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Volume 56, 1926
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Dactylanthus Taylori: Rhizome and pistillate flowers.

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Bed of Dactylinthus at Opepe, Taupo, showing opening staminate flowers. Rhizcmes below the surface.

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Fig. 1.—Staminate flower showing perinanth: a, stamens closed: b, stamens open, with mature anthers; c, single spadix with sepal and petal attachments.
Fig. 2.—Staminate flower and spadices with perianth: a, perianth; b, pollinated stamens
Fig. 3.—Pistillate flower: a, flowers; b, seeds; c, spadices.

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Fig. 1.—Host attachments of rhizomes. la, a single attachment.
Fig. 2.—a, pistillate flowers, showing attachments of flowering-stem to rhizome; b, pistillate spadix; c, seeds.