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Volume 61, 1930
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– 438 –


Elachista napaea n. sp.

♂. 9-10 mm. Head and thorax grey. Palpi greyish-white. Antennae fuscous. Abdomen dark grey, anal tuft ochreous. Legs ochreous, tarsi annulated with blackish fuscous. Forewings hardly dilated posteriorly, apex blunt; whitish-grey with some ochreous and numerous blackish scales; a series of blackish dots along fold from

– 439 –

near base to about ⅓, sometimes absent; an ochreous blotch on fold at about ½, containing a linear black mark, sometimes very obscure, but seldom absent; sometimes the black scales tend to form a linear mark in disc at ¾: fringes grey speckled with black except on tornal ½ where they are greyish fuscous. Hindwings and fringes fuscous-grey.

Resembles E. ombrodoca Meyr., but a larger insect. The male genitalia offer good distinguishing characters.

Common in Governor's Bush in December. No females were taken. Holotype (♂) and paratypes in collection Canterbury Museum; and paratypes in collections Dominion Museum and Cawthron Institute.