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Volume 63, 1934
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Descriptions of New Zealand Microlepidoptera.


Trachypepla falsiloqua n. sp.

♂. 20 mm. Head ochreous-whitish, a few greyish hair scales. Palpi whitish, basal half and a subapical band of second joint grey, terminal joint ⅗, with two dark grey bands. Antennal ciliations 1 ½. Thorax grey, with a rough posterior crest mixed whitish. Forewings elongate, rather dilated, costa gently arched, apex pointed, termen nearly straight, oblique; whitish, partially clouded light greenish-ochreous in disc, some scattered dark brown scales; scales of basal fourth of dorsum roughened; a brown fasciate streak from base of costa above fold to ⅓, plical and first discal stigmata forming small dark bronzy-brown spots on each side of its extremity, plical slightly anterior and edged rough white scales beneath, these scales preceded by a small dark brown tuft; a spot of brownish suffusion on costa at ¼; second discal stigma rather larger, bronzy-brown, suffused bronzy-brown spots on costa rather before it and on tornus rather beyond it; an excurved dark fuscous line, gradually dilated on upper half, from costa at ⅘ to dorsum before tornus; a suffused fuscous apical spot, and two or three small greyish spots on termen: cilia whitish-ochreous, an interrupted fuscous median line. Hindwings light grey; cilia whitish-grey.

Waimarino, January (G. V. Hudson); 1 ex.


Tinea munita n. sp.

♂. 7 mm. Head light greyish-ochreous. Palpi dark fuscous, tip whitish. Antennae dark grey. Thorax light bronzy-grey. Forewings elongate, rather narrow, costa gently arched, apex obtuse, termen very obliquely rounded; rather light glossy purple, basal third somewhat sprinkled or strigulated dark fuscous; plical stigma dark fuscous; a short, rather oblique blackish streak from costa before middle, directed towards a narrow elongate black mark on dorsum; costa beyond this suffused whitish, marked first with a small blackish strigula, then with blackish spots at ⅔ and ⅚, a strigula beneath costa between these, two costal dots before apex, and a small apical spot: cilia pale greyish, basal half on costa whitish barred dark grey, at apex a grey spot, beneath apex a whitish spot between two narrow dark grey bars. Hindwings dark purple-grey; cilia grey.

Wellington, February (G. V. Hudson); 1 ex.