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Volume 66, 1937
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Even at the present day the Collembola of New Zealand are very little known, only 23 species having been recorded. The first recorded species were Lipura incerta Mz. and Drepanura brachycephala Mz. described by Moniez (Rev. Biol. Nord. France, VI, 1894) as associated with ants of the genus Monomorium. The first of these species has been shown by Denis (Ann. Soc. Entom, France, XCII, 210, 1923) to be synonymous with Onchiurus armatus (Tulbg.) and in the same paper (p. 223) he showed D. brachycephala to be a species of Lepidophorella. In 1895 W. W. Smith (Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. 28, p. 475) recorded Acherutes armatus Nic. and Entomobrya multi-fasciata Tulbg. as having been sent to Moneiz. The first of these is now placed at Hypogastrura armata (Nic.). In 1899 Lubbock (Jour. Lin. Soc. London, XXVII, 334) among a number of species from Tasmania described the remarkable Anoura spinosa which was shown later by Dendy (Trans. N.Z. Inst, vol. 33, p. 7) to be really from New Zealand. Later the species was placed by Börner (Jahrb. Hamburg wissen. Anst., XXIII) in a new genus Holacanthella. In his paper entitled “Some collembola from Southern New Zealand” (Mem. Manchester Lit. & Phil. Soc., LXIX, 1925, 1) Dr G. H. Carpenter described and recorded eleven species, nine of which were additions to the list. These were:—

  • Hypogastrura (Achorutes) longispinas Tlbg.

  • Pseudachorutes brunneus n.sp.

  • Pseudachorutes algidensis n.sp.

  • Platanurida lata n.gen., n.sp.

  • Holacantha spinosa (Lubbock)

  • Cryptopygus niger n.sp.

  • Isotomurus (Isotoma) chiltoni n.sp.

  • Lepidophorella brachyccphala (Mz.)

  • Lepidophorella australia n.sp.

  • Pseudoparonella (Paronella) bidenticulata n.sp.

  • Bourletiella hortensis (Fitch)

N.B.—The generic name in brackets is that used by the author in question.

In 1929 the present writer (E.M.M., LXV) recorded Tomocerus minor Lubk. and Lepidosira coeruleus Schött, the latter under the generic name of Lepidocyrtoides from Kumara, South Island, New

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Zealand. In the same journal for the following year he added the following:—

  • Hypogastrura armata (Nic.)

  • Hypogastrura campbelli n.sp.

  • Triacanthella rosea Wahlgren.

  • Achorutes cirratus Schött

  • Tomocerus minor Lubk.

  • Entomobrya lamingtonensis Schött

  • Lepidosira (Lepidocyrtoides) fuscata n.sp.

  • Lepidosira (Lepidocyrtoides) sagmarius Schött

all the material being from Kumara and collected by Dr J. W. Campbell. The latest paper to appear was that by E. D. Pritchard (Rec. Auck. Inst. Mus., I, 135–7, 1932) in which he described Entomobrya cuniculicola from Niger Bay, Onehunga, Auckland; but this species is now shown to be identical with Sinella termitum Schött, a widely distributed Australian form.

In this paper the writer deals with a large amount of material from both North and South Islands, mainly collected by Mr Pritchard in the neighbourhood of Auckland; but also including some from the region of Canterbury, South Island, collected by Mr G. H. Helson and Mr L. Morrison. To these enthusiastic collectors the writer's thanks are extended.