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Volume 66, 1937
– 466 –

Index of Authors

Britten, G.—Further Notes on Coelostomidia 225
Campbell, E. O.—Embryo and Stelar Development of Histiopteris incisa 1
Gage, M.—Note on Root-impressions in Greywacke 347
Griffin, E.—Revision of New Zealand Eels 12
Hudson, G. V.—A New Species of New Zealand Cicada 230
Hutton, C. O.
Igneous Boulders from Lake Wakatipu 27
Mineralogical Notes from University of Otago 35
Basic and Ultrabasic Rocks in North-west Otago 231
Preliminary Note on an Ultrabasic Intrusion in the Livingstone Range 349
Hutton, C. O., and Turner, F. J.—Heavy Minerals of Cretaceous and Womersley, H.—The Collembolan Fauna of New Zealand 316
Tertiary Sediments from Otago and Southland 255
King, L. C.—Wind-facetted Stones from Marlborough 275
Laws, C. R.
Waitotaran Faunule at Kaawa Creek—Part I 38
Waitotaran Faunule at Kaawa Creek—Part II 99
Revision of New Zealand Pyramidellids—I Turbonilla 402
McIntosh, R. A.—Observation of Meteors in New Zealand, 1932–1934 60
Mackie, J. B.—Geological Traverse from Waitaki River to Dunstan Peak 125
Marshall, P.
The Mineral Tuhualite 330
Geology of Mayor Island 337
Martin, W.—Critical Notes on Celmisia Sinclairii 71
Mason, E. and Waters, D. F.—Iodine Survey of New Zealand Live-stock, Part III 143
Myrick, E.—Descriptions and Notes on New Zealand Lepidoptera 281
Powell, W. R. B.—Tertiary Flora of Kaikorai Valley 284
Powell, A. W. B.—Animal Communities in Auckland and Manukau Harbours 354
Rawson, S. H.—Mycetozoa from the Vicinity of Dunedin 351
Russell, S. R.—Glacier-recession in South Westland 78
Simpson, G.See Thomson, J. S. and Simpson, G.
Speight, R.—Latest Phase in Vulcanicity of Lyttelton Volcano 305
Stead, E. F.
The Maori Rat 178
The Egg of the Long-tailed Cuckoo 182
New Zealand Saddlebacks 185
Notes on the Short-tailed Bat 188
Two new Subspecies of Fernbirds 312
A new Species of Xenious 313
A new Nesting-site of Cook's Petrel 315
Stokell, G.—Nematode Parasites of Lake Ellesmere Trout 80
Thomson, J. S. and Simpson, G.
Hydrogen-ion Concentration of Forest Soils in the Vicinity of Dunedin 192
Rate of Growth of Raoula Buchanani 329
Turner, F. J.
Interpretation of Schistosity in Rocks of Otago 201
See also Hutton, C. O. and Turner, F. J.
Waters, D. F.See Mason, E. and Waters, D. F.
Worley, F. P.—Heavy Water Content of Deep-sea Water 97