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Volume 61, 1930
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– 554 –

List of Lepidoptera of Whangarei.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 28th May, 1930; issued separately, 29th November, 1930].

I wish to place on record my thanks and indebtedness to G. V. Hudson, Esq., F.E.S., F.N.Z. Inst. It was entirely due to his kindly encouragement that I commenced these investigations and to his constant help in every way, more especially in identifying specimens for me, and to his beautiful book, that I have been able to carry them out.

The district worked was Paranui Hill, about 3 miles East of Whangarei Post Office. The house is upon the extreme South corner of a plateau. To the East is a considerable gully clothed in heavy bush (a scenic reserve) having a stream running through the bottom, and reaching to within a few yards of the house. Beyond this gully is a large area of gumfield covered with stunted scrub rising to about 800 feet. Only the extreme edge of this gumfield, adjacent to the gully, has been worked.

To the South-west is also a considerable area of bush, below which is scrub and a few small swamps eventually dropping down to the river about 150 feet below. To the West and North are orchards surrounded and divided by shelter belts of Pinus insignis, Cupressus macrocarpa and native trees and shrubs. Beyond the orchards are pastures with patches of scrub in places. All insects mentioned in this list have been taken within a half-mile radius of the house, except where otherwise stated.

In these notes L means attracted by light.

B means beaten out of bush during the daytime.

S means beaten out of scrub, shelter belts, edge of bush, etc., at dusk.

T means taken from tree trunks.

F means attracted by blossoms chiefly Buddlea of which there is a large bush near the house.

Danaida plexippus One seen in orchard, 1923. Two reported in Whangarei district, 1928-29.
Dodonidia helmsi Two seen in orchard, February, 1926. Several February, 1929. Several February, 1930.
Vanessa gonerilla Occasionally in orchard.
V. itea One seen February, 1929.
V. cardui Several on hilltops at Kara, eight miles West of Whangarei.
Chrysophanes salustius Rather frequent in November and December, but never numerous.
Lycaena labradus Abundant from October throughout.
– 555 –
Nyctemera annulata Common throughout the entire year.
Heliothis armigera Numerous on F in January and February.
Agrotis ypsilon Common.
Graphiphora compta Several, F.
Aletia unipuncta Not uncommon, L.
Persectania steropastis Occasionally, L.
P. composita Rather common, L.
P. atristriga At times rather numerous, L.
Erana graminosa Rather numerous throughout the season, L. and T.
Melanchra insignis Rather common, L.
M. plena Rather common, L and T.
M. mutans Rather common, L.
M. ustistriga Occasionally, L and F.
M. lignana Rather common, L.
M. ochthistis Occasionally, L and F.
Bityla defigurata Occasionally, L.
Ariathisa comma At times numerous, L.
Hypenodes costistrigalis Rather numerous during August and September, S. Occasionally, throughout season, L.
H. anticlina Taken November, B.
Catada lignicolaria Occasionally, L.
Plusia chalcites Occasionally, L, numerous, F. Common.
P. oxygramma Not uncommon, F, February and March.
Dasypodia selanophora Occasionally, L.
Rhapsa scotosialis Very numerous.
Sphinx convolvuli One taken in a garden in Whangarei, March. The larva is fairly often found on kumara plants in the district.
Tatosoma lestevata Taken October, L.
T. tipulata Not uncommon in December and January in house and T.
T. timora Occasionally throughout the year, L. Not uncommon.
T. topia Rather numerous August and September, L. Occasionally in January and February.
Microdes epicryptis Several August and September. Occasionally November and December, L.
Phrissogonus laticostatus Rather numerous, L and B and S.
– 556 –
P. testutalus Occasionally, B.
Chloroclystis semialbata Rather numerous, L, S.
C. plinthina Several July, August, September, L.
C. paralodes Rather numerous July, August, September, L. Occasionally January and February.
Eucymatoge gobiata Occasionally from August throughout the season, L and B and S.
E. anguligera Occasionally from September throughout the season, B.
Hydriomena rixata Rather numerous during November, B.
H. similata Frequent throughout the year, L, B and S and T.
H. callichlora Occasionally, L, B and T.
H. deltoidata Rather numerous February, S.
H. subochraria Occasionally, L and S.
Asthena pulchraria Abundant throughout the year, L, B, S.
A. subpurpureata Abundant July, August, September. Occasionally throughout.
Euchoeca rubropunctaria Very numerous throughout.
Venusia verriculata Numerous August and September. Several January and February, L, B.
V. undosata Taken August, L.
Orthoclydon praefeetata Occasionally October and December, L, S.
Asaphodes megaspilata Numerous throughout, L, B and S.
Xanthorhoe rosearia Odd examples during the winter. Rather numerous August and September, L, B, S.
X. lucidata (practica) Rather numerous throughout winter and spring, L, S.
X. venipunctata Taken October, L.
X. cinerearia Numerous throughout.
X. semisignata Rather numerous throughout.
Adeixis griseata Taken in September and October. Rather numerous November and December, S, edge of gumfield.
Epirrhanthis ustaria Rather numerous throughout, L.
Selidosema pelurgata Occasionally, B.
S. aristarcha Occasionally, L. Numerous throughout, B and S.
S. productata Very numerous, L, B, T.
S. indistincta Occasionally, L and B.
S. leucelaea Frequent January and February, L, B, T.
S. suavis Very numerous, L, B, S.
S. rudiata Occasionally, S.
S. fenerata Very numerous during winter and spring. Frequent throughout.
S. adusta December, B.
S. panagrata Frequent, L, B.
S. dejectaria Frequent, L, B.
Sestra flexata Numerous November, December, B. Occasionally, L.
– 557 –
Gargaphia muriferata Rather numerous throughout, L, B.
Azelina variabilis Taken September and occasionally throughout, S.
A. gallaria Taken September, B.
A. nelsonaria Taken February, F.
Declana leptomera Rather numerous during the winter, and occasionally throughout.
D. floccosa Numerous November and December, L, T.
D. feredayi Occasionally, L.
D. junctilinea Occasionally, L.
Leptomeris rubraria Abundant.
Crambus ramosellus Numerous, L, S.
C. simplex Rather numerous, L, S.
C. siriellus Rather numerous December and January, S, on edge of gumfield.
C. apicellus Rather numerous, L, S.
C. vittellus Numerous, L, S.
C. flexuosellus Numerous, L, S.
Diptychophora pyrsophanes Several November, B.
D. chrysochyta Rather numerous November and December, S.
D. interrupta Several January, B.
D. lepidella Rather numerous December and January, S, B, L.
D. leucoxantha Taken October, B.
D. selenaea Rather numerous January and February, B, L.
D. auriscriptella Numerous November, December and January, S, B, L.
D. elaina Numerous throughout season, L, S, B.
D. parorma Not uncommon, S, L.
Gadira acerella Taken January, L.
Nymphula nitens Taken February, L.
Musotima aduncalis Several throughout the season, L, B. Not uncommon.
M. nitidalis Rather numerous, L, S, B.
Proternia philocapna Numerous December, January and February, L. Occasionally, S.
Nesarcha hybrealis Several September, L. January, B.
Mecyna maorialis Rather numerous, F, February.
M. daiclealis Several October, L. February, F and B. Not uncommon.
M. flavidalis Rather numerous throughout.
Scoparia philerga Numerous during the spring, B, S, L.
S. meliturga Not numerous. Fairly common during the winter.
S. minusculalis Taken October.
– 558 –
S. chimeria Numerous, B, S, L, November, December, January.
S. dinodes Numerous, T, also B and L, February, March.
S. acharis Taken October, B.
S. ustimacula Fairly common during winter and early spring. Several January.
S. periphanes Several October, S and L.
S. colpota Fairly frequent February, March, L and T.
S. submarginalis Rather numerous January and February, L and S.
S. indistinctalis Rather numerous January and February, L and S.
S. bisinualis Rather numerous throughout the year, L, B, S.
S. chalicodes Several March, April, L.
S. leptalea Taken July, L.
S. epicomia Taken October, B.
S. feredayi Rather numerous November, December, January, B, S, L.
S. steropaea Numerous October to March, B, S, L.
S. elaphra Taken January, B.
S. sabulosella Abundant October and November, S.
S. trivirgata Single taken November and January, S.
S. aspidota Several November, L.
S. luminatrix Taken November, B.
S. octophora Very numerous November, December and January, S.
Diplopseustis perieralis Odd specimen throughout the winter. Rather numerous August, September, November, December, L, S, B.
Pyralis farinalis Taken January. Fence.
Catamacta rureana Taken November, B.
C. gavisana Occasionally, B, S.
Capua plagiatana Occasionally, S.
C. plinthoglypta Taken November, S.
C. semiferana Rather numerous, S.
C. intractana Several, L.
Tortrix indigestana Numerous, S, edge of gumfield, December.
T. postvittana Occasionally, B.
T. orthocopa Four specimens taken January, S.
T. conditana Occasionally S.
T. alopecana Several taken December, January, S.
T. excessana Rather numerous, S, L.
T. flavescens Several January, S, L.
T. scruposa Rather numerous November and December, S, edge of gumfield.
T. torogramma Frequent January and February, S.
– 559 –
Epalxiphora axenana Rather numerous, S, T.
Ctenopseustis obliquana Numerous.
Cnephasia incessana Rather numerous November, B, occasionally throughout.
C. jactatana Frequent throughout, L, B, S.
Spilonota dolopaea Taken September.
S. parthenia Rather numerous October, S.
S. zopherana Very numerous, S.
S. ejectana Very numerous, S.
S. macropetana Several December, January, S.
Eucosma querula Several, S.
Bactra noteraula Rather numerous January, February, L.
Laspeyresia pomonella Occasionally, L. Larva very numerous.
Megacraspedus calamogona Single taken October and January.
Aristotelia paradesma Two taken January, L.
Phthorimaea melanoplintha Taken March, L.
P. operculella Several March, April, L.
Endrosis lacteella Frequent in house.
Borkhausenia armigerella Rather numerous October, November, S.
B. basella Very numerous October, November, B.
B. chloradelpha Rather numerous, October, S.
B. ancogramma Rather numerous November, December, January, S and B.
B. innotella Rather numerous November, December, S.
B. plagiatella October, S.
B. pseudospretella At times in house.
Leptocroca scholaea Very numerous December, January, S, B.
Compsistis bifaciella Occasionally clearings, B, November, December, January.
Gymnobathra hyetodes Rather numerous January, February, S. Occasionally, B.
G. flavidella Numerous December, January, February, B, occasionally, L.
G. parca Occasionally November, December, S.
G. calliploca Several January, February, B.
G. bryaula Fairly numerous January, February, T. ♀ Much more numerous than ♂.
G. tholodella Izatha peroneanella Fairly numerous December, January, February, L, T, B.
I. picarella Taken November, L.
I. epiphanes Rather numerous November, December, L. S, B.
I. parasophyta Occasionally December, January, B, T.
I. balanophora Several January, S.
Trachypepla euryleucota Several February, L, F.
T. amphileuca Two taken November, S.
– 560 –
T. hieropis Taken November, S.
T. galaxias Several October, November, S.
T. contritella Taken November, S.
T. aspidephora Several January, February, B, T.
T. indolescens Several February, L.
T. eumenopa Taken November, B.
Euprionocera notabilis Single specimens taken August and February, L.
Barea dinocosma Rather numerous October, November, B.
B. confusella Frequent December, January, L, S.
Eulechria zophoessa Several.
Cryptolechia liochroa Several November, B.
C. rhodobapta Several November, B.
Phycomorpha metachrysa Taken December, B.
Isonomeutis restincta Several November, December, January, B.
Carposina adreptella Taken October, B.
C. charaxias Several taken December, January and February, S, B.
C. eriphylla Several June, L.
C. gonosemana February, T.
C. iophaea Taken March, B.
Vanicela disjunctella Occasionally in spring, L. Rather numerous January, February, B.
Stathmopoda caminora Rather numerous October to March, B, L.
S. phlegyra Rather numerous October to January, B.
S. skelloni Rather numerous October to January, B, L.
S. mysteriastis Taken February, L.
Pyroderces apparitella Rather frequent November, December, January, L. Occasionally, B.
Thectophila acmotypa? Taken March, B.
Batrachedra eucola Taken February, S.
Heliostibes atychioides Taken December, B.
Simaethis combinatana Taken January, B.
Choreutis bjerkandrella Occasionally, L, once, B. December, January and February.
Glyphipteryx transversella Taken December, B.
G. iocheaera Taken December, B.
G. leptosema Taken November, B.
G. zelota Occasionally December, January, B.
Elachista gerasmia Several November, December, January, S.
Parectopa citharoda Taken November, B.
Gracilaria linearis Numerous November, December, January, S, B.
G. chrysitis Occasionally November, December. Rather numerous January, February, B.
G. chalcodelta Taken March, B.
Cadmogenes literata Frequent December, January, B.
Orthenches glypharcha Taken October, B.
Plutella sera Rather frequent August, September, L.
– 561 –
P. maculipennis Rather numerous January, February, March, L, S.
Opogona omoscopa Numerous throughout the year, L.
Eugennaea laquearia Taken, December, B.
Erechthias terminella Rather frequent September, L. Occasionally January, February, B.
E. exospila Several January, February, B.
E. hemiclistra Occasionally November, December, January, B.
Hectacma chionodira Rather frequent September to February, B, L.
Endophthora omogramma Several February, B, T.
E. pallacopis Taken March, T.
Crypsitricha pharotoma Occasionally October, L. February, T.
C. mesotypa Rather frequent January, February, T, B
C. roseata Taken September, L.
Archyala paraglypta Several March, L.
Sagephora felix Several February, T, B.
S. phortegella Rather frequent December, January, February, B, S.
Monopis ethelella Numerous throughout the year, L, S.
Prothinodes grammocosma Frequent September, October, B, Occasionally January, February.
Trithamnora certella Rather numerous November, December, B.
Lysiphragma epixyla Taken March, T.
Lindera tessellatella Taken January.
Mallobathra homalopa Taken November, B.
Coleophora spissicornis Rather numerous November, December, S, L.
Hepialus virescens Occasionally in house.
Porina enysii Several January, February, L.
P. signata Taken October, L.