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Volume 53, 1921
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The annual general meeting of the Scientific Branch of the Nelson Institute, the first meeting of the present year, was held on the 11th August, 1920, Mr. F. G. Gibbs presiding. Over twenty persons were present, apologies being received from a number of others who were willing to become members.

After some discussion as to the future constitution, it was decided that the work of the branch should continue on the lines previously followed, and the existing constitution was adopted. Gratification was expressed at the large accession of new members, and especially at the willingness of the staff of the Cawthron Institute to take an active part in the operations of the branch.

Three meetings of the committee and three general meetings were subsequently held. Well-attended lectures were given by Professor T. H. Easterfield, on “Colloids,” and T. Rigg, on “The Work of the Rothamsted Experimental Station.” The following papers were read: R. J. Tillyard, “A New Species of Uropetela”; A. Philpott, “Notes on the Lepidoptera.”

The final gathering of the year took the form of an excursion to the Dun Mountain, under the leadership of F. G. Gibbs.

Election of Officers for 1921.—President—Theodore Rigg, M.A., M.Sc. Committee—Professor T. H Easterfield, M.A., Ph.D, F.N.Z.Inst.; Miss K. M. Curtis, M.A., D.Sc, D.I.C.; F. G. Gibbs, M.A.; A. Philpott, F.E.S.; F. V. Knapp; and F. L. N. Tuck, B.Sc. Secretary and Treasurer—W. C. Davies.