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Volume 61, 1930
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Annual Meeting, New Zealand Institute 1
Presidential Address.
By C. Coleridge Farr, D.Sc., F.R.S., F.N.Z.Inst., Canterbury College, Christchurch 28
(Appendix to Prof. Speight's Article) On the Plant-covering of the [Lake Ellesmere] Spit.
By A. Wall, M.A., Canterbury College, Christchurch 168
Observations on Muhlenbeckia Astoni and its seedlings.
By Miss H. M. Jenkins, Blenheim 217
Carpellody in the Wheat Flower and its Inheritance.
By J. W. Calder, M.Sc., B.Agr., Canterbury Agricultural College, Lincoln 391
Seventh Supplement to the Uredinales and Ustilaginales of New Zealand.
By G. H. Cunningham, Ph.D., F.N.Z.Inst., Plant Research Station, Palmerston North 402
The geology of the north-west portion of Manukau County, Auckland.
By C. W. Firth, M.Sc., University College, Auckland 85
The Lake Ellesmere Spit, with Map, Sections and Photographs.
By R. Speight, M.A., F.G.S., Canterbury College, Christchurch 147
The Metamorphic and Ultrabasic rocks of the Lower Cascade Valley, South Westland.
By F. J. Turner, M.Sc., Otago University, Dunedin 170
A Lingulid from the Tertiary rocks of the Waikato district.
By W. H. A. Penseler, M.Sc., B.E., A.O.S.M., Wellington 441
Fossil Leaves from the Waikato district.
By W. H. A. Penseler, M.Sc., B.E., A.O.S.M., Wellington 452
Raised beaches and other features of the south-east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
By L. C. King, B.Sc., Victoria University College, Wellington 498
Physiographic features of the Lower Cascade Valley and the Cascade Plateau, South Westland.
By F. J. Turner, M.Sc., F.G.S., Otago University, Dunedin 524
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Zoology and Palaeontology.
Invalid Molluscan Names, No. 1.
By H. J. Finlay, D.Sc., Dunedin 37
New Shells from New Zealand Tertiary Beds.
By H. J. Finlay, D.Sc., Dunedin 49
The New Zealand Double-crested Shags, with description of a New Species.
By W. R. B. Oliver, M.Sc., F.N.Z.Inst., Dominion Museum, Wellington 138
Atlantobellerophon, a new Gasteropod from the Rhaetic of New Zealand.
By C. T. Trechmann, D.Sc., F.G.S., Durham, England 140
Notes on New Zealand Mollusca, No. 5.
By Marjorie K. Mestayer, Dominion Museum, Wellington 144
Additions to the Recent Molluscan Fauna of New Zealand.
By H. J. Finlay, D.Sc., Dunedin 222
Notes on recent papers dealing with the Mollusca of New Zealand.
By H. J. Finlay, D.Sc., Dunedin 248
Revision of the New Zealand shells referred to Fusinus.
By H. J. Finlay, D.Sc., Dunedin 259
A Revision of New Zealand Ephemeroptera.
By Capt. J. S. Phillips, M.C., M.A. (Oxon.), F.R.G.S., Wellington—
  Part 1 271
  Part 2 335
The Lepidoptera of Mount Cook district, with descriptions of new species.
By the late Alfred Philpott, F.N.Z.Inst., Auckland Museum 419
On the New Zealand Lamprey, Geotria australis Gray. Part 2.—On the Mid-gut Diverticula, the Bile-duct, and the problem of the Pancreas in the Ammocoetes stage.
By F. G. Maskell, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., Victoria University College, Wellington 478
New species of New Zealand Mollusca from shallow - water dredgings.
By A. W. B. Powell, Auckland Museum 536
New Tertiary Mollusca from New Zealand. No. 1.
By C. R. Laws, M.Sc., Teachers' Training College, Dunedin 547
List of Lepidoptera of Whangarei.
By Commander S. C. Patterson, Wellington 555
Yolk-sac Dropsy in Newly-hatched Trout.
By R. R. D. Milligan, M.D., Christchurch 202
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