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Volume 53, 1921


Authors Of Papers.

Adkin, G. L.—Porirua Harbour: a Study of its Shore-line and other Physiographic Features144156
Archey, G.—
Notes on New Zealand Chilopoda181195
A New Species of Shark195196
Baillie, H.—The First New Zealand Navy; with some Episodes of the Maori War in connection with the British Navy2936
Bartrum, J. A.—
Notes on the Geology of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand115127
A Conglomerate at Onerahi, near Whangarei Auckland, New Zealand128130
Best, E.—
The Maori Genius for Personification; with Illustrations of Maori Mentality113
Old Redoubts, Blockhouses, and Stockades of the Wellington District1428
Bevis, J. F. See Wright, A. M., and others.
Buck, P. H. See Rangi Hiroa, Te.
Campbell, J. W.—Notes on the Blepharoceridae (Diptera) of New Zealand258288
Cheeseman, T. F.—New Species of Flowering-plants423425
Chilton, C.—Some New Zealand Amphipoda: No. 2220234
Cotton, C. A.—The Warped Land-surface on the South-eastern Side of the Port Nicholson Depression. Wellington, New Zealand131143
Cunningham, G. H.—The Genus Cordyceps in New Zealand372382
Fowler, J. M.—On an Ice-striated Rock-surface on the Shore of Circle Cove, Lake Manapouri175
Fulton, R.—An Account of a (supposed Maori) Sharpening-stone471472
Gilbert, M. J.—Geology of the Waikato Heads District and the Kawa Unconformity97114
Grange, L. I.—An Account of the Geology of the Green Island Coalfield157174
Griffin, L. T.—Descriptions (with Illustrations) of Four Fishes new to New Zealand351357
Holloway, J. E.—Further Studies on the Prothallus, Embryo, and Young Sporophyte of Tmesipteris386422
Johnson, D. E.—The Food Values of New Zealand Fish: Part II472478
Kirk, H. B.—On Growth-periods of New Zealand Trees, especially Nothofagus fusca and the Totara (Podocarpus totara)429432
Marshall, P., and Murdoch, R.—
Some Tertiary Mollusca, with Descriptions of New Species7784
Fossils from the Paparoa Rapids, on the Wanganui River8586
Tertiary Rocks near Hawera8696
Martin, W.—
Unrecorded Plant-habitats for Eastern Botanical District of the South Island of New Zealand383385
Mason, G. E.—Observations on certain External Parasites found upon the New Zealand Huia (Neomorpha acutirostris Gould) and not previously recorded357359
Mestayer, M. K.—
Notes on New Zealand Mollusca: No. 1, Descriptions of Three New Species of Polyplacophora and of Damoniella alpha176180
Notes on New Zealand Mollusca: No. 2180
– 584 –
Meyrick, E.—Notes and Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera334336
Miller, D.—Material for a Monograph on the Diptera Fauna of New Zealand: Part II, Family Syrphidae289333
Morgan, P. G.—Notes on the Geology of the Patea District5864
Myers, J. G.—
The Life-history of some New Zealand Insects: No. 1236237
A Revision of the New Zealand Cicadidae (Homiptera), with Descriptions of New Species238250
Bionomic Notes on some New Zealand Spiders, with a Plea for the Validity of the Species Araneus orientalis Urquhart251256
Notes on the Hemiptera of the Kermadec Islands, with an Addition to the Hemiptera Fauna of the New Zealand Subregion256257
Nelson, P. S. See Wright, A. M. and others.
Oliver, W. R. B.—
The Crab-eating Seal in New Zealand360
Variations in Amphineura361
Notes and Specimens of New Zealand Ferns and Flowering-plants in London Herbaria362365
Park, J.—
The Geological History of Eastern Marlborough6572
The Birth and Development of New Zealand7376
Petrie, D.—Descriptions of New Native Flowering-plants, with a few Notes365371
Philpott, A.—Notes and Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera337342
Rangi Hiroa, Te
Maori Food-supplies of Lake Rotorua, with Methods of obtaining them, and Usages and Customs appertaining thereto433451
Maori Decorative Art: No. 1, House-panels (Arapaki, Tuitui, or Tuku-tuku)452470
Speight, R.—
Notes on a Geological Excursion to Lake Tekapo3746
The Modification of Spur-ends by Glaciation4753
Recent Changes in the Terminal Face of the Franz Josef Glacier5357
Tillyard, R. J.—
Description of a New Dragon-fly belonging to the Genus Uropetala Selys343346
Studies of New Zealand Trichoptera, or caddis-flies: No. 1, Description of a New Genus and Species belonging to the Family Sericostomatidae346350
Wall, A.—New Plant-stations426428
Watt, M. N.—The Leaf-mining Insects of New Zealand: Part II197219
Wright, A. M.—The Anticomplementary Properties observed in certain Serum Reactions484486
Wright, A. M.; Bevis, J. F.; and Nelson, P. S.—The Chemistry of Flesh Foods—(5) The Nitrogenous Constituents of Meat-extracts479483

Marcus F. Marks, Government Printer, Wellington.—1921.