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Volume 64, 1935
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ant. fl., anterior flagella; bl., blepharoplast; fl. b., flagellar band; nuc., nucleus; para app., parabasal apparatus; post. fl., posterior flagella; rhiz., rhizoplast; rost, rostrum.
Fig. 1.—Spirotrichosoma magna n. sp. X 450. Composite drawing. Fig. 2.—Blepharoplast, rostral tube, and flagellar bands of S. magna stained with Heidenhein and showing basal plates of the flagella. Oc. 5; obj. 1/12. Fig. 3.—Head of S. magna showing blepharoplast, rostral tube, flagellar bands, nucleus, and rhizoplast. Oc. 5; obj. 1/12.