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Volume 55, 1924
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– 203 –


Gelechia lapillosa n. sp.

♂. 15–16 mm. Head, palpi, and thorax slaty-grey, somewhat speckled whitish. Forewings rather narrow, apex pointed, termen very obliquely rounded; dark slaty-fuscous, irregularly sprinkled or mixed whitish-grey; markings cloudy, formed by absence of pale mixture, or in one specimen blackish; spots representing stigmata, plical rather obliquely before first discal, a thick oblique bar from costa terminating in these two, an additional spot midway between plical and base; an angulated grey-whitish transverse shade at ¾ more or less distinct: cilia light grey, basal half somewhat sprinkled dark fuscous. Hindwings and cilia light grey.

Mount Ruapehu, 4,000 ft., in January, “very common in river-bed” (Hudson); four specimens. Next lithodes.

– 204 –

Gelechia aerobatis n. sp.

♂. 15 mm. Head, palpi, and thorax light-greyish. Forewings rather narrow, pointed, termen very oblique; rather light-brownish, darker towards base; a rather broad whitish costal streak nearly from base to ⅔, narrowed near base, posterior extremity suffused, a slender suffused dark-grey streak on costal edge from before middle of wing to ⅔; discal stigmata rather elongate, dark fuscous, touching lower edge of whitish streak, plical slightly marked or obsolete, somewhat before first discal; some fuscous irroration running from second discal to beneath apex; costa posteriorly and termen interruptedly lined fuscous: cilia pale-greyish, round costa and apex suffused whitish. Hindwings light grey; cilia pale-greyish.

Mount Arthur, 4,000 ft., in January, one example taken by myself, also a second at 3,500 ft. by Mr. Hudson. Between pharetria and monophragma.

Phthorimaea heterospora n. sp.

♂. 11 mm. Head whitish-grey-ochreous or grey-whitish. Palpi grey sprinkled whitish, terminal joint whitish anteriorly suffused dark fuscous except towards base. Thorax whitish with central whitish-ochreous stripe, patagia greyish-ochreous. Forewings rather narrow, apex pointed, termen straight, extremely oblique; light brownish-ochreous, on costal half suffusedly irrorated fuscous, between stigmata and on terminal area sprinkled whitish, dorsal area beneath fold suffused whitish; discal stigmata variably indicated by irregular dark-fuscous irroration, approximated, plical in one specimen well-marked, black, somewhat before first discal, sometimes a streak of dark-fuscous suffusion on fold towards base; costa posteriorly and termen sprinkled dark fuscous: cilia pale greyish-ochreous mixed whitish or wholly grey-whitish. Hindwings and cilia pale grey or grey-whitish.

Mount Ruapehu, 4,000 ft., in January (Hudson); two specimens.