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Volume 54, 1923
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Algal Communities.

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Fig. 1.—Tunicate (Cynthia) formation, low-tide belt, Auckland Harbour.

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Fig. 2.—Long Beach, Bay of Islands. Under-side of stones in rock-pool at low-water mark. The tunicates are Corella sp. on the right and Styela caerulea on the left.

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Fig. 1.—Animal and plant formations between tide-marks, Takapuna. Above, Chamaesipho columna; centre, Ostrea cucullata, below, Corallina Hormosira.

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Fig. 2.—Vermilia carinifera on reef in Auckland Harbour.

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Fig. 1.—Amphidesma subtrianguiata exposed on sandy beach between tides. Mount Maunganui, Tauranga.

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Fig. 2.—Amphibola crenata on [ unclear: ] intertidal mud-flats, Lyttelton Harbour

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Interior of mangrove forest, Mahurangi River.

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