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Volume 52, 1920
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Authors of Papers.

Adkin, G. L.—Examples of Readjustment of Drainage on the Tararua Western Foothills Pages
Andersen, J. C.—The Mission of the “Britomart” at Akaroa in August, 1840 183191
Bartrum, J. A. 7889
Additional Facts concerning the Distribution of Igneous Rocks in New Zealand: No. 2 416422
The Conglomerate at Albany, Lucas Creek, Waitemata Harbour 422430
Beattie, H.
The Southern Maori, and Greenstone 4552
Nature-lore of the Southern Maori 5377
Betts, M. W.
Notes from the Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station, Cass. No. 7—The Rosette Plants: Part I 253275
Notes on the Autecology of certain Plants of the Peridotite Belt, Nelson: Part I—Structure of some of the Plants (No. 3) 276314
Gheeseman, T. F.—Contributions to a Fuller Knowledge of the Flora of New Zealand: No. 7 916
Chilton, Charles.—Some New Zealand Amphipoda: No. 1 18
Clarke, C. E.
New Lepidoptera 35
Lepidoptera of Auckland and the King-country 3641
Donovan, W.—Sting-ray-liver Oil 29
Donovan, W., and Burton, G. C.—The Distillation of Waikaia Oil-shale 2729
Holloway, J. E.—Studies in the New Zealand Species of the Genus Lycopodium: Part IV—The Structure of the Prothallus in Five Species 193239
Hudson, G. V.
Illustrated Life-histories of New Zealand Insects: No. 1 3234
On some Examples of New Zealand Insects illustrating the Darwinian Principle of Sexual Selection 431438
Johnson (Mrs.), D. E.—The Food Values of New Zealand Fish: Part I 2026
Marshall, P.
The Tawhiti Series, East Cape District 109110
The Hampden Beds and the New Zealand Tertiary Limestones 111114
Marshall, P., and Murdoch, R.
The Tertiary Rocks near Wanganui 115128
Some Tertiary Mollusca, with Descriptions of New Species 128136
Martin, W.—Pteridophytes of Banks Peninsula (Eastern Portion) 315322
Meyrick, E.—Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera 3032
Park, J.—On the Occurrence of Striated Boulders in a Palaeozoic Breccia near Taieri Mouth, Otago, New Zealand 107108
Petrie, D.—Descriptions of New Native Flowering-plants 1719
Philopott, A.—Notes and Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera 4244
Poppelwell, D. L.
Notes on the Indigenous Vegetation of the North-eastern Portion of the Hokonui Hills, with a List of Species 239247
Notes on the Indigenous Vegetation of Ben Lomond, with a List of Species 248252
Rowe, E. A.—The Influence of Salts of the Alkali and Alkaline-earth Metals on the Solubility in Water of Calcium Carbonate (a) in the Presence of Air free from Carbon Dioxide, (b) in the Presence of Excess of Carbon Dioxide 192
Thomson, J. Allan.—The Notocene Geology of the Middle Waipara and Weka Pass District, North Canterbury, New Zealand 322415
Uttley, G. H.
Tertiary Geology of the Area between the Otiake River (Kurow District) and Duntroon, North Otago 137153
Tertiary Geology of the Area between Wharekuri and the Otiake River, North Otago 154168
Remarks on Bulletin No. 20 (New Series) of the New Zealand Geological Survey 169182
Wall, A.
Ranunculus paucifolius T. kirk: its Distribution and Ecology, and the Bearing of these upon certain Geological and Phylogenetic Problems 90105
Helichrysum dimorphum Cockayne—a Hybrid? 106107
Watt, M. N.—The Leaf-mining Insects of New Zealand 439466