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Volume 58, 1928
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– 313 –


Chloroclystis ruflpellis n. sp.

♂ 21 mm. Head, palpi, thorax brown-reddish. Antennae strongly fasciculate-ciliated. Abdomen brown-reddish, a dark fuscous

– 314 –

sub-basal band. Forewings rather elongate-triangular, termen oblique, slightly bowed, hardly waved; red-brown; a curved fascia of obscure pale striae towards base; median band moderate, oblique darker, infuscated, forming two darker costal spots at sides, preceded and followed by fasciae of obscure ochreous-whitish striae, anterior edge concave, posterior obtusely prominent in middle, slightly bisinuate on upper half; subterminal line fine, whitish, waved-dentate, forming a small distinct white dot above tornus, and traversing two cloudy dark grey spots before middle of termen connected with termen by dark bars: cilia reddish-grey, basal half obscurely barred dark grey. Hindwings rather narrow, termen irregular, rather deeply sinuate between 4 and 6 and broadly prominent from 3 to 4; brown-reddish, costal half greyish; a curved post median fascia of pale ochreous striae, preceded by dark grey towards dorsum; subterminal line as in forewings; cilia brown-reddish, obscurely barred grey.

Wellington, Gollan's Valley, bred in September from pupa found amongst moss (Hudson); 1 ex.