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Volume 67, 1938
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Index of Authors.

Barnes, H. F.—Check List of Cecidomyidae of New Zealand 115
Bartrum, J. A.—Xenoliths from Whangarei Heads 251
Benham, W. B.—Fossil Cetacea of New Zealand:
II. Lophocephalus, a new Zeuglodont 1
III. Skull, etc., of Prosqualodon hamiltoni 8
IV. Notes on Kekenodon onamata 15
Benson, W. N., and Chapman, F.—Radiolarian Limestone among the Older Rocks of Otago 373
Brittin, G.—Notes on Leucaspis 281
Bullen, K. E.—Density and Pressure inside the Earth 122
Chapman, F.See Benson, W. N., and Chapman, F.
Cranwell, L., and Moore, L. B.—Intertidal Communities of Poor Knights Islands 375
Cunningham, G. H.—Gasteromycetes of Australasia, XVIII 408
Heine, E. M.—Pollination of N.Z. Flowering Plants 133
Holloway, J. T.—Ovule Development and Embryogeny in Phyllocladus 149
Jobberns, G.—The Lower Waipara Gorge 125
King, L. C.
Structure of N.E. Marlborough 33
Tertiary Sequence in N.E. Marlborough 21
Laws, C. R.
Review of Tertiary and Recent Neozelanic Pyramidellid Molluscs:
No. 2—Chemnitzia 47
No. 3—Further Turbonillid Genera 166
No. 4—The Syrnolid Genera 303
Lindauer, V.—A New Species of N.Z. Champia 411
Marshall, G. A. K.—New Curculionidae from N.Z. 316
Martin, W.—The Indigenous Flora of Marlborough 414
Meyrick, E.—New Species of N.Z. Lepidoptera 426
Moore, L. B.See Cranwell, L., and Moore, L. B.
Neill, J. C.—Mould Fungi of New Zealand: I—The Genus Penicillium 101
Parr, W. J.—Tertiary Foraminifera from near Bombay, Auckland 71
Percival, E.—Brown Trout Stock of Lake Ellesmere 341
Powell, A. W. B.
A Starfish of Genus Asterodiscus 78
Marine Fishes new to N.Z. 80
Salmon, J.
A New Species of Fly from New Zealand 352
Some New Zealand Collembola 359
Service, H.—An Intrusion of Norite at Bluff 185
Simpson, G., and Thomson, J. S.—The Dunedin Botanical Sub-district 430
Skottsberg, G.—Researches in Astelia 218
Stokell, G., and Stokell, C.—Structural Character of N.Z. Rainbow Trout 361
Thomson, J. S.See Simpson, G., and Thomson, J. S.
Turner, F. J.
Metamorphic and Plutonic Rocks of Lake Manapouri—I 83
Metamorphic and Plutonic Rocks of Lake Manapouri—II 227
Petrofabric Investigations of Otago Schists, No. 1 443
Waters, D. F.—Iodine Survey of New Zealand Live Stock, Part IV 463