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Volume 58, 1928
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Genus Neogaemardia Odhner, 1924.
Type: Kellia rostellata Tate.

Neogaimardia elegantula n. sp. (Figs. 39, 40.)

Shell minute, subovate, with short angled anterior end and long, eval posterior one. Surface polished, with microscopic concentric lines; about half way from umbo commence fine, rounded concentric folds. Left hinge with an ogee-shaped tooth in front of the umbo,

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and an obliquely-triangular resilifer extending backwards from below it. Above and behind the resilifer is a long posterior lateral tooth practically parallel to the margin but approaching it in one place and suggesting that this tooth is a coalescence of two previously independent ones. Valve-margins smooth.

Height 2 mm.; length 2.5 mm.; inflation (1 valve) 0.75 mm.

Locality: Titirangi.

The shell figured by Odhner (1924, p. 69, pl. 2, fig. 57, text figs. 17–19) as N. rostellata Tate is of a different shape from Tate's original (1889, p. 63, pl. 11, fig. 14) and the specific identity of the Australian and New Zealand specimens is denied by Finlay (1926, p. 458). N. elegantula is of a different shape again, being more inequilateral than the South Australian shell and lacking the suddenly-expanded beak of the New Zealand one.