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Volume 52, 1920

Roll Of Honour

Showing Members Of The Institute Who Were On Active Service During The War.
Name. Available Details of Service.
Wellington Philosophical Society.
E. H. Atkinson Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
C. M. Begg Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps C.B., C.M.G. Died of sickness.
Val. Blake Lieutenant, Canterbury Infantry Killed in action.
F. K. Broadgate Lieutenant, N.Z. Engineers Killed in action.
P. W. Burbidge Sergeant, 34th Specialists.
W. H. Carter Canterbury Infantry.
L. J. Comrie Sergeant-Major, 36th Reinforcements.
V. C. Davies Regimental Sergeant-Major, 1st N.Z. Rifle Brigade
W. Earnshaw Engineer Lieut.-Commander, R.N.
C. J. Freeman N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
C. Freyberg Lieutenant, West York (Prince of Wales's Own) Regiment.
J. G. B. Fulton Corporal, 10th Reinforcements.
H. E. Girdlestone Company Sergeant-Major, Wellington Infantry Killed in action.
H. Hamilton Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
C. G. Johnston Lieutenant, 1st N.Z. Rifle Brigade Killed in action.
G. W. King Lieutenant, N.Z. Tunnelling Company.
E. Marsden Major (temp.), N.Z. Engineers M.C.; mentioned in despatches.
D. McKenzie Trooper, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
H. M. Millar Sergeant, N.Z. Engineers' Divisional Signalling Company.
W. L. Moore Captain, N.Z. Field Artillery Mentioned in despatches.
T. D. M. Stout Lieut.-Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps D.S.O.
R. M. Sunley Corporal, Specialists.
W. M. Thomson Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
H. S. Tily Sergeant, N.Z. Field Artillery.
H. Vickerman Major, commanding N.Z. Tunnelling Company D.S.O., O.B.E.: mentioned in despatches.
C. J. Westland Corporal, N.Z. Machine Gun Corps.
Auckland Institute.
F. L. Armitage Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
S. B. Bowyer Gunner, N.Z. Field Artillery.
R. Briffault Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
P. H. Buck (Te Rangihiroa) Major, N.Z. Medical Corps D.S.O.
S. Cory-Wright Captain, N.Z. Engineers, Divisional Intelligence Officer M.C.
W. J. Crompton 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
F. N. R. Downard Lieutenant, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
G. Fenwick Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
– xxii –
R. H. Gunson Lieutenant, Motor Boat Reserve.
G. H. Hansard Sergeant-Major, 33rd Machine Gun Corps.
D. Holderness Lieutenant, N.Z. Engineers.
R. T. Inglis Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
C. W. Leys Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
K. Mackenzie Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
H. A. E. Milnes Lieutenant, Auckland Infantry Regiment Killed in action.
W. R. B. Oliver Corporal, Canterbury Infantry.
G. Owen Lieutenant, N.Z. Rifle Brigade and N.Z. Engineers.
A. C. Purchas Major, N.Z. Medical Corps.
E. Robertson Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
C. B. Rossiter Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
T. C. Savage Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps Died of sickness.
Rev. D. Scott Chaplains Department, N.Z. Expeditionary Force.
H. L. Wade Captain, Auckland Mounted Rifles.
F. Whittome Corporal, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.
H. Acland Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps.
G. E. Archey Captain, N.Z. Field Artillery.
J. W. Bird Sergeant-Major, Instructional Staff.
F. J. Borrie Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
F. M. Corkill Captain.
William Deans Captain, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.
A. A. Dorrien-Smith Major.
A. Fairbairn Captain.
H. D. Ferrar Trooper, N.Z. Mounted Rifles.
C. E. Foweraker Corporal, N.Z. Medical Corps.
F. G. Gibson Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
J. Guthrie Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
W. Irving Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
L. S. Jennings Captain, Otago Regiment Killed in action.
H. Lang 2nd Lieutenant, N.Z. Rifle Brigade Killed in action.
E. Kidson Captain, Royal Engineers.
G. MacIndoe Signaller, Otago Infantry Brigade Killed in action.
P. S. Nelson Private, Canterbury Regiment Killed in action.
F. S. Oliver Sergeant, Headquarters Instructional Staff.
H. V. Rowe Sergeant-Major, Headquarters Instructional Staff.
Sir R. H. Rhodes Colonel, Red Cross Commissioner.
A. Taylor Captain, N.Z. Veterinary Corps.
G. T. Weston Lieutenant. Canterbury Regiment.
F. S. Wilding Captain, N.Z. Field Artillery.
J. P. Whetter Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
A. M. Wright Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
Otago Institute.
S. C. Allen Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
R. Buddle Surgeon, H.M. Ships “Crescent,” “Cumberland,” and “Warwick” Mentioned in despatches.
L. E. Barnett Lieut.-Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps C.M.G.
F. C. Batchelor Lieut.-Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps.
Rev. D. Dutton Chaplain, N.Z. Expeditionary Force.
A. Mackie Sergeant, N.Z. Expeditionary Force M.M.
E. J. O'Neill Lieut.-Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps C.M.G., D.S.O.
– xxiii –
T. R. Overton Lieutenant, N.Z. Pioneers.
H. P. Pickerill Lieut.-Colonel, N.Z. Medical Corps O.B.E.
R. Price Major, Otago Infantry Killed in action.
E. F. Roberts Captain, Royal Engineers.
S. G. Sandle Major, N.Z. Expeditionary Force.
F. H. Statham Major, Otago Infantry Killed in action.
W. D. Stewart Lieutenant, Otago Infantry.
W. A. Thomson N.Z. Machine Gun Corps.
R. N. Vanes Lieutenant, N.Z. Expeditionary Force.
D. B. Waters Captain, N.Z. Tunnelling Corps.
H. F. H. Whitcombe Gunner, N.Z. Field Artillery.
Manawatu Philosophical Society.
E. C. Barnett Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
D. H. B. Bett Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
A. A. Martin Major, N.Z. Medical Corps Killed in action.
J. Murray Lieutenant, Auckland Infantry.
H. D. Skinner Private, Otago Infantry D.C.M.
W. R. Stowe Major, N.Z. Medical Corps.
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.
H. F. Bernau Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.
J. P. D. Leahy Major, N.Z. Medical Corps.
E. F. Northcroft Corporal, 41st Reinforcements.
E. G. Wheeler Corporal, Wellington Regiment.
G. T. Williams Wellington Mounted Rifles Died of sickness.
Nelson Institute.
F. A. Bett Captain, N.Z. Medical Corps.

Note.—The roll is as complete as it has been found possible to make it. The Editor would be glad to be notified of any omissions or necessary amendments.