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Volume 53, 1921
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Art. XLVI.—New Plant-stations.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 6th October, 1920; received by Editor, 21st October, 1920; issued separately, 12th August, 1921.]

(The initials in square brackets are those of the person by whom the species or variety has been identified: B. C. A. for Mr. B. C. Aston; T. F. C. for Mr. T. F. Cheeseman; L. C. for Dr. L. Cockayne; D. p. for Mr. D. Petrie; A. W. for the author.)

Ranunculus sericophyllus Hook. f. Mount Rolleston; mountains at the head of the Waimakariri, 6,000 ft. [A. W.].

Ranunculus gracilipes Hook. f. Two Thumb Range, near Lake Tekapo, 6,500 ft. [D. P.].

Ranunculus foliosus T. Kirk. Walker's Pass, head of the Hawdon River [D. P.].

Ranunculus Cheesemanii T. Kirk. Mount White district, 2,500 ft. [D. P.].

Ranunculus depressus T. Kirk. Two Thumb Range, 6,500 ft. [D. P.].

Cardamine depressa Hook. f. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Cardamine fastigiata Hook. f. Mount Skedaddle, Mandamus River, North Canterbury, 5,000 ft. [L. C.]. Formerly only in Nelson, Marlborough, the Macaulay River, and Otago.

Cardamine Enysii Cheesem. Puketeraki Range 6,000 ft.; mountains flanking Hawdon River, 6,000 ft. [A. W.].

Lepidium sisymbrioides Hook. f. Maniototo Plains, near Waipiata [A. W.]. Not recorded previously south of the Waitaki and Lake Wanaka.

Hectorella caespitosa Hook. f. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [L. C.].

Aristotelia Colensoi Hook. f. Mount Hutt, in Fagus forest, 2,000 ft. [L. C.].

Carmichaelia gracilis Armstr. Poulter River, 2,000 ft. [A. W.]. Recorded only to 1,500 ft. in Manual, and not before in the south alpine region.

Carmichaelia prona T. Kirk. Lake Mary Mere, Craigieburn [A. W.].

Geum, parviflorum Sm. Mount Herbert, Banks Peninsula, 2,800 ft. [A. W.].

Acaena inermis var. breviscapa Bittr. Mandamus River, North Canterbury [L. C.].

Epilobium brevipes Hook. f. Mouth of Mandamus River, tributary of the Hurunui River, North Canterbury [L. C.].

Epilobium gracilipes T. Kirk. Esk River and Iron Creek (Upper Waimakariri), on sandstone cliffs [A. W.].

Hydrocatyle dissecta Hook. f. Waikawa, Southland [D. P.].

Eryngium vesiculosum Lab. Balmoral scrub, North Canterbury, about twenty-four miles from sea-coast [L. C.].

Aciphylla Cuthbertiana Petrie. Takitimu Mountains, 4,500 ft. [D. P.].

Ligusticum piliferum var. pinnatifidum T. Kirk. Macaulay River, 4,000 ft. [D. P.].

Pseudopanax ferox T. Kirk. Camp Bay, Lyttelton Harbour [A. W.].

Coprosma grandifolia Hook, f. Mount Grey, near Amberley, North Canterbury [L. C.].

Coprosma virescens Petrie. Port Hills and Banks Peninsula [A. W.]. “Lake Forsyth” was the only Canterbury station for this recorded by Kirk.

Olearia lacunosa Hook. f. Crawford Range, Lake Sumner, 4,000–5,000 ft. [L. C.].

Olearia moschata Hook. f. Takitimu Mountains, 4,000–5,000 ft. [A. W.].

Celmisia ramulosa Hook, f. Rock and Pillar Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Celmisia densiflora Hook. f. Takitimu Mountains, 4,000 ft. [A. W.].

– 427 –

Celmisia Armstrongii Petrie. Crawford Range, Lake Sumner, 5,000 ft. [L. C.].

Celmisia Petriei Cheesem. Takitimu Mountains, 4,000–5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Celmisia linearis Armstr. Mount Miromiro, Hanmer, 6,000 ft. [L. C.]; mountains flanking the Hawdon River, 6,000 ft. [L. C.]. Not previously recorded in Canterbury except in Mount Cook district by Cheeseman.

Celmisia Hectori Hook. f. Takitimu Mountains, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Celmisia argentea T. Kirk. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Raoulia Haastii Hook. f. Hurunui River [A. W.].

Raoulia Parkii Buch. Two Thumb Range, 3,000–6,000 ft. [D. P.].

Raoulia Hectori Hook, f. Two Thumb Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Raoulia Petriensis T. Kirk. Two Thumb Range, 4,000–6,500 ft. [D. P.].

Cotula filiformis Hook, f. Balmoral scrub, North Canterbury [L. C.]. Also found by Mr. Christensen, Hanmer Plains.

Senecio revolutus T. Kirk. Takitimu Mountains, 4,000–5,000 ft. [A. W.]. Previously recorded from more western localities only.

Phyllachne rubra Cheesem. Rock and Pillar Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Selliera radicans Cav. Saline patches by Taieri River, near Waipiata [A. W.]. Recorded inland on margins of the larger lakes only.

Lobelia Roughii Hook, f. Two Thumb Range, 5,000–6,000 ft. [A. W.].

Pernettya nana Col. Base of Two Thumb Range, Lake Tekapo [A. W.].

Dracophyllum prostratum T. Kirk. Takitimu Mountains, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Dracophyllum muscoides Hook. f. Benger Range, near Roxburgh [D. P.].

Samolus repens Pers. Saline patches near Taieri River, Waipiata [A. W.]. Not recorded in the Manual from any inland station.

Gentiana tenuifolia Petrie. Lake Pearson, North Canterbury, 2,000 ft. [D. P.].

Myosotis pulvinaris Hook. f. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Gratiola peruviana Linn. Wycliffe Bay, Otago Peninsula [B. C. A.].

Veronica amabilis var. blanda Cheesem. Bluff Hill [D. P.].

Veronica Buchanani Hook, f. Rock and Pillar Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Veronica pimeleoides var. glauco-caerulea Cheesem. Base of Two Thumb Range to 4,000 ft. [D. P.]. Apparently no definite locality for this has been recorded.

Veronica Gilliesiana T. Kirk. Crawford Range, Lake Sumner, 5,000 ft. [L. C.].

Veronica quadrifaria T. Kirk. Mount Skedaddle, Mandamus River, 4,000 ft. [L. C.]; Two Thumb Range, 6,000 ft. [D. P.]. The only Canterbury station previously recorded is Mount Dobson. Occurs also on Mount Peel and in its vicinity.

Veronica Hectori Hook. f. Takitimu Mountains, 3,000–5,000 ft. [D. P.]; Old Man Range, 5,000 ft.

Veronica propinqua Cheesem. Mount Benger, near Roxburgh, 3,000 ft. [D. P.].

Veronica Thomsoni Cheesem. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Ourisia glandulosa Hook, f. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Plantago lanigera Hook. f. Upper Hurunui River [L. C.]. No definite Canterbury station has been recorded.

Muehlenbeckia ephedrioides Hook, f. Hurunui River, c. 2,500 ft. [A. W.]. The only Canterbury locality recorded is the Waipara River. This is the first record for the Canterbury alpine region.

Pimelea sericeo-villosa Hook. f. Mount White, Upper Waimakariri [D. P.]. Not previously recorded in North Canterbury.

Luzula Cheesemanii Buchen. Mount St. Bernard, Craigieburn, 5,000 ft. [D. P.]; Rock and Pillar Range, 5,000 ft. [A. W.].

– 428 –

Luzula leptophylla Buchen. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [A. W.]; Rock and Pillar Range, 5,000 ft. [A. W.].

Luzula racemosa var Traversii Buchen. Mount St. Bernard, 4,000 ft. [A. W.]; Mount Hutt; 5,000 ft. [A. W.]; and many other localities in Canterbury and Otago. Hitherto recorded from very few stations in Canterbury.

Triglochin plaustre Linn. Taieri River, Waipiata [A. W.]. The only Otago station hitherto recorded is Ophir.

Scirpus basilaris C. B. Clarke. Castle Hill, Waimakariri Basin [A. W.].

Gahnia pauciflora T. Kirk. Mount Grey, near Amberley [L. C.]; apparently first record in Canterbury. Also at Glentui, near Oxford [R. M. Laing].

Uncinia purpurata Petrie. Hanmer Mountains, to 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Carex pyrenaica Wahl. Mount Miromiro, Hanmer, 6,000 ft. [L. C.].

Carex appressa R. Br. Near Godley Head, Port Hills, Christchurch [D. P.]. First record north of Otago.

Carex resectans Cheesem. Port Hills, Christchurch, and Banks Peninsula [D. P.]. Was no doubt formerly also on Canterbury Plains, and has been found by myself in lawn near Christchurch and in the New Brighton dunes.

Carex Raoulii Boott. Mount Hutt, Pudding Hill Stream, 3,000 ft. [A. W.].

Carex rubicunda Petrie. Richmond Station, Lake Tekapo, margins of ponds [D. P.]. First record for Canterbury. Previously only at Lake Te Anau and one station in the North Island.

Carex Berggreni Petrie. Hawdon River, north branch of Waimakariri [D. P.]; also at Arthui's Pass [W. Martin].

Deyeuxia Petriei Hack. Mount Herbert, Banks Peninsula, 2,500–2,800 ft. [D. P.] First record for Canterbury The flowering-glume has no awn. Mr. Petrie informs me that this species must be reduced to a variety of D. Youngii.

Deschampsia Chapmani Petrie Jollie's Pass, Hanmer [D. P.]. Not before recorded outside Canterbury and Otago.

Trisetum subspicatum Beauv. A small form of this species grows at 7,000 ft., or just below that, on the Two Thumb Range [A. W.]. “Usually to 5,500 ft.” in Manual.

Danthonia crassiuscula T. Kirk. Takitimu Mountains, 4,000 ft. [D. P.]. Hitherto chiefly recorded much farther west.

Triodia exigua T. Kirk. In the Waimakariri River bed, close to Christchurch, at sea-level [A. W.]. From 500 ft. to 3,000 ft. in Manual.

Poa Cheesemanii Hack. Hawdon River (north branch of Waimakariri), 2,000–2,500 ft. [D. P.]. First record for Canterbury.

Poa pygmaea Buch. Old Man Range, 5,000 ft. [D. P.]; Mount Benger, 3,000 ft. [D. P.]. Both these are referred to this species by Mr. Petrie with some reservation.

Poa Cockayniana Petrie. Mount St. Bernard, Craigieburn, 5,000 ft. [D. P.].

Asperella gracilis T. Kirk. Mount Herbert, 2,800 ft., Banks Peninsula (first record since Raoul's at Akaroa); Five Rivers Plains Otago; Lake Tekapo [A. W.; D. P.].

Gymnogramme leptophylla Desv. Akaroa Harbour [A. W.].

Introduced Plants.

Glyceria procumbens. Tomahawk Lagoon, Dunedin [D. P.; T. F. C.]. A new record for the Dominion.

Alisma Plantago. Lower Avon, Christchurch [A. W.].