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Volume 66, 1937
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– 317 –

Genus Polyacanthella Schäffer 1900.

Polyacanthella parva n.sp. (Text-fig. 1, a-c.)

Description: Small species, length 0.6 mm. Colour deep blue-black. Antennae two-thirds as long as head; III with sensory organ as figured with a long thick doubly-bent seta on each side; IV probably with a few olfactory hairs, but these indefinitely seen.

– 318 –

Legs short; claws simple without inner teeth, empoidal appendage wanting. Furca wanting. Anal spines 6, short and straight, arising from the cuticle and not from papillae. Cuticle granular. Anal segment elongated slightly. Ocelli 8 on each side, equal. Clothing sparse, fine and short.

Locality: In humus from Pukekaroro Creek, Hillsborough, Auckland, 21/10/34 (E. D. P.).

Remarks: This species is closely related to P. acuminata Denis, a species originally placed in the subgenus Conotelsa on account of the elongate anal segment. Like this species it has 6 anal spines, but lacks the furca.