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Volume 53, 1921
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Through the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury:—

  • Professor Evans, £200 and £200 for research on New Zealand brown coals.

  • Mr. George Gray, £50 for research on the waters of Canterbury.

  • Professor C. Coleridge Farr, £75 for research on the physical properties of gas-free sulphur.

  • Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, £100 on behalf of the Artesian Wells Committee of Canterbury.

Through the Otago Institute:—

  • Mr. H. D. Skinner, £200 for an ethnographical survey of the South Island.

  • Professor J. Malcolm, £150 for research into the food values of New Zealand fishes.

Through the Wellington Philosophical Society:—

  • Sir D. E. Hutchins, £50 for research on the growth of native trees.

  • Professor E. Marsden, £50 for research on the physical properties of New Zealand timbers.

Through the Nelson Institute:—

  • Miss K. M. Curtis, £100 for research in parasitic mycology.