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Volume 57, 1927
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– 700 –

Proteodes melographa n. sp.

♂ 21 mm. Head white, a dark fuscous bar on face. Palpi white suffusedly mixed dark grey. Thorax white, patagia suffused dark grey except tips. Forewings moderate, posteriorly dilated, termen straight, rather oblique; white, irregularly sprinkled grey, unevenly strewn with blackish or dark brown dots, tending to form longitudinal or transverse series; some ferruginous suffusion towards base of costa;

– 701 –

a small dark fuscous spot on costa at ⅓, whence a fine rather curved dark fuscous stria runs to dorsum, adjoining this posteriorly a suffused feruginous spot in disc and some grey marbling towards dorsum; a transverse brown-whitish mark on end of cell edged anteriorly with a few black scales, and posteriorly with dark grey suffusion, beyond this a transverse fascia, of grey marbling obscurely interrupted below middle, becoming darker and broader towards costa, on which it forms three or four small spots; some slight brownish suffusion near termen; a terminal series of blackish marks; cilia grey-whitish, base barred white, a dark grey subbasal and pale grey postmedian line. Hindwings whitish-grey; a light grey spot on end of cell; cilia whitish, basal half faintly barred greyish.

Mount Arthur, 4,000 feet, in January (Selwyn Woodward); one specimen. This, the third species of the endemic genus Proteodes, is very distinct and interesting.