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Volume 53, 1921
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Art. XXI.—Notes on New Zealand Mollusca: No. 2.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 27th October, 1920; received by Editor 15th December, 1920; issued separately, 4th July, 1921.]

Callochiton empleur (Hutton).*

Foveaux Strait, N.Z.; about 15 fathoms.

A specimen of this rare chiton was recently found amongst a quantity of oyster-scrapings obtained from the New Zealand Trawling and Fishsupply Company, Wellington. The material came from the Foveaux Strait oyster-beds, and amongst it quite a considerable variety of Mollusca was found.

The specimen now exhibited is unfortunately badly broken, but as the anterior and posterior valves are practically perfect it is possible to supplement Suter's description in some details which for lack of material he was unable to determine.

The anterior valve has 14 very shallow, irregularly-spaced slits; the teeth are comparatively solid, with their edges lightly grooved. The interior is white, and has an irregular squarish pattern, due to the intersection of the three concentric growth-lines, and of the slit-rays, which are traceable to the apex.

The posterior valve has 11 slits; the teeth are solid, are slightly thinner than the anterior ones, but are similarly grooved. The interior is white, with a bright pink patch under the mucro.

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