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Volume 56, 1926
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– 776 –

Board of Science and Art.

From the Science and Art Act, 1913, No. 22.

8. (1.) Three shall be a Board styled “The Board of Science and Art,” consisting of—

The Minister of Internal Affairs:

The Director of the Dominion Museum:

The President of the New Zealand Institute:

Five persons to be appointed by the Governor-General in Council, each of whom shall hold office for three years from the date of his appointment.

– 777 –

(2.) The Board shall sit in the City of Wellington at such times and places as shall be appointed from time to time by the Minister.

(3.) Three of the members shall form a quorum.

(4.) At all meetings of the Board the Minister, if present, shall be the Chairman, and in his absence some member of the Board appointed by him in writing shall be Chairman.

(5.) The Chairman shall have a deliberate vote, and in all cases of equality of votes shall have a casting-vote.

(6.) The President of the New Zealand Institute may appoint in writing a deputy, being a Governor of the New Zealand Institute, to attend and act at any meeting of the Board in his place; and such deputy, while so attending, shall be deemed to be a member of the Board.