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Volume 56, 1926
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– 783 –

Hamilton Memorial Fund.

1. The fund placed in the hands of the Board by the Wellington Philosophical Society shall be called the “Hamilton Memorial Fund” in memory of the late Augustus Hamilton, Esq. Such fund shall consist of the moneys subscribed and granted for the purpose of the memorial and all other funds which may be given or granted for the same purpose.

2. The fund shall be vested in the Institute. The Board of Governors of the Institute shall have the control thereof, and shall invest the same in any securities proper for trust-moneys.

3. The memorial shall be a prize, to be called the “Hamilton Memorial Prize,” the object of which shall be the encouragement of beginners in pure scientific research in New Zealand.

4. The prize shall be awarded at intervals of not less than three years by the Governors assembled in annual meeting, but in no case shall an award be made unless in the opinion of the Governors some contribution deserving the honour has been made. The first award shall be made at the annual meeting of the Governors in 1923.

5. The prize shall be awarded for original pure scientific research-work, carried out in New Zealand or in the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean, which has been published within the five years preceding the first day of July prior to the annual meeting at which the award is made. Such publication may consist of one or more papers, and shall include the first investigation published by the author. No candidate shall be eligible for the prize who prior to such period of five years has published the result of any scientific investigation.

6. The prize shall consist of money. Until the principal of the fund amounts to £100, one-half of the interest shall be added annually to the principal and the other half shall be applied in payment of the prize. So soon as the said principal amounts to £100 the whole of the interest thereon shall be applied in payment of the prize, in each case after the payment of all expenses necessarily incurred by the Governors in the investment and administration of the said fund and award of the said prize.

7. A candidate for the prize shall send to the Hon. Secretary of the New Zealand Institute, on or before the 30th day of June preceding the date of the annual meeting at which the award is to be made, an intimation of his candidature, together with at least two copies of each publication on which his application is based.

8. Whenever possible the prize shall be presented in some public manner.