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Volume 52, 1920
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– 534 –

Serial Publications Received by the Library of the New Zealand Institute, 1919.

New Zealand.

  • Geological Survey: Bulletins.

  • Houses of Parliament: Journals and Appendix.

  • New Zealand Official Year-book.

  • Polynesian Society: Journal.

  • Statistics of New Zealand.


  • Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers: Proceedings.

  • Australian Antarctic Expedition, 1911–14: Reports.

  • Commonwealth of Australia, Fisheries: Parliamentary Report.

New South Wales.

  • Agricultural Department, N.S.W.: Agricultural Gazette.

  • Australian Museum, Sydney: Records; Annual Report.

  • Botanic Gardens and Government Domains, N.S.W.: Report.

  • Critical Revision of the Genus Eucalyptus.

  • Linnean Society of N.S.W.: Proceedings.

  • Northern Engineering Institute of N.S.W.: Papers.

  • Public Health Department, N.S.W.: Annual Report.


  • Geological Survey of Queensland: Publications.

  • Royal Society of Queensland: Proceedings.

South Australia.

  • Adelaide Chamber of Commerce: Annual Report.

  • Department of Chemistry, South Australia: Bulletins.

  • Mines Department and Geological Survey of South Australia: Mining Operations; G.S. Bulletins and Reports; Metallurgical Reports; Synopsis of Mining Laws.

  • Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia: Annual Report.

  • Royal Society of South Australia: Transactions and Proceedings.


  • Royal Society of Tasmania: Papers and Proceedings.

– 535 –


  • Advisory Committee: Report on Brown Coal.

  • Department of Agriculture: Journal.

  • Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria: Victorian Naturalist.

  • Mines Department and Geological Survey of Victoria: Annual Report; Bulletins; Records.

  • Public Library, Museum, and National Art Gallery of Victoria: Annual Report.

  • Royal Society of Victoria: Proceedings.

Western Australia.

  • Geological Survey of Western Australia: Bulletins.

United Kingdom.

  • British Association for the Advancement of Science: Report.

  • British Museum: Catalogues; Guides; Scientific Reports of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910.

  • Cambridge Philosophical Society: Proceedings.

  • Geological Society, London: Quarterly Journal.

  • Geological Survey of Great Britain: Summary of Progress.

  • Linnean Society: Journal (Botany); Proceedings; List of Members.

  • Liverpool Biological Society: Proceedings.

  • Marine Biological Association: Journal.

  • Mineralogical Society: Mineralogical Magazine.

  • North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers: Transactions; Annual Report.

  • Oxford University: Calendar.

  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain: Journal.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh: Notes.

  • Royal Colonial Institute: United Empire.

  • Royal Geographical Society; Geographical Journal.

  • Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh: Proceedings.

  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society: Scottish Geographical Magazine.

  • Royal Society of Edinburgh: Proceedings; Transactions.

  • Royal Society, London: Proceedings (Series A, B); Phil. Trans. (Series A, B); Year-book.

  • Royal Society of Literature: Transactions.

  • Royal Statistical Society, London: Journal.

  • Victoria Institute, London: Journal of Transactions.


  • Librairie Nationale d'Art et d'Histoire: Les Cahiers belges.


  • Acad. Roy. de Sciences et de Lettres de Denmark: Fordhandlinger; Memoires.

  • Dansk. Naturh. Foren., Kjöbenhavn: Videnskabelige Meddelelser.

  • Kong. Dansk. Videnskab. Selskab.: Forhandlinger; Skrifter.

– 536 –


  • Société de Chimie Industrielle, Paris: Chimie et industries.

  • Musée d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris: Bulletins.

  • Société de Géographie: La Géographie.

  • Société Zoologique de France: Bulletin.

Holland and Dutch East Indies.

  • Banka Tin: Jaaresverslag von de Winning.

  • Rijks Ethnographisch Museum, Leiden: Verslag.


  • Reale Società Geographica, Roma: Bollettino.

  • Revista Geographica Italiana.

  • Società Africana d'Italia: Bollettino.

  • Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Pisa: Processi verbali.


  • Bergens Museum: Aarbok; Aarberetning.


  • Junta de Ciences Naturals de Barcelona: Series botanica, geologica.

India and Ceylon.

  • Agricultural Department, Calcutta: Report on Progress of Agriculture.

  • Agricultural Research Institute and College, Pusa: Report.

  • Colombo Museum; Spolia Zeylanica.


  • Imperial Earthquake Investigation Committee, Tokyo: Bulletin.

  • Imperial University of Tokyo: Journal of the College of Science.

  • Tohoku Imperial University, Sendai: Science Reports.

Malay States.

  • Malay States Government Gazette.


  • South African Association for the Advancement of Science: South African Journal of Science.


  • Department of Naval Service: Annual Report; Tide Tables.

  • Mines Department, Geological Survey Branch: Memories; Summary Report; Museum Bulletin.

  • Mines Department, Mines Branch: Bulletins; Annual Report; other publications.

– 537 –
United States.
  • Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia: Proceedings.

  • American Geographical Society, New York: Geographical Review.

  • American Institute of Mining Engineers: Transactions.

  • American Philosophical Society: Proceedings.

  • Californian Academy of Sciences: Proceedings.

  • Chicago University: Journal of Geology.

  • Franklin Institute: Journal.

  • Library of Congress, Washington: Report.

  • Lloyd Library, Ohio: Index.

  • Minnesota University and Geological Survey: Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin.

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens: Annals.

  • Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard: Bulletin; Annual Report; Memoirs.

  • National Academy of Sciences: Proceedings.

  • New York Academy of Sciences: Annals. Ohio Journal of Science.

  • Ohio State University: Bulletin.

  • Smithsonian Institution and U.S. National Museum: Annual Report; Miscellaneous Collections; Contributions to Knowledge; Bulletins; Contributions from U.S. National Herbarium.

  • Tufts College: Studies (Scientific Series).

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture: Journal of Agricultural Research; Monthly List of Publications.

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey: North American Fauna; Bulletins.

  • U.S. Geological Survey: Annual Report; Professional Papers; Mineral Resources; Bulletins; Water-supply Papers.

  • University of California: Bulletin of Department of Geology.

  • Wagner Free Institute of Science: Transactions.

  • Academia Nacional de Ciencias: Boletin.

  • Instituto Geologico de Mexico: Anales.

  • Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas del Peru: Boletin.

  • Bishop Museum: Memoirs.

  • Bureau of Science: Philippine Journal of Science.

  • Société d'Études Oceanniennes: Bulletin.