.

  • Newman, E., M.P., Marton.

  • Oram, M. H., M.A., LL.B., Rangitikei Street

  • Park, W., F.R H.S., College Street.

  • Peach, C. W, M.B., C.M, Broad Street

  • Poynton, J. W., S.M., Featherston Street.*

  • Robertson, J., Rangitikei Street.

  • Salmon, C. T., Assoc. in Eng., Rangitikei Street

  • Seifert, A., George Street.

  • Seifert, H.

  • Seifert, L., George Street.

  • Sinclair, D., C.E., Terrace End.

  • Smith, W. W., F.E.S, Public Reserve, New Plymouth.

  • Stevens, J. H., Church Street.

  • Stowe, W. B., M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., Linton Street

  • Sutherland, A., Boundary Road.

  • Taylor, C., George Street.

  • Waldegrave, C. E., Broad Street.

  • Welch. W., F.R.G.S., Mosman's Bay, N.S.W.*

  • Whitaker, A., Grey Street.

  • Wilson, K., M.A., Rangitikei Street.*

  • Wollerman, H., Fitzherbert Street.

  • Wright, A. H. M., College Street.

  • Young, H. L., Cuba Street.

Wanganui Philosophical Society.

  • Allison, Alexander, No. 1 Line, Wanganui.

  • Allison, Thomas, Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

  • Amess, A, H. R., M.A., Collegiate School, Wanganui.

  • Atkinson, W. E., Hurworth, Wanganui.

  • Bassett, W. G., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Battle, T. H., Architect, Wanganui.

  • Bourne, F., F.I.A.N.Z., Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

  • Brown, C. P., M.A., LL.B., College Street, Wanganui.

  • Burnet, J. H., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Cave, Norman, Brunswick Line, Wanganui.

  • Cowper, A. E., Victoria Avenue, Wanganui.

  • Crow, E., Technical College, Wangamu.

  • Cruickshank, Miss, M.A., M.Sc., Girls' College, Wanganui.

  • D'Arcy, W. A., 11 Campbell Street, Wanganui.

  • Downes, T. W., Victoria Avenue, Wanganui.

  • Drew, Harry, Victoria Avenue, Wanganui.

  • Duigan. Herbert, Ridgway Street, Wanganui,

  • Dunkley, R., F.I.A.N.Z., Wickstead Place, Wanganui.

  • Dunn, Richmond, St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Ford, C. R., F.R.G.S., College Street, Wanganui.

[Footnote] † Absent on active service.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 535 –
  • Gibbons, Hope, Wanganui East.

  • Hatherly, Henry R., M.R.C.S., Gonville, Wangamti.*

  • Hutton, G. C., M.A., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Jack, J. B., Native Land Court, Wanganui.

  • Jones, Lloyd, Victoria Avenue, Wanganui.

  • Liffiton, E.N., J.P., Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

  • MoFarlane, D., Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

  • Mackay, C. E., Mayor of Wanganui.

  • Murdoch, R., Campbell Place. Wanganui.

  • Murray, J. B., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Neame, J. A., M.A., Collegiate School, Wanganui.

  • Polson, D. G., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Sturge, H. E., M.A., Collegiate School, Wanganui.

  • Talboys, F. P., Tramways Manager, Wanganui.

  • Ward, J. T., Victoria Avenue, Wanganui.*

  • Watt, J. P., B.A., LL.B., Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

  • Watt, M. N., St. John's Hill, Wanganui.

  • Williamson, J. P., College Street, Wanganui.

  • Wilson, Alexander, M.D., Wickstead Street, Wanganui.

Poverty Bay Institute.

  • Abbey, Rev. W. H. E., 251 Palmerston Road, Gisborne.

  • Aitkin, Rev. James, St. Andrew's Manse, Gisborne.

  • Beale, A. M., Waipiro Bay.

  • Beere, Major A. G., Clifford Street, Gisborne.

  • Black, G. J., Kaiti.

  • Blair, James, Kaiti.

  • Blake, V. I., Survey Department, Auckland.

  • Bull, H., Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Burnard, L. T., Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Buswell, W. H., Borough Council Office, Gisborne.

  • Cuthert, A., Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Florance, R. S., Kaiti.

  • Foote, F., High School, Gisborne.

  • Goffe, W. E., Ormond Road, Mangapapa.

  • Gray, Mrs Charles, Waiohika, Gisborne.

  • Greer, Miss M., Ormond Road, Gisborne.

  • Hutchinson, E. M., Wajhuka., Gisborne.

  • Kenway, Howard, Waiohika, Gisborne.

  • Kinder, J., Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Lees, E. L., Childers Road, Gisborne.

  • Lysnar, W. L., Stout Street, Whataupoko, Gisborne.

  • Mander, M. B., Riverside Road, Gisborne.

  • Mann, E. H., Lowe Street, Giaborne.

  • Maunder, G. H., Stout Street, Gisborne.

  • Mirfield, T., Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Mouat, John, Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Muir, A. L., Pitzherbert Street, Gisborne.

  • Oakley, Mrs., Grey Street, Gisborne.

  • O'Ryan, William, Waipiro Bay.

  • Parlane, Rev. James, Stout Street, Gisborne.

  • Poole, M. P., Puha.

  • Rowley, F. J., Ormond Road, Gisborne.

  • Sheppard, Mrs. W., Whataupoko, Gisborne.

  • Sievwright, Miss M., Whataupoko, Gisborne.

  • Steele, A. H., Tahunga.

  • Tiffen, G. W., Gisborne.

  • Townley, John, Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

  • Tucker, H. G., Makauri.

  • Turner, J. C. E., Wairoa.

  • Wainwright, Rev.

  • Walker. Mrs., Fox Street, Gisborne.

  • Ward, Rev. E., Waerengaahika.

  • Williams, A. B.

  • Williams, Ven. Archdeacon H. W., Naurea, Patutahi.

  • Wilson, Rev, G. D., Te Karaka.

[Footnote] * Life members.

– 536 –

Serial Publications Received by the Library of the New Zealand Institute, 1918.

New Zealand.

  • Geological Survey: Bulletins.

  • Houses of Parliament: Journals and Appendix.

  • New Zealand Official Year-book.

  • Polynesian Society: Journal.

  • Statistics of New Zealand.


  • Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers: Proceedings.

  • Australian Antarctic Expedition, 1911–14: Reports.

  • Commonwealth of Australia, Fisheries: Parliamentary Report.

New South Wales.

  • Agricultural Department, N.S.W.: Agricultural Gazette.

  • Australian Museum, Sydney: Records; Annual Report.

  • Botanic Gardens and Government Domains, N.S.W.: Report.

  • Critical Revision of the Genus Eucalyptus.

  • Linnean Society of N.S.W.: Proceedings.

  • Northern Engineering Institute of N.S.W.: Papers.

  • Public Health Department, N.S.W.: Annual Report.


  • Geological Survey of Queensland: Publications.

  • Royal Society of Queensland: Proceedings.

South Australia.

  • Adelaide Chamber of Commerce: Annual Report.

  • Department of Chemistry, South Australia: Bulletins.

  • Mines Department and Geological Survey of South Australia: Mining Operations; G.S. Bulletins and Reports; Metallurgical Reports; Synopsis of Mining Laws.

  • Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia: Annual Report.

  • Royal Society of South Australia: Transactions and Proceedings.


  • Royal Society of Tasmania: Papers and Proceedings.

– 537 –


  • Advisory Committee: Report on Brown Coal.

  • Department of Agriculture: Journal.

  • Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria: Victorian Naturalist.

  • Mines Department and Geological Survey of Victoria: Annual Report; Bulletins; Records.

  • Public Library, Museum, and National Art Gallery of Victoria: Annual Report.

  • Royal Society of Victoria: Proceedings.

Western Australia.

  • Geological Survey of Western Australia: Bulletins.

United Kingdom.

  • British Association for the Advancement of Science: Report.

  • British Museum: Catalogues; Guides; Scientific Reports of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910.

  • Cambridge Philosophical Society: Proceedings.

  • Geological Society, London: Quarterly Journal.

  • Geological Survey of Great Britain: Summary of Progress.

  • Linnean Society: Journal (Botany); Proceedings; List of Members.

  • Liverpool Biological Society: Proceedings.

  • Marine Biological Association Journal.

  • Mineralogical Society: Mineralogical Magazine.

  • North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers: Transactions; Annual Report.

  • Oxford University: Calendar.

  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain: Journal.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh: Notes.

  • Royal Colonial Institute: United Empire.

  • Royal Geographical Society: Geographical Journal.

  • Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh: Proceedings.

  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society: Scottish Geographical Magazine.

  • Royal Society of Edinburgh: Proceedings; Transactions.

  • Royal Society, London: Proceedings (Series A, B); Phil. Trans. (Series A, B); Year-book.

  • Royal Society of Literature: Transactions.

  • Royal Statistical Society, London: Journal.

  • Victoria Institute, London: Journal of Transactions.


  • Librairie Nationale d'Art et d'Histoire: Les Cahiers belges.


  • Acad. Roy. de Sciences et de Lettres de Denmark: Fordhandlinge Memoires.

  • Dansk. Naturh. Foren., Kjöbenhavn: Videnskabelige Meddelelser.

  • Kong. Dansk. Videnskab Selskab.: Forhandlinger; Skrifter.

– 538 –


  • Société de Chimie Industrielle, Paris: Chimie et industries.

  • Musée d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris: Bulletins.

  • Société de Géographie: La Géographie.

  • Société Zoologique de France: Bulletin.

Holland and Dutch East Indies.

  • Banka Tin: Jaaresverslag von de Winning.

  • Rijks Ethnographisch Museum, Leiden: Verslag.


  • Reale Societá Geographica, Roma: Bollettino.

  • Revista Geographica Italiana.

  • Società Africana d'Italia: Bollettino.

  • Societá Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Pisa: Processi verbali.


  • Bergens Museum: Aarbok; Aarberetning.


  • Junta de Ciences Naturals de Barcelona: Series botanica, geologica.

India and Ceylon.

  • Agricultural Department, Calcutta: Report on Progress of Agriculture.

  • Agricultural Research Institute and College, Pusa: Report.

  • Colombo Museum; Spolia Zeylanica.


  • Imperial Earthquake Investigation Committee, Tokyo: Bulletin.

  • Imperial University of Tokyo: Journal of the College of Science.

  • Tohoku Imperial University, Sendai: Science Reports.

Malay States.

  • Malay States Government Gazette.


  • South African Association for the Advancement of Science: South African Journal of Science.


  • Department of Naval Service: Annual Report; Tide Tables.

  • Mines Department, Geological Survey Branch: Memoirs; Summary Report; Museum Bulletin.

  • Mines Department, Mines Branch: Bulletins; Annual Report; other publications.

– 539 –

United States.

  • Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia: Proceedings.

  • American Geographical Society, New York: Geographical Review.

  • American Institute of Mining Engineers: Transactions.

  • American Philosophical Society: Proceedings.

  • Californian Academy of Sciences: Proceedings.

  • Chicago University: Journal of Geology.

  • Franklin Institute: Journal.

  • Library of Congress, Washington: Report.

  • Lloyd Library, Ohio: Index.

  • Minnesota University and Geological Survey: Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin.

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens: Annals.

  • Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard: Bulletin; Annual Report; Memoirs.

  • National Academy of Sciences: Proceedings.

  • New York Academy of Sciences: Annals.

  • Ohio Journal of Science.

  • Ohio State University: Bulletin.

  • Smithsonian Institution and U.S. National Museum: Annual Report; Miscellaneous Collections; Contributions to Knowledge; Bulletins; Contributions from U.S. National Herbarium.

  • Tufts College: Studies (Scientific Series).

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture: Journal of Agricultural Research; Monthly List of Publications.

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey: North American Fauna; Bulletins.

  • U.S. Geological Survey: Annual Report; Professional Papers; Mineral Resources; Bulletins; Water-supply Papers.

  • University of California: Bulletin of Department of Geology.

  • Wagner Free Institute of Science: Transactions.


  • Academia Nacional de Ciencias: Boletin.


  • Instituto Geologico de Mexico: Anales.


  • Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas del Peru: Boletin.


  • Bishop Museum: Memoirs.


  • Bureau of Science: Philippine Journal of Science.


  • Société d'Études Oceanniennes: Bulletin.

– 540 –

List of Institutions
to which
The Publications of the Institute Are Presented by the Governors of the New Zealand Institute.

Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute.

New Zealand.
  • Cabinet, The Members of, Wellington.

  • Executive Library, Wellington.

  • Free Public Library, Auckland.

  • " Christchurch.

  • " Dunedin.

  • " Wellington.

  • Government Printer and publishing staff (6 copies).

  • Library, Auckland Institute, Auckland.

  • " Auckland Museum, Auckland.

  • " Biological Laboratory, Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • " Biological Laboratory, University College, Auckland.

  • " Biological Laboratory, University of Otago, Dunedin.

  • " Biological Laboratory, Victoria University College, Wellington.

  • " Canterbury College, Christchurch.

  • " Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.

  • " Canterbury Public Library, Christchurch.

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