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Volume 66, 1937
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– 446 –

A report by the convener of the Committee set up to consider this matter, Professor Evans, was considered. Professor Shelley reported on the attitude of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury in the matter.

Several members considered that in view of the tendency to establish specialised societies it would be a good thing if a liaison with certain other scientific societies could be brought about.

Mr. Stead suggested that the Committee should meet and discuss the matter with representatives of other societies.

Finally it was resolved that the existing Committee, namely, Professor Evans, Dr. Marshall, Mr. Aston and Dr. Oliver, with the addition of Professor Kirk and Dr. Marsden, should continue to act and bring down a further report.

A. and N.Z.A.A.S.—A letter dated 25th May, 1936, from Mr. Archey, secretary of the 1937 meeting of the A. and N.Z.A.A.S., was read. Mr. Archey stated that arrangements were in train for the meeting to be held in Auckland from the 12th to the 19th January,

– 447 –

1937. The Government had confirmed its undertaking to assist financially, and had agreed to give the Australian members a free rail pass to Rotorua. Steamer concessions of 10 per cent. had been granted by the U.S.S. Company and the Huddart Parker Company, and the Railway Department was also giving a concession on fares. He asked for the co-operation of the Council in making the meeting a success.

On the motion of Professor Easterfield, seconded by Professor Evans, it was resolved to bring the matter before the Member Bodies.

On the motion of Dr. Marsden, seconded by Professor Easterfield, it was resolved that the Standing Committee take into consideration the holding of a meeting in Auckland at the same time.

Wild Life Control.—A letter from the New Zealand Forestry League asking for representation on the Society's Wild Life Committee was read. On the motion of Mr. Stead, seconded by Dr. Oliver, it was resolved: “That the Wild Life Committee set up by this Society in 1934 with such alterations in the personnel as shall be decided by the Standing Committee bring down a report for presentation to the Hon. Minister for Internal Affairs.

Hutton Grant.—An application from Mr. C. O. Hutton for £30 for field study of the Metamorphic and Intrusive Rocks of the Lake Wakatipu Region was granted.

Index Volumes 52–63.—It was reported that the page-proofs of the Index Volumes 52–63 had been received. On the motion of Dr. Marshall, seconded by Professor Segar, it was resolved that Major R. A. Wilson be cordially thanked for preparing the Index to the Transactions as well as Professor Kirk, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Marwick for the work of revision.

Blocks.—Professor Evans reported that Mr. Aston and he had inspected the blocks of plates used in the Transactions which had been stored in the old Dominion Museum and had now to be removed and they considered them valueless to the Society. The Government Printer would not make any offer for them. The disposal of the blocks was left in the hands of Professor Evans and Mr. Aston.

Election of Officers.—President, the Rt. Rev. Bishop Williams (re-elected); Vice-President, Professor W. P. Evans (re-elected); Hon. Treasurer, Mr. M. A. Eliott (re-elected); Hon. Librarian, Professor H. B. Kirk (re-elected); Hon. Editor, Dr. F. J. Turner (re-elected); Associate Hon. Editor, Dr. C. H. Laws; Assistant Hon. Editor, Miss M. L. Fyfe (re-elected); Hon. Returning Officer, Professor H. W. Segar (re-elected); Co-opted Member, Dr. P. Marshall (re-elected); Managers Trust Funds, Messrs. Eliott and Aston (re-elected); Representative Great Barrier Reef Committee: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver (re-elected); Representative Institute of Horticulture. Mr. B. C. Aston (re-elected); Board of Trustees National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum, The Standing Committee was empowered to appoint representatives when the existing Board of Trustees Act is amended.

– 448 –

Election of Committees.—Mr. T. R. Barrer was nominated to act on the Museum Management Committee during the absence of Mr. J. C. Andersen.

Observatories Committee: Dr. C. C. Farr and Professor P. W. Burbidge.

Hector Award Committee: Professor Evans (convener), Professor Easterfield, Mr. Aston and Professor Robertson.

Finance Committee: Mr. Eliott, Mr. Aston and Dr. Marsden.

Fellowship Selection Committee: Dr. Marsden (convener), Dr. Oliver, Professor Kirk, Mr. Aston and Dr. J. Henderson.

Research Committee: The Standing Committee.

Research Sub-Committee: Dr. Marsden (convener), Dr. Marshall, Dr. Kidson and Dr. Oliver.

Votes of Thanks.—Hearty votes of thanks were accorded to the President, the Vice-President, Miss Wood, the Council of Victoria University College, and the Press.

Annual Meeting, 1937.—The date and place of the next annual meeting were left in the hands of the Standing Committee.