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Volume 58, 1928
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– 314 –


Zelleria porphyraula n. sp.

♂ 13 mm. Head white, forehead and a lateral stripe on crown light fulvous, forehead sprinkled black. Palpi pale grey sprinkled black. Thorax dark bluish-grey, a central whitish streak, tegulae purple. Forewings narrow, costa arched towards pointed apex; bronzy-greyish-ochreous, slightly orange-tinged; costal edge greyish-purple, with some scattered small black dots; sub-costal and median suffused greyish-purple streaks, confluent towards base and terminating in an apical blotch, median interrupted by a whitish patch above tornus; suffused white dots on sub-costal representing discal stigmata and one on median obliquely before first discal representing plical; an irregular white streak above dorsum from near base to middle of

– 315 –

wing, sprinkled or dotted black, dorsum beneath this narrowly brownish-ochreous from base to tornus, dorsal edge towards base mottled black; a few white scales towards apex: cilia bronzy-brown, on tornal area light greyish, tips round apex black, at origin of costal cilia some white scales. Hindwings light bluish-grey; cilia light grey.

Wellington, April, beaten from Podocarpus totara (Hudson); 1 ex.