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Volume 64, 1935
– 386 –

Hutton Grantees.

Mr L. C. King in 1932 was granted £20 to enable him to conduct a field study of the tertiary rocks in the Awatere Valley. He reported that with an assistant ten and a-half weeks were spent during the summer 1932–33. In this period 250 square miles of country were mapped geologically. An account of the work is almost ready for publication. It shows that the district consists of a number of separate fault-bounded earth blocks which have been subjected to compression and some of which have been strongly rotated. The tertiary rocks have been divided into three series: Medway Series of Awamoan age. Upton Series of Taranakian age, and Starborough Series of Waitotaran age. During the year Mr King proposes to return to the district and prepare a paper on the physiography of the area accompanied by a comprehensive block diagram. This will complete the work.

Mr K. M. Rudall, who in 1933 was granted £5 for zoological research on Little Barrier Island, reported on the 29th March that two weeks were spent on the Island in January, 1933. Collections were made of the land mollusca, earthworms, and flatworms. The two last groups have been stored for reference, while an intensive study of the first group only is intended at present. Fresh water mollusca were also collected. Mr Rudall supplies a long list of species found. With the completion of the list of species from Little Barrier some interesting conclusions should be forthcoming concerning the probable relationships with the mainland. Total expense amounted to £1 15s 6d.

On the motion of Professor Speight, seconded by Mr Hudson, this report was adopted.