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Volume 70, 1940-41


André Léon Tonnoir xxxvii
G. F. J. M. Britton xxxvii
W. H. Guthrie-Smith. 171
Growth of Certain Indigenous Species of Cushion-plants.
By J. Scott Thomson and G. Simpson 25
Notes on Some New Zealand Plants and Descriptions of New Species.
By G. Simpson and J. Scott Thomson 27
Leaf Anatomy of the New Zealand Mangrove.
By G. T. S. Baylis 164
The Isolation of Phyllocladene from the Leaf-oil of Podocarpus hallii and its Significance on the Botanical Classification of this Species.
L. H. Briggs. 173
Notes on the Geography and Rocks of the Ranges Between the Pyke and Matukituki Rivers, North-west Otago.
By W. N. Benson and J. T. Holloway 1
By M. Ongley 57
The Basal Beds of the Akaroa Volcano.
By R. Speight 60
Elastic Constants of the Earth's Mantle.
By K. E. Bullen 137
Applicability and Limitations of Petrofabric Analysis Without Use of a Universal Stage.
By F. J. Turner 140
The Gravels of the Mackenzie Intermont.
R. Speight. 175
Mugearites in the Dunedin District.
W. N. Benson and F. J. Turner. 188
Landslides and Allied Features in the Dunedin District in Relation to Geological Structure, Topography, and Engineering.
W. N. Benson. 249
Palaeontological Study of Nukumaruan and Waitotaran Rocks near Wanganui.
By C. R. Laws 34
The Divisions of the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary in New Zealand.
By H. J. Finlay and J. Marwick 77
A Review of the Tertiary and Recent Neozelanic Pyramidellid Molluscs. No. 7—Further Odostomid Genera.
By C. R. Laws 150
The Occurrence of Hyoidal Teeth in Salvelinus fontinalis.
By G. Stokell 161
Tasmacetus shepherdi.
J. H. Sorensen. 200
The Marine Mollusca of the Aupourian Province, New Zealand.
A. W. B. Powell. 205
A Revision of the Genus Gobiomorphus.
By G. Stokell. 265
A New Species of New Zealand Land Planarian, Artioposthia civis.
By Ewen Cardale. 277
The Collembolan Fauna of New Zealand including a Discussion of its Distribution and Affinities.
By J. T. Salmon. 282
Annual Meeting of Council i
Reports of Member Bodies xviii
Presidential Address xxvi
Appendix—Abstracts of Papers Read xxxiv
List of Awards, Officers for 1939-40, Honorary Members, Fellows 432
General Index 440