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Volume 69, 1940


James Scott Maclaurin 183
Edward Kidson 186
An Iodine Survey of New Zealand Live Stock. Part V—Sheep of the North Island.
By D. F. Waters 49
Catalogue of Aurora Australis Displays, 1931–1938.
By M. Geddes 381
Observation of Meteors for the Years 1935–1938 in New Zealand.
By R. A. McIntosh 392
New Zealand Seaweeds—Reference List No. II. The Rhodophyceae— Part A.
(Bangiales, Nemalionales, Cryptonemiales, and Gigartinales.)
By R. M. Laing 134
The Mould Fungi of New Zealand. II—The Genus Aspergillus.
By J. C. Neill. 237
Notes on the Puccinelliae of New Zealand.
By H. H. Allan and P. Jansen 265
Notes on New Zealand Floristic Botany, including Descriptions of New Species, etc.—No. 7.
By H. H. Allan. 270
The Glaucous Hebe of the Inland Patea.
By N L. Elder. 373
Note on the Tetrasporic Form of Gigartina alveata.
By Victor W. Lindauer. 378
The Temperate Coefficient of the Decomposition of N-chloracetanilide.
By R. A. Robinson and G. M. Smith 41
Mosquito Life in the Auckland District.
By David H. Graham. 210
Occurrence of Dasypodia selenophora in Southland.
By J. H. Sorensen. 225
Additions to New Zealand Rhyacophilidae. Part 1.
By A. G. McFablane. 330
Carposina adreptella.
By F. J. Jeffreys. 341
Hexatricha pulverulenta Westwood.
By F. J. Jeffreys. 347
The Validity of the Coccid Genus Eulecanium Cockerell.
By G. Brittin 410
The Life History of Lecanium (Eulecanium) persicae (Fabricius), and Descriptions of the Different Instars.
By G. Brittin 413
The Carabidae (Coleopteia) of New Zealand (Part 1. Pterostichini).
By Everard B. Britton 473
Mineralogical Notes from the University of Otago, New Zealand—No. 2.
By W. N. Benson and F. J. Tritton 56
The Bob's Cove Tertiary Beds and the Moonlight Thrust-Fault.
By C. O. Hutton 73
Variation of Gravity within the Earth.
By K. E. Bullen. 188
Mineralogical Notes from the University of Otago, N.Z. No. 3—Kaersutite and Other Brown Amphiboles in the Cainozoic Igneous Rocks of the Dunedin District.
By W. N. Benson. 283
The Makara and Karori Valleys and Their Bearing Upon the Physiographic History of Wellington.
By M. Gage 401
The Birth, Growth, and Death of a Legend.
By G. B. Palmer 165
New Zealand Foraminifera: Key Species in Stratigraphy—No. 2.
By H. J. Finlay 89
Review of the Tertiary and Recent Neozelanic Pyramidellid Molluscs. No. 6—The Genus Odostomia.
By C. R. Laws. 191
N.Z. Foraminifera: Key Species in Stratigraphy—No. 3.
By H. J. Finlay. 309
New Zealand Foraminifera: Key Species in Stratigraphy. No. 4.
By H. J. Finlay 448
The Waitotaran Faunule at Kaawa Creek—Part 3.
By C. R. Laws 427
A New Fresh-water Fish of the Genus Philypnodon.
By G. Stokell 129
Descriptive Notes on Some New Zealand Fishes.
By Gilbert P. Whitley and W. J. Phillipps. 228
Breeding Habits of the Fishes of Otago Harbour and Adjacent Seas.
By David H. Graham. 361
A New Species of Galaxias.
By G. Stokeli. 422
A Second Specimen of Callanthias in New Zealand Waters.
By David H. Graham 425
Annual Meeting 5
Presidential Address 26
Appendix 509