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Volume 51, 1919
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Authors of Papers.

Adkin, G. L—Further Notes on the Horowhena Coastal Plain and the Associated Physiographic Features 108118
Bartrum, J. A.—
New Fossil Mollusca 96100
A Fossiliferous Bed at Kawa Creek, West Coast, South of Waikato River, New Zealand 101106
Benham, W. B.—
On the Occurrence of Two Unusual Blood-vessels in Hyla aurea 3034
Some Earthworms from Stephen Island and D'Urville Island 3541
Betts, M. Winifred—Notes on the Autecology of certain Plants of the Peridotite Belt, Nelson: Part I—Structure of some of the Plants (No. 2) 136156
Buckman, S. S.—Termmology for Beak and Foraminal Development in Brachiopoda 450454
Burrell, A. W.—To what extent is Earth-rotation the Cause of the Ocean Currents? 264267
Carse, H.—A New Variety of Pleris macilenta 95
Cheeseman, T. F.—
Contributions to a Fuller Knowledge of the Flora of New Zealand: No. 6 8592
Some Additions to the New Zealand Flora 9295
Chilton, C.—Ceina, an Aberrant Genus of the Amphipodan Family Talitridae 118129
Cotton, C. A.—Rough Ridge, Otago, and its Splintered Fault-scarp 282285
Davis, W. M.—The Significant Features of Reef-bordered Coasts 630
Farnie, Winifred C.—The Structure of Amphibola crenata Martyn 6985
Farr, C. C., and others—Report on the Natural Features of the Arthur's Pass Tunnel 422426
Fletcher, H. J.—The Edible Fish, &c., of Taupo-nui-a-Tia 259264
Godby, M. H.—A Preliminary Investigation of the Age and Manner of Growth of Brown Trout in Canterbury, as shown by a Microscopic Examination of their Scales 4267
Herriott, E. M.—A History of Hagley Park, Christchurch, with Special Reference to its Botany 427447
Holloway, J. E.—Studies in the New Zealand Species of the Genus Lycopodium: Part III—The Plasticity of the Species 161216
Laing, R. M.—The Vegetation of Banks Peninsula, with a List of Species (Flowering-plants and Ferns) 355408
Malcolm, J.—On the Toxioity of the Tutu Fruit and Seed 447449
Marshall, P.—
Fauna of the Hampden Beds and Classification of the Oamaru System 226250
Occurrence of Fossil Moa-bones in the Lower Wanganui Strata 250253
– 548 –
Marshall, P., and Murdoch, R.—-Some New Fossil Species of Mollusca 253258
McCulloch, A. R.—A New Discogloaaoid Frog from New Zealand 447449
Mestayer, M. K.—New Species of Mollusca from various Dredgings taken off the Coast of New Zealand, the Snares Islands, and the Bounty Islands 130135
Meyrick, E.—Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera 349359
Park, J.—On the Occurrence of Thin Bands of Marble at South. Peak, near Hampden, Otago 4142
Petrie, D.—Descriptions of New Native Flowering-plants 106107
Philpott, A.—
Notes on the Birds of South-western Otago 216224
Descriptions of New Species of Lepidoptera 224225
Skinner, H. D.Z—Some Maori Fish-hooks from Otago 267268
Speight, R.—
Further Notes on the Geology of the Trehssick or Castle Hill Basin 157160
The Older Gravels of North Canterbury 269281
Suter H.—Description of a New Species of the Family Cerithiidae 68
Thomson, J. A.—The Geology of the Middle Clarence and Ure Valleys, East Marlborough, New Zealand 289349
Wall, A.—The Pronunciation of Scientific Terms in New Zealand, with Special Reference to the Terms of Botany 409414
Wild, L. J.—Note on the Mechanical Composition of the So-called Loess at Timaru 286288
Williams, H. W.—Some Notes on the Language of the Chatham Islands 415422