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Volume 52, 1920

List Of Plates.

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Charles William Adams vi
Major Thomas Brown viii
George Hogben x
G. V. Hudson
  Plate I
    Figs. 1–9. Adult, pupa, and larva of Limnophila sinistra, Melanostoma decessum, and Gnophyia rufa 34
A. Wall
  Plate II.—Ranunculus paucifolius in situ, showing five leaves and root 90
  Plate III
    Fig. 1. R. paucifolius, showing six leaves 90
    Fig. 2. R. paucifolius, in situ 90
  Plate IV.—Locality where R. paucifolius is found; from south-east 92
  Plate V.—Same locality, from north-east 92
P. Marshall and R. Murdoch
  Plate VI
    Figs. 1–10. Tertiary Mollusca 128
  Plate VII
    Figs. 11–14. Tertiary Mollusca 128
  Plate VIII
    Figs. 15–17. Tertiary Mollusca 136
  Plate IX
    Figs. 18, 19, 21. Tertiary Mollusca 136
  Plate X
    Figs. 20, 22, 23. Tertiary Mollusca 136
G. L. Adkin
  Plate XI
    Fig. 1. “The Heights” basin, looking north-east 186
    Fig. 2. The valley of the Waireka Stream, looking east 186
J. E. Holloway
  Plate XII.—Lycopodium ramulosum 218
  Plate XIII.—Lycopodium ramulosum 218
  Plate XIV.—Lycopodium ramulosum 218
  Plate XV.—Lycopodium ramulosum 218
J. A. Thomson
  Plate XVI.—View looking down the Waipara River towards the limestone gorge 344
  Plate XVII
    Fig. 1. Looking down Birch Hollow, Middle Waipara 344
    Fig. 2. Grey muddy sandstones with saurian concretions, Waipara River 344
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  Plate XVIII
    Fig. 1. Cliff of lower (concretionary) Waipara greensands 344
    Fig. 2. View of the upper part of the Weka Pass 344
  Plate XIX
    Fig. 1. Cliff of Weka Pass stone, overhanging Amuri limestone 344
    Fig. 2. “Fucoids” in the Weka Pass greensand 344
  Plate XX.—View across Waipara River below limestone gorge 358
  Plate XXI
    Fig. 1. Syncline in the main Mount Brown limestone 358
    Fig. 2. Cliff in Weka Pass Stream, below railway-cutting 358
  Plate XXII
    Figs. 1–11. Eleven species (nine new) of Rhizothyris 368
  Plate XXIII
    Figs. 1–11. Eight species (seven new) of Rhizothyris 368
  Plate XXIV
    Figs. 1–15. Species of Rhizothyris, Pachymagas, and Terebratulina 368
  Plate XXV
    Figs. 1–14. Species of Neothyris and Pachymagas 368
  Plate XXVI
    Figs. 1–18. Species of Pachymagas and Waiparia 380
  Plate XXVII
    Figs. 1–9. Species of Pachymagas and Neothyris 380
J. A. Bartrum
  Plate XXVIII
    Fig. 1. Quartz-norite, Cleddau-Hollyford Saddle 416
    Fig. 2. Dolerite, Silverdale, Auckland 416
    Fig. 3. Basalt, Ti Point, Whangateau 416
    Fig. 4. Basalt, Ohakune ballast-pit 416
  Plate XXIX
    Fig. 1. Granodiorite 424
    Fig. 2. Banded dioritic gneiss 424
    Fig. 3. Dolerite showing lath-like form of feldspars 424
    Fig. 4. Trachyte 424
W. N. Watt
  Plate XXX
    Figs. 1–10. Species of Parectopa 440