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Volume 65, 1936
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Minutes and Proceedings of the Fifth Science Congress of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

(Held in the Buildings of Otago University, Dunedin, May 27–30, 1935.)


President of the Congress—The President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Professor R. Speight.

Council of the Congress—The Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand acting in conjunction with the Council of the Otago Institute.

Local General Secretary—Mr H. D. Skinner.


At 10.30 a.m. on Monday, May 27, a Civic Reception was tendered to delegates in the Art Gallery, Logan Park, some sixty visiting delegates and a large number of local members being present. A welcome was extended by His Worship the Mayor (the Rev. E. T. Cox, M.A.) and by Dr C. E. Hercus, President of the Otago Institute. Visitors were notified that the University Club had made visiting delegates members during the Congress. Professor Speight responded, and the visitors inspected the gallery.

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Monday, May 27—

10.30 a.m.—Reception of Members and Delegates by His Worship the Mayor and Dr C. E. Hercus, President Otago Institute, at Art Gallery, Logan Park.

12 noon—Sectional Committees meet to finalise programmes.

2.30 p.m.—Sectional Meetings.

8 p.m.—Presidential Address by Professor R. Speight at Allen Hall.

Tuesday, May 28—

9.30-12.30 a.m.—Sectional Meetings.

2.30-5 p.m.—Sectional Meetings.

8 p.m.—Public Lecture in Allen Hall: Wm. C. Davis—“Photography in the Service of Science” (Illustrated).

Wednesday, May 29—

9.30-12.30 a.m.—Sectional Meetings.

2.30-5 p.m.—Sectional Meetings.

8 p.m.—Conversazione to Members and Delegates in the Willi Fels Wing, Otago University Museum.

Thursday, May 30—

9.30-12.30 a.m.—Meeting of Council of Royal Society.

Additional Sectional Meetings if necessary.

2.30-5 p.m.—Meeting of Council of Royal Society.

Additional Sectional Meetings if necessary.

8 p.m.—Public Lecture in Allen Hall: R. A. Falla—“Antarctic Birds and Mammals” (Illustrated).

Section I.—Agriculture.

President, T. Rigg, M.A., M.Sc., F.I.C.
Vice-president, Professor W. Riddet, B.Sc., N.D.A., N.D.D.
Secretary, C. V. Dayus, M.R.C.V.S. (Agriculture Department, Dunedin).

Sub-section I—Soils and Fertilisers, covering all aspects of Soil, Manurial, and Plant Nutrition Work.

Sub-section II—Plant Breeding and Plant Improvement, covering Pasture, Seed Production, Wheat, and other important agricultural crops.

Sub-section III—Control of Fungus Diseases and Insect Pests.

Sub-section IV—Dairy Problems.

Sub-section V—Animal Diseases and Animal Nutrition.

Sub-section VI—General.

The following papers were read:—

Presidential Address: “Soil Surveys—Their Importance to New Zealand Agriculture,” T. Rigg.

“The Phosphate Status of Ashburton Soils,” E. B. Kidson.

“Some Problems in Wheat Research,” F. W. Hilgendorf.

“Pedigree Seed Production in Herbage Plants,” E. Bruce Levy.

“Organisation in the Production and Distribution of Field Crop Seeds,” J. W. Hadfield.

– 453 –

“Dietary Protein in Relation to Sterility,” I. J. Cunningham and C. S. M. Hopkirk.

“Some Dietary and other Factors associated with the Epidemiology of Entero-toxaemia (Pulpy Kidney) of Young Lambs,” A. Leslie.

“Live Weight of Pregnant Ewes in Health and Disease,” A. Leslie and J. W. McLean.

“Enterotoxaemia and the Clostridium Welchii Group with special reference to so-called ‘Pulpy Kidney’ in Lambs,” D. A. Gill.

“Protein Metabolism, Biological Values—Toxic Effects,” M. J. Scott and M. C. Franklin.

“Limonite in Bush Sickness—Cobalt Content,” R. E. R. Grimmett and F. B. Shorlands.

“Note on Drenching Experiments in Morton Mains,” Dr Dixon.

“Research in the Organisation of Agriculture,” Professor W. Riddet.

“Farm Management Studies,” G. A. Holmes.

“Irrigation on the Canterbury Farm with Special Reference to Management,” A. H. Flay.

“Preliminary Irrigation Investigations in Mid-Canterbury,” R. L. James.

“Soil Survey in Relation to Irrigation,” L. I. Grange.

“Studies on Apple Fruit Development,” H. O. Askew.

“Note on the Lime Status of Some Typical Pumice Soils,” F. J. A. Brogan.

The following papers were presented at a joint meeting of the Biology and Agriculture Sections:—

A symposium on the “Biological Control of Noxious Insects and Weeds,” Dr Miller, L. J. Dumbleton, and A. S. Clark.

“Some Aspects of Club Root Control,” J. G. Gibbs.

“The Characteristics of Mouldy Core of the Delicious Apple in the Nelson District,” K. M. Curtis.

“The Behaviour of the Apple Black Spot Fungus under Cool Storage Conditions,” K. M. Curtis.

Section II—Anthropology.

President T. W. Downes.
Vice-president, Gilbert Archey, M.A.
Secretary, Angus Ross, M.A. (Knox College, Dunedin).

Presidential Address: “Decorative Art of the Whanganui Maoris,” T. W. Downes.

“Decorative Art of the Taranaki Region,” W. H. and H. D. Skinner.

“Origin and Development of Maori Art,” Gilbert Archey.

“Maori Canoe Carvings from Cook Strait and Taranaki,” H. D. Skinner.

“Orientation of Palate in Skulls from Chatham Island,” R. M. S. Taylor.

“Solid Bone Fish-hooks from Mercury Bay District,” V. F. Fisher.

“Feather Money of Santa Cruz: Its Manufacture and Use,” A. T. Pycroft.

“A Classification of Flake Tools Based on Methods of Manufacture; Their Relationship to Maori Decorative Art,” H. S. McCully.

– 454 –

“Maori Religion in Respect to Social Implications,” Wm. S. Dale.

“A Classification of the Kapkaps of Bougainville,” A. H. Voyce.

“A Classification of the Adzes of New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and the Cook Islands,” H. D. Skinner.

“A Classification of the Wood-working Tools of Bougainville,” A. H. Voyce.

Demonstration of Material Found at Little Papanui, David Teviotdale.

Demonstration of Mr S. V. Johnson's collection, 67 Warrender Street.

Section III—Biology.

President, Professor H. B. Kirk, M.A.
Vice-president, Professor E. Percival, B.Sc.
Secretary, Rev. Dr J. E. Holloway, D.Sc. (The Museum, Dunedin).
Presidential Address: “Significance of Direct Development in Metamorphic Groups,” H. B. Kirk.

“Remarks on the Fauna of New Zealand Streams,” E. Percival.

“Observations on the N.Z. Podocarpaceae,” C. E. Foweraker.

“Biological Control of Noxious Insects and Weeds” (Symposium with Agricultural Section), D. Miller, L. J. Dumbleton, A. S. Clark.

“Evolution of the Whale” (combined meeting with Geology), W. B. Benham.

“Recent Observations on N.Z. Birds,” E. Stead.

“Systematic Position of N.Z. Planarians,” M. L. Fyfe.

“The Physiology of Digestion in Octochaetus,” M. Bleakly.

“Chromosome Behaviour in the Light of Recent Knowledge,” C. E. Palmer.

“Morphology of Leaf-fall in N.Z. Deciduous Trees,” R. S. Russell.

“Botanical Notes on the Hen and Chickens Islands,” L. M. Cranwell and L. B. Moore.

“The New Vegetation on Sea-bottom of Inner Harbour, Napier,” W. R. B. Oliver.

“Gametophyte Generation in Psilotum Phylloglossum,” J. E. Holloway.

“A Cytological Study of Some N.Z. Species of Danthonia,” J. W. Calder.

“Smooth-seeded X Wrinkled-seeded in Pisum: Additional Facts,” J. W. Hadfield.

“The Strepsiptera, an Insect Order New to the New Zealand Fauna,” E. S. Gourlay.

“Problems of Birds in Relation to Fisheries,” R. A. Falla.

“Distributional Problems of the Larger Land Snails of N.Z.,” A. W. B. Powell.

“Twelve Months' Pollen Survey in Dunedin,” D. Graham.

“The Food Relationships of Microphages with especial reference to Animal Ecology,” E. W. Bennett.

– 455 –

Section IV—Economics and History.

President, Downie Stewart, B.A., M.P.
Vice-president, Professor J. R. Rutherford, M.A.
Secretary, Basil Howard, M.A. (Otago Boys' High School, Dunedin).
Presidential Address: “Letters of William Rolleston,” W. Downie Stewart.

“A Policy for a N.Z. Reserve Bank,” A. G. B. Fisher.

“Some Economic Effects of a Stationary Population,” G. Billing.

“New Zealand: A National State?” Angus Ross.

“New Zealand and the Westminster Statute,” W. A. Curzon-Siggers.

“Some Recent Aspects of Unemployment Relief in N.Z.,” W. R. Stephenson.

“Causes of the Great War in Light of Recent Research and Public Opinion,” J. Rutherford.

“Effects of Depression on Rural Credits in N.Z.,” W. T. Doig.

Visit to Museum and Hocken Library.

Section V—Geology.

President, P. Marshall, D.Sc.
Vice-president, J. Marwick, D.Sc.
Secretary, F. J. Turner, D.Sc. (Geology Department, University of Otago).
Presidential Address: “Some Neglected Features of Volcanic Action in New Zealand,” P. Marshall.

“Volcanic History of Canterbury,” R. Speight.

“Geology of Dunedin District,” W. N. Benson.

“Geology of the Bombay District, Auckland,” J. A. Bartrum and W. J. Branch.

“Notes on Glacial Recession,” R. S. Russell.

“The Manawatu Gorge,” M. Ongley.

“Some Land Forms in Southern New Zealand,” W. N. Benson.

“The Evolution of the Whale,” W. B. Benham.

“Palaeoecology and Stratigraphy,” R. S. Allan.

“Recent Ecological Research applied to the Study of Tertiary Faunules,” A. W. B. Powell.

“The New Mineral, Tuhualite,” P. Marshall.

“Metamorphism of the Te Anau Series North-west of Lake Wakatipu,” F. J. Turner.

“Geology of the East-central Wakatipu District,” C. O. Hutton.

“A Contribution to Interpretation of Metamorphic Facies,” F. J. Turner.

“The Liothyrella landonensis Fauna and a New Division of the Omaruian,” R. S. Allan.

“Sandstone Dykes and Tertiary Rocks of the Hurunui Mouth,” H. E. Fyfe.

“Spheroidal Granite from Karamea,” P. Marshall.

“The Tertiary Sequence of the Takaka District,” R. S. Allan.

“Notes on Some Stems from the Coal Measures of Otago and Southland,” W. P. Evans.

– 456 –

“A Summary of the New Zealand Ordovician,” W. N. Benson.

“The Old Man's Bluff Flow-slip,” M. Ongley.

“A Meteorite from South Canterbury,” W. N. Benson.

Section VI—Physical Sciences—(Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy).
President, Professor H. G. Denham, D.Sc.
Vice-president, Professor H. G. Forder, M.A.
Secretary, F. R. Meldrum, M.Sc. (Chemistry Department, University of Otago).
Presidential Address: “Science and Industry, with special reference to N.Z. Conditions,” H. G. Denham.

“The Viscosity Index of Lubricating Oils,” “The Production of Sodium Chlorate for Weed-killing as a Possible Electrochemical Industry for New Zealand,” S. H. Wilson.

“The Carbohydrates of Pampas Grass (Cortadecia argentia).” S. G. Brooker and F. B. Shorland.

“The Estimation of Iron in Ruminant Blood,” F. B. Shorland and Eunice M. Wall.

“A Short Review of the Developments in Thermal Heat Utilization.” J. A. Bruce and F. B. Shorland.

“A New Field Magnetometer,” C. M. Focken.

“Geophysical Survey Methods in New Zealand,” R. A. Ewing and E. Marsden.

“Some Recent Advances in the Physics of the Earth,” L. Bastings.

“The Analysis of Weather Charts,” E. Kidson.

“New Zealand Apparitions of the Aurora Australis,” M. Geddes.

“A Brief Account of the Work of the N.Z. Star Colour Section and some Results,” A. G. C. Crust.

“Some Aspects of Soil Physics in Relation to Foundation, Road, and Reclamation Engineering,” R. L. James.

“Brightness and Visual Performance as a Factor in the Design of Lighting Systems,” S. Hughes.

Section VII—Town-planning.
President, J. L. Salmond, F.N.Z.I.A.
Vice-president, J. H. White, A.R.I.B.A.
Secretary, A. L. Salmond, B. Arch., A.R.I.B.A.

The following papers were read:—

“The Principles of Town-planning,” C. E. Hercus.

“Seven Months' Experience in the Building-research Section of the British Department of Scientific and Industrial Research,” A. L. Salmond.

“Civic Designing,” J. H. White.