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Volume 57, 1927
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– 698 –

Epichorista triorthota n. sp.

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♂ 14 mm. Head, palpi, thorax dark bronzy-brown. Antennal ciliations three, whorled. Forewings somewhat dilated, with slender costal fold on basal fifth, termen rather oblique; ochreous, tinged or suffused purplish-grey except towards costa; markings dark ferruginous-brown suffused dark fuscous on edges; basal patch moderate, edge straight, almost direct; central fascia moderate, somewhat narrower on dorsum, hardly oblique; an almost direct fascia from costa at 2/3, moderately broad on costa but finely attenuated on dorsal half, an-

– 699 –

terior margin somewhat excavated above middle and edged with a whitish mark; posterior area beyond this wholly dark purplish-grey except a small ochreous costal spot beyond fascia, and an irregular ferruginous-ochreous subterminal streak: cilia ochreous, basal third and an apical spot dark grey. Hindwings dark grey; cilia light grey, basal third grey.

Sinclair stream, Wainui-o-mata, in December; one specimen. Quite peculiar.