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Volume 65, 1936


Additions to the Alien Flora of New Zealand.
By H. H. Allan 1
Plagianthus divaricatus at a High Elevation.
By A. D. Beddie 9
The Small-leaved Species of the Genus Pittosporum occurring in New Zealand, with Descriptions of New Forms.
By Robert M. Laing and H. W. Gourlay 44
Species of Celmisia Indigenous to Marlborough, with Descriptions of New Species and Varieties.
By Wm. Martin 169
Notes on New Zealand Floristic Botany, including Descriptions of New Species, etc., No. 6.
By H. H. Allan 221
Descriptions of New Species of New Zealand Hepatics.
By Th. Herzog 350
The Mechanism of Leaf-fall in Certain New Zealand Trees.
By R. S. Russell 407
The Hatching and Early Instars of Stenoperla prasina Newman.
By G. A. H. Helson 11
Notes on the Genus Coelostomidia, with Descriptions of One Species and Table for Identification.
By G. Brittin 63
Breeding Experiments with Alucita monospilalis and A. monospilalis var. lycosema, Fam. Pterophoridae, Lepidoptera.
By A. V. Chappell 154
Notes on some Colour-mutations of Certain Lepidopterous Species, with Remarks on the Preference of Like for Like as Affecting the Breeding of such Mutations.
By A. V. Chappell 166
Description of Two New Species of New Zealand Lepidoptera.
By E. Meyrick 304
New Zealand Greenstone.
By H. D. Skinner 211
The Genus Erato in the Tertiary of New Zealand.
By C. R. Laws 17
New Eocene Mollusca from New Zealand.
By C. R. Laws 23
New Tertiary Mollusca from New Zealand. No. 3.
By C. R. Laws 30
Some Foraminifera from the Awamoan of the Medway River District, Awatere, Marlborough, New Zealand.
By Walter J. Parr 75
Metamorphic Rocks and Albite-rich Igneous Rocks from Jurassic Conglomerates at Kawhia.
By J. A. Bartrum 95
The Geology of the Region about Preservation and Chalky Inlets, Southwest Fiordland, N.Z.—Part III, Petrology.
By W. N. Benson and J. A. Bartrum 108
Geological Investigation of the Nephrites, Serpentines, and Related “Greenstones” used by the Maoris of Otago and South Canterbury.
By F. J. Turner 187
A Reptilian Jaw from Kakanui, South Island, New Zealand.
By W. B. Benham 232
The Teeth of an Extinct Whale, Microcetus hectori n.sp.
By W. B. Benham 239
The Geology of the Region Adjacent to Preservation and Chalky Inlets, Fiordland, New Zealand, Part IV.
By W. N. Benson and R. A. Keble 244
Some New Genera of the Myalinidae and Pteriidae of New Zealand.
By J. Marwick 295
The Geology of Gebbies Pass, Banks Peninsula.
By R. Speight 305
Metamorphism of the Te Anau Series in the Region North-west of Lake Wakatipu.
By F. J. Turner 329
The Ordovician Graptolites of North-west Nelson, N.Z. Second Paper; with Notes on other Ordovician Fossils.
By W. N. Benson, R. A. Keble, L. C. King, and J. T. McKee 357
New Records of the Genus Lingula (Brachiopoda) from Tertiary Strata in New Zealand.
By R. S. Allan 383
Geology of Bombay-Happy Valley Area, Franklin County, Auckland.
By J. A. Bartrum and W. J. Branch 386
Metamorphic Zones in North-west Otago.
By C. O. Hutton and F. J. Turner 405
Notes on the Biology of Lake Taupo.
By J. S. Armstrong 88
Annual Meeting, Royal Society of New Zealand, 1935 422
Fifth Science Congress, Royal Society of New Zealand 451
Obituary—Leonard Cockayne 457
Appendix A.
The Royal Society of New Zealand Act, 1933 468
Rules of the Royal Society of New Zealand 474
Appendix B.
Council, Officers, Fellows, Honorary Members, etc. 496
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