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Volume 64, 1935
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Reports of Research Grantees.

Mr B. C. Aston, who in 1928 took over a balance of £9 16s 7d from Dr Malcolm for research on pukateine, reported on the 19th April, 1934, that the research on pukateine has been continued by Professor Barger ánd his assistants, the third alkaloid in the bark, lauropukine, being the immediate subject of investigation, but no reports have been received during the year. On the physiological side of the investigation a small quantity of the pukateine hydrochloride has been supplied to Dr Fogg, demonstrator of Physiology at the Otago Medical School, at his request. No further report has been received from him. There is an unexpended balance of £7 12s 11d.

Mr G. Brittin, who in 1919 was granted £20 for investigation of fruit tree diseases, reported on the 21st April, 1934, that the work of the past year consisted in observing the effects of weather conditions on the prevalence of brown rot. Some interesting comparative results were obtained. This season all the trees showed a heavy setting of buds, with promise of a heavy crop to follow. However, just before the flowers were fully opened, small birds completely stripped the trees. Such an occurrence has never taken place before; several other orchards were similarly affected. No money was expended.

Mr A. E. Brookes, who in 1928 was granted £40 for a research on the coleoptera of the islands off the Auckland coast, reported on the 30th March that most of the time during the year was occupied in examining specimens considered to be new or doubtful species, and some of the new species have been described. Still more work of this nature remains to be done. There is an unexpended balance of £1 16s.

Mr J. W. Calder, who in 1930 was granted £30 for research in the vegetation of Arthur's Pass, reported on the 19th April that there is little further to report. An account summarising the main changes in the vegetation was published by Dr Cockayne and himself in the Journal of Ecology. He is continuing a more detailed investigation of particular areas, establishing, plotting, and locating vegetation quadrats. These are being marked out with iron pegs, and directions for finding these pegs from permanent landmarks are prepared. The grant is exhausted, so no expenditure has been incurred.

Miss L. Cranwell, who in 1930 was granted £20 for an ecological survey of the marine algae of the West Coast near Auckland, reported on the 30th April that field work has been continued on the lines indicated in her previous report. Unfortunately, extensive sanding-up has occurred in the Anawhata bays specially chosen for the study of summer ephemerals, so this branch of the work has received a setback. Miss Cranwell hopes to complete a general paper before the spring. Comparative notes were made on Taranga and Poor Knights Islands in November. Expenses during the year amounted to £3 0s 7d, leaving an unexpended balance of £2 19s 4d.

Dr H. G. Cunningham, who in 1929 was granted £25 for a mycological survey of the Tongariro National Park, reported on the 26th April that during Easter, 1934, five days were spent collecting fungi on North Tongariro, 17 collections being secured. No expenses were incurred, and the unexpended balance remains at £18.

Dr C. C. Farr, who in 1927 was granted for research on helium an additional amount of £150, and who still has a balance of £44 9s 4d remaining to his credit, reported on the 19th April that although no work was done on this research during the year, the apparatus is all set up and ready for an investigation whenever helium is obtained, and he should like the balance to remain at present.

Miss E. M. Heine, who in 1930 was granted £15 for the study of the pollination of New Zealand plants, reported on the 23rd April that she is still waiting for the completion of identification of the insects effecting pollination which the Dominion Museum entomologist has been naming for her. These will be completed in a short time, and then a full account of the results will be published. The whole of the grant has been expended.

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Dr J. K. H. Inglis, who between 1923 and 1930 was granted £125 for research on the essential oils of native plants, reported on the 25th April that no further work had been done during the year, but he hopes to resume next year, when the unexpended balance of £3 13s will be used.

Mr R. M. Laing, who in 1929 was granted £25 for research on marine algae, reported on the 24th April that a third of his papers on Gigartina is progressing and much other work is in hand. The grant is exhausted.

Mr A. W. B. Powell, who in 1925 was granted £50 for an investigation of molluscan fauna of the Manakau Harbour, and also for working up the results of a number of shallow water dredgings from off the New Zealand coast, reported on the 19th April that during last season little field work was done, but the material dredged during the previous season was completely sorted, and samples of the bottom were mechanically graded, and the results tabulated and prepared for publication. With the aid of the microscope purchased by means of the grant, six papers have been prepared for publication. There is an unexpended balance of 10s 5d.

Mr G. H. Uttley, who in 1928 was granted £35 for research on New Zealand Bryozoa, reported on the 27th April that the work is still proceeding, and comparison with Australian forms is now being made by exchange of specimens. No further expense has been incurred.

The Waitemata Harbour Survey, which in 1925 was granted £65 and in 1932 an additional sum of £25 as a Hutton grant, reported on the 19th April that a large series of dredge stations has been made during the year, and several new areas of the harbour have been investigated. Seventy dredging stations have been selected for mechanical grading, which means the tabulation of 560 samples, all of which have been dried, weighed, and the results made the basis of numerous graphs. A paper prepared for the Committee by Mr W. K. Hounsell has been submitted for publication in the Transactions. There is an unexpended balance of £14 17s 9d.