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Volume 53, 1921
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Kenneth Wilson, 1842–1920.

Kenneth Wilson, M.A., was born at Leeds in 1842, the youngest son of Thomas Wilson, M.A., Director of the A. and C. Canal Navigation Company. He entered the Leeds Grammar-school, completing his school education there, and leaving with a scholarship which took him to St. John's College, Cambridge. At Cambridge he took his degree, and at that place he imbibed that pronounced appreciation of the classics of English literature which he retained throughout his life. After leaving Cambridge Mr. Wilson spent some years as assistant master at Mostyn House, Cheshire, and on being offered a position on the staff of King Edward VI School at Southampton he accepted it, and remained there until he came to New Zealand in 1881 as Headmaster of Wellington College, with which he was connected for many years. During this period many men now in Wellington and elsewhere passed through the school, and they recall with friendly affection the upright and distinguished figure of the Headmaster. For the last thirty years of his life Mr. Wilson resided in Palmerston North; his was a familiar figure, and his devotion to the beloved classics provided one of the few remaining links with that period of English University life when the Classical Tripos represented the beginning and the end of educational excellence. Though actively engaged in teaching during his residence in Palmerston North, he found time for other pursuits, and in conjunction with Mr. Welch was one of the founders of the Manawatu Philosophical Society. He was President, and for eleven years Secretary, of the society, and its members have good reason for remembering him, since it was mainly due to his enthusiasm and tireless, patient work that the society is in the strong position it occupies to-day. Mr. Wilson, who lost a son in the war, died on the 10th October, 1920, aged seventy-eight years.

Chas. T. Salmon.